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    I want to complete my BSc Home Science degree

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    I am doing my college at Baroda MS University. I was student for BSc Home Sciences major extension and Communication.
    I have completed my 4th semester.
    Due to some personal reason I am not able to complete my 3rd year. I want complete it. Could you guide me about how to complete this third year?
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  • You had been studying B Sc home science, unable to pursue after the 4th semester. I do not know the time gap from the time of your enrolment, age and current employment status.

    The year of enrolment for B.Sc would be important because, UGC had laid down guidelines that degree candidates will get only two years extra to complete the course ( total 4 years from enrolment for two year courses and five years from enrolment for three year course). If you have joined your BSc course during the academic year of 2014-2015, then you can still complete it.

    Please meet the Dean of your college or the Univeristy and verify this point ( If you cannot visit in person, then write to the Registrar of the university (registered mail) ask for permission to complete your course, you will get a clear answer yes or no. If you are not eligible, then you can try to enroll in IGNOU and re-do the course, this will give you time for employment, family etc.

    If you have discontinued your BSc, have you got all your previous certificates back with you or are they still stuck in the college?. If they are still with the authorities, please collect them back.

  • Your question has not given the complete details. Did you attend classes and then you were not able to write the exam or you did not attend classes even in the final year? In which year you have completed your second year, that is your 4th semester. This is also important to have a solution to your problem.
    In any case, what I suggest is meet the college administration where you have studied your B.Sc and let them study your case. You may have to write to the Controller of Examinations of the University through your college and get the clarification. They will guide you perfectly. My experience says they will allow you to appear for the third year as you are not a failed candidate but a discontinued candidate. If there is no change in the regulations they will allow you to appear. Otherwise, you have to get admitted as a fresh candidate and redo the whole degree. But 99% chances are there for you to continue your 3rd year. All the best to you. Immediately meet the principal of your college and write controller through him.

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  • There are certain time limits till which you are allowed to complete your BSc. Normally a period of extra 2 years is given to clear the arrears. However, it may slightly vary from university to university and pattern of the academic year.

    If you can overcome your personal problem in a few months you can join your remaining semesters after that and there will not be much loss of time to you.

    If you are apprehending more time gap before resuming your studies then you may have to take special exemption or permission from your university to continue the course later. All the institutions may not agree for such a special exemption but you can try it as there is no other ray of hope there.

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  • As per details provided by you, you have only completed up to 4th semester. Now it is not clear from your narration as how much gap was there after completing 4th semester.

    Anyway, now you want to complete the remaining part of the course. For this you will have to find out from the university office about the modalities and if they permit you to complete the course you can pay the fees and join the forthcoming semester as start of your 3rd year and then uninterruptedly complete the whole course. If time gap is not beyond the UGC stipulated range, the university will allow you to resume your studies.

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  • I would suggest you to directly meet University registrar and discuss about the possibilities of continuing the left out sources. Clearly explain to him/her about why you discontinued the courses. Your must have the strong reason about that. Don't forget to carry the academic documents and the proof why you discontinued the course if you have.
    If your University allows you to continue the course then it is well and good for you otherwise you can complete your degree from IGNOU.
    Go ahead, wish you all the very best. Don't ever loose your will power while doing these all. I hope you will get the course completed.

  • It is good to meet your Head of the Department and discuss these issues. He will help you to on completing your degree. You can also meet your University Registrar and he will give you some details on completing your B.Sc degree in Home science.

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  • In my opinion, you should talk to the Head of Department of Home Science and discuss the scenario. If it is hard to complete your B.Sc. Degree in Home Science from that college/university, you can go for correspondence study and IGNOU is the right option for you to complete your Bachelor Degree Course. Get details on

  • It is good to approach your HOD by telling the real reason for your inability to complete the course. He or she definitely help you in this connection if your reason is valid one. HOD will give you alternative way also to complete the course with the consent of college authorities if your reason is valid one. But for anything your personal approach to the HOD is a must.

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