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    Should I try once to be father when I had a baby with Down syndrome

    Have a query about offspring with down Syndrome? Searching for detailed information about their future? On this ask Expert page you can check out medical advice for all your queries.

    Please, guide us.
    We (me and my wife) became parents on 15 July 2015. On the same day, we knew our baby was not a normal baby. The child specialist confirmed that she (my girl child) had Down syndrome. We tried a lot and gave the medical care we could. Unfortunately, she left us on 29 July 2016.
    As my life partner had to go through a surgery to give birth to the baby, so we waited till now. As per my research on the Internet and interaction with some known persons, I know I would have a child with Down syndrome again because I had one with this genetic disorder.
    I want to know that we should give us a chance to be parents again or I should adopt a child from an orphanage?
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  • If the first child is with Down Syndrome, the couple will have increased chances of down syndrome for future Pregnancies also. This is due to the fact that one of the parents may be a balanced carrier of the translocation.
    The chance of passing the translocation depends on the sex of the parent who carries the rearranged chromosome 21. If the father is the carrier, the risk will be around 3 % and if the mother is the carrier, the risk is around 12%. I advise you to have a genetic counselling from a well-experienced consultant so that you can take a decision and to determine the risk factor.The behavioural or environmental causes of Down syndrome are not known.

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  • Please seek the guidance of professional people for such health related issues. Sorry to hear about losing a child to Down's syndrome. In layman term's the risk would be higher than normal people. But it is very important to quantify the risks or chances (most feel it is around 1 in a 100 or a 1% chance)

    Please see a reputed genetic counselling unit, many private corporate units and premier teaching hospitals have this unit. Before going for the appointment. Make a detailed family chart for you and your wife. This will include all about consanguineous marriages(marrying within the family, son marrying father's sister's daughter, loss of pregnancies due to hereditary diseases just after birth, other children if any with down's etc).

    The age of the mother above 35-40 years increases the chances of down's syndrome, so too father's age.Once you have a detailed assessment, evaluation by expert gynecologist, then you can decide on whether to go ahead and try for the second child by natural means.

    Now, there are techniques called as 'Pre-natal testing' to check about Down's syndrome. This includes amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling. The idea of these tests done on the unborn child is to detect the presence or absence of Down's and advise appropriately. The overall detection rate is above 90%, the figure varies with the age, duration of pregnancy, type and number of tests used and repeated. There are true stories of parents facing a second pregnancy after the first one having Down's sydrome (

    You can also get some more resources from the India sites

  • I thank both of you for your helpful advice.

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