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    Glans of penis not coming outside

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    My glans of penis is not coming outside from my childhood. When I am doing sex also it is not coming out. Is there any problem with that? My penis skin has totally covered my glans of penis from my childhood. It is very painful when I am going to toilet. It is also not coming properly so the doctor has done light surgery. After that there is no pain and problem of toilet but glans of penis is not coming out. What I can do?
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  • Here is a chance of phimosis. This isn't always the case, you can try a few times a day pulling your foreskin outwards and then downwards which will slowly stretch it until your glands can pop. Stretch it but not too much you feel pain.
    When it does happen you'll be very sensitive, which will wear off over the time of a few weeks, it might even be a little painful should one get an erection but you'll be happy once it does.
    It is always better to get the advantage of specialist and you should work out under his supervision. Then the results will be better.

    always confident

  • Please see a good surgeon close to you for proper advise. This is not a major problem.

    If you have been having this since childhood, you are most likely to have a condition called as 'Phimosis'. The skin covering the glans penis does not go back and if the opening is very tight, the skin bulges out while the person passes urine with a thin stream or in some cases by drops.

    Normally the skin over the glans can be retracted or pulled back.What many doctors advise is, while having a shower or bath, to try and gently pull back slowly each time, over a period of few weeks, some find that the skin starts to come back. This would NOT be possible if the foreskin is very tight.

    What you mean by light surgery would be that the doctor would have stretched the opening in the skin(to allow urine to come out more easily) or made a surgical cut under local anesthesia to widen the opening.

    Now, if you cannot pull back the skin and you have pain while having intercourse or when the penis is erect or have problems in keeping the glans clean you can consider circumcision.

    Circumcision is a surgical procedure, wherein the surgeons cut off the foreskin to allow the glans to be exposed. Once the wound heals, there would not be problems with normal life. This is done under general or local anesthesia by many surgeons or urologists, you can choose this option.

    Some individuals are against removing the foreskin for personal reasons, in these patients, the surgeons can perform a procedure called as a dorsal slit. The foreskin is cut open by a straight cut from the hole where the urine comes up to where the glans ends. This will expose the glans but the skin is not removed. You can seek professional advise and go ahead. In case you are a diabetic, then it would be better to go ahead with a circumcision as he would prevent recurrent infections of the foreskin ( referred to as chronic balanoposthitis)

  • The outer thin layer has to be removed so that your penis gets exposed to the feelings and then gets rejigged to the act of sex and enjoyment. In Muslims they perform one ritual called Kathna. That means at the young age they remove the out skin at the tip of the penis which would facilitate even the urination without pain and free. You can contact the Muslim experts of your area and get that thing done. I fear this kind of operation is not done in the hospital and it predominantly done by Muslims clergy. And mind it, once it is done, your sex urge would increase and for that you have to control your emotions very tightly.

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    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Please consult any good doctor or sugeon. This is a serious problem. This is phimosis. It is a condition in which foreskin of the penis cannot be pulled back past glans. At birth the inner layer of the foreskin is sealed to the glans penis. If foreskin is usually non-rectractable in early childhood and can be as late as 18. In young children it is normal to not to pull back the foreskin. This inability usually resolves by the age os seven. The first choice of treatment is usually steroid ointment that is locally applied.

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