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    Courses for M.Sc Organic Chemistry students

    Planning a career in Organic Chemistry? Searching for certificate courses and short term diplomas which can help in career enhancement in this field? You can scroll through the responses from experts on this page.

    My friend is a post graduate in Organic Chemistry. He is preparing for various competitive exams.
    He wants to do some courses- either certificate courses or diplomas which would give added benefits and wide range of opportunities in career.
    Do suggest any such courses which would help him in forging a good and stable career.
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  • After completing M.Sc organic chemistry chances of getting good posts in Pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. They will be preferred as production chemists and Quality chemists. As they obtain experience the chances for them to go for higher positions especially in private industries are very high. The experience is more important than any additional certifications or diplomas. Anna University is offering one or two diplomas regarding manufacturing engineering and laboratory management. If somebody is interested may try for these diplomas. But trying strongly for a good job and having a start of a career is the best option. Simultaneously he can try for improving the qualification. If he is interested in teaching job he can better go for M.Phil programme.

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  • After completing M.Sc Organic chemistry your friend can get the job in Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Plastic and Metallurgical industries.
    If your friend is interested to work in the industry he can try directly.In addition, he can do M.Tech in Chemical Engg or Plastic Engineering or Polymer Science at CIPET.
    If he is interested in academics he can join as lecturer in colleges and then do Ph.D. while working

  • A post - graduate degree in Chemistry with Organic - chemistry as a special paper has always remained in demand in the various - industries such as Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Paint, Fertiliser - industries. Apart from this, promising candidates with this qualification can have assignment in the Central - government jobs where they are designated as Research - chemist or Reasearch - scientist. There is always scope for the brilliant aspirants to enjoy faster promotion in both private/ central - government jobs.
    Additional diplomas such as Leather - technology, Rubber or Polymer technology would not enhance employability for such aspirants since these chapter are covered in their post - graduate stage.
    However, a M.Tech degree in Chemical - engineering would certainly enhance the job - prospects because of detailed studies of Polymer, Rubber, Paint, Fertiliser or Pharmaceutical - products. The only demerit behind such a step is the additional time consumption which could have been utilised with a gainful employment.
    Hence it would be better to start a job in one's relevant area with some MNC companies or with the engagement in a central - government job.
    With the exposure of sufficient experience, their job - prospects and emoluments would increase significantly.

  • If you have completed your Post Graduate in Chemistry, then it is good to join any FMCG companies which will offer you good employment. Companies will hire people who are having exceptional skills in Research and Development. You can also go for M.Tech courses either in Organic Chemistry or in Chemical Engineering.

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  • A post graduation degree in Organic Chemistry has prospects for getting job in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industry sector. As there are a large number of qualified people in the market, due to demand and supply disbalance, the job prospects are tough.

    Still one can try in various private companies for a commensurate job. In Chemical industry what matters most is experience and specialization. One can try to enrich ones knowledge in a particular area by attending short term certificate or diploma courses in an area which may be helpful for the current job in hand. It is advisable that such courses if required can be attended in part time mode along with continuing the job.

    Please remember that the actual experience is gained only from working and there is no substitute for experience.

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  • Your friend is a post graduate in Organic Chemistry. There are bright career in pharmaceutical and medicine research companies.
    I would like to suggest your friend to pursue PhD program. While doing PhD he can also apply in various medicine research lab as a part time job.
    If he wants a job now then you can suggest him to apply in various pharmaceutical companies like Dr. Reddy's lab, Glaxo Smith Kline, About laboratories and many more. He can visit various job portal to find the job.

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