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    Does Solar engineering have scope?

    Interested in studying solar engineering? Looking out for information about the UG and PG degree in this domain, future scope, job opportunities in solar engineering? Check out this page and get answers to all your queries.

    I am keen to learn solar engineering in Amity. But I want to know whether there is scope for it? If there is, what should I focus to do next and where? Are there any job opportunities for solar engineering?
    What all jobs does the course can offer? What can I study for PG with solar engineering?
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  • Solar engineers are also known as alternative energy engineers, photovoltaic (PV) design engineers, or solar array engineers. They are supposed to be experts in utilizing sunlight to generate electricity. In the solar energy industry, these individuals work in the manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of solar power materials and solar power plants.Solar engineers may also conduct financial reviews, ensure regulatory compliance, inspect installation sites, and write technical reports. Computer skills are essential for creating designs and testing photovoltaic systems.
    Many solar power plants are in the offing and chances of further increase in the number are high. So the career will be good for a Solar Engineer. If you want to be in the industry, first of all, you should complete B.Tech and appear for GATE and get a good score. Then you can start your career and as you get more experience you will have better chances in the industry.

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  • Solar or alternative or renewable engery/engineering is a good field to choose with good potential in the near future. India, as an ambitious renewable power target of 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022. This is the committment given at the Paris agreement and climate meet in May 2017. This means a 5x increase from present levels and the estimated split is 100 GW of solar, 60 GW of wind, 10 GW of bioenergy and 5GW of small hydro project. This is a huge commitment and the Government is giving subsidisy for the programs.You can find out more about this in (

    You have the option of B.Tech in Solar and alternative energy ( 4 year course). Solar engineering and renewable energy B tech courses are available. Once you finish this, you can pursue M.Tech and become a consultant in renewable energy.

    Renewable energy is currently becoming more and more important in the housing sector, MNCs and government organisation. Once you complete the degrees, you will have openings in Energy conservation and planning firms, green environment groups, Energy consultant in the building,automobile sector etc. You can also take the GATE exams and look at becoming a research scientist or an academic college assistant professor in Renewable energy.

  • Solar Engineering has some scope in India.Companies are coming up in this field.Typically they recruit and train Electrical Engineers.
    So the best option is to do B.E/B.Tech in Electrical Engineering.This will help you to get wide job options in various fields like Wind/Hydro and Solar Energy etc.Doing Specialized course in B.Tech is not recommended as this will limit your job options,
    Then do M.Tech in Solar Engineering.Prepare for GATE exam to get admission in M.Tech.

  • With the decreasing trend in the natural stock of fossil fuel, wood and coal fuel and the saturating electrical energy production, it is imperative that we have to focus and concentrate our efforts for channelling the alternative sources of energy in our day to day usage.

    Solar energy and stored electrical energy (battery) are two areas which are picking up momentum and the Govt has an ambitious plan of incorporating these technologies fully in our daily life in a decade time.

    In view of above, there is a good job potential and commercial business opportunities in these alternative energy areas.

    It makes sense to pursue BTech in Solar Engineering and then join this industry which has all signs of good future prospects.

    Please remember that there are a large number of young people in our country who are eager to make their career in any prospective line. So sooner or later there will be a rush in these new opportunities and as well said - The early bird catches the worm - one should take timely decision for these pursuits.

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  • Alternative sources of energy are in focus today as the conventional sources will be depleting fast with time.

    Solar energy is a fast developing area and there are scopes for career and jobs in it. One can take advantage of present opportunities to encash on the thrust in this line.

    As most of the gadgets in future will be working on this uninterruptible source of energy as the sun will be rising every day to deliver its light to photoelectric cells, this area has a tremendous scope.

    I feel that going for BTech in solar engineering will be a good decision and will give the fruits of success in due course of time.

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  • The future of India is going to be Solar Energy. Apart from the regular jobs in the solar energy companies, one can also find jobs in companies that will constantly seek to get carbon credits and companies that will seek to reduce their electricity bills, like for example, companies that manufacture caustic soda like Tata Chemicals, DCW and so on. The world will also recognize India as a huge source of solar energy and we can see huge investments in solar energy in the years to come. Already, there are so many entrepreneurs in this field, who offer help to set up solar energy units in houses. In the years to come, such entrepreneurship opportunities will increase by leaps and bounds. You can confidently be assured of a very bright future.

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