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    Why do most companies need data entry specialists?

    Ever wondered why many companies in India advertise for recruiting data entry specialists? Check out the responses at this Ask Expert page to understand why there is a demand for data entry expertise in the market.

    Why is that both big and small companies in India require data entry specialists? Why is there a demand for data entry work in the market? Do specific data entry projects require expert data entry typists?
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  • These days there is no need for a separate data entry specialist. Every employee is using his own computer and laptop and working on that. So there is no need to appoint a separate person for data entry. But some companies use some people who are qualified in shorthand and computer operation as Personal Secretaries to the senior employees like MDs, Presidents and COOs and CEOs. But they are also very less. So the need for data entry operator is very less, please.

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  • The need for data entry specialists is company specific. The companies which handle a large data as input to their analysis and other computation require such specialist who have efficiency in typing and other data entry modes.

    Today in most of the companies data entry is being automatically done through a lateral approach where all the employees are engaged in it at their level and combinedly completing the task. This has been possible due to the deep penetration of enterprises by digital methods and computerization.

    In fact, in many cases, the user or customer himself is filling the information in online forms and the company employees have only to check and compile it.

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  • The main role of data entry specialist is to collect and enter the data into their database applications. There must be the accuracy while doing these things if anyone is doing this manually.
    Mainly BPO, KPO, ITES companies used to have a large number of raw data from their different sources. This needs to be arranged and to be sent to their specific department to be followed up. For handling these type of work, they used to hire data entry specialist. Their job is to get the raw data and arrange it and then handover to their Business Development Executive or Customer Success Representative or Database admin or manager.
    However, there are many software applications available to automate the arrangement process on the basis of the fields of the raw data.

  • Some people who are having exceptional skills in Data Entry will be sought by companies for entering their information into the database. Some companies hire personal sectaries and those who are having skills in Data Entry will be helpful for their job. A person needs to work 30-40 hours per week in Data Entry.

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  • Data is very valuable commodity in the IT industry. Everything in the IT industry works on the data. And in such case data processing software and the algorithms are developed on recurring basis. The data processing, mining and the sorting has it's own dedicated topic in the field of engineering under the title of Data mining and Information science. There is a new development of the field named "Data science" in the industry. And the jobs in that field basically requires you to load the data, extract it into readable form and the process it in the human understanding way. Also this data has both public and private type. So depending on how companies process such data, the method for the handling varies. So there is always a demand for the data processing. As large percent of the data can't be automated for consumption. So humans are required in the job for the data entry work and also other data specific jobs.

  • In my opinion, there was a need for data entry operators, the need exists and the need will be in future too. With the use of AI and automation, there is a fall in the need. However, you can find data entry job in the back end process of small to big companies. You can work as data entry operator from your home. For this, you need to have good typing speed and a desktop/laptop connected to the Internet. In addition, you need to register yourself on or and bid for data entry projects.

  • It is a fact that the advent of advanced software and large capacity servers and computer literate employees have reduced the need for data entry operators. But still many companies small and large need more and more varied information of various types to plan their business expansion and even routine management.. Hence they need to pick up specific data and process them to get the needed information, which are not readily available or programmed into the existing computers. Sometimes the various divisions,units or branches of an organisation may not be networked. In all these cases they need separate inputs and out puts for their needs either individual and/or combined.

    Hence companies still need data entry operators who are trained and capable of inputting the needed data fast and enable fast out puts. Market research is an important essentially in today's business. For this vast data are needed to be input and processed for a rational and dependable information output. For these the companies engage outsourcing agencies or their own data processing divisions. Data entry operators are needed in these places.

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