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    Regarding safe percentage one must maintain in BTech to appear for competitive exams.

    Aspiring to appear for competitive exams after BTech? Looking out for the minimum percentage needed on the safer side? Check out this page and decide how much percentage to maintain in BTech.

    I am doing my engineering) from U.P.T.U (now A.K.T.U).Though I always obtain quite good marks in external university examinations but my college does not provides me sufficient internal marks( because college uses attendance as a criteria to give internal marks which I fulfill hardly).
    As a result,my percentage is just 70% at the end of 3rd. semester (which could be even greater than 85% if I would have provided with good internal marks like other students who maintain their attendance).
    My aim is to crack any competitive exam like GATE,IES,ISRO or SSC,etc. and I simply don't want campus placement.Presently,only a degree of BTech is required to appear for these competitive exams(except ISRO) and whatever percentage you have in BTtech is not the issue but as competition is increasing day by day and my B.Tech would be completed in 2020. Is there any chance that at that time the criteria to appear for such competitions would also demand a required minimum percentage in BTech and not just a degree of BTech.?
    If yes,then,what minimum percentage should I maintain in BTech in order to be on the safe side?
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  • Throughout 70% marks is good enough to be eligible for any type of competitive examinations either in government sectors or in private sectors. So you need not to worry about that if you are scoring 70%. After all only knowledge matters not percentage matters at all. Percentage will just make you eligible to fill any forms or to attend any interviews in private organizations. But the conceptual knowledge that you have will support you to bring the success in your desired area.
    I would like to suggest you to focus on the preparation of GATE and IES examinations from now onwards. You can buy a question bank and try to solve the questions. These questions are very conceptual so if you practice from now on then definitely you will succeed.
    You can also buy GATE/IES materials online from "Made Easy" New Delhi. Made Easy is an institute for GATE and IES aspirants. I am suggesting this as because I have the experience. Their course materials were helped me a lot to crack GATE -2013 with good rank.
    So prepare well for this with full of dedication and determination then definitely you will succeed. Wish you all the very best for your brighter career.

  • Many jobs in Government Organisation will be asking for First class. But a range of 70 to 75% of marks may have a fair chance of getting screened for an interview. One thing you should remember is government companies these days are asking for GATE score. You should concentrate on this score. Irrespective of your B.Tech percentage more importance and weight will be given to your GATE score.
    Another important point one should note that the subject acquaintance is of more importance than your percentage in the subject. So you should be concentrating more on getting a better acquaintance with the subject. Your performance in the interview and written test is very important than your percentage. This point you should keep in mind always.

    always confident

  • There are so many B.Tech graduates still applying for jobs, many B.Tech graduates do B.Ed to get a school teacher's job. Every year, we hear about B.Tech graduates applying for basic jobs that need only a 10th pass.When such is the competition, please aim to get as much marks as possible.

    You have mentioned that if attendance is maintained your scores could have gone from 70% to 85% or above. Is there an unaviodable reason not to maintain regular attendance.

    Candidates check the cut off for government job applications and keep a figure around that in mind. The more you score consistently so that your aggregate is good the more chances you have for higher education or a good job at ISRO or in the research sectors.

    For instance, if you apply for M.Tech, a GATE qualified candidate with at least 60%(general merit) in B.Tech will be given the first choice. If there is a college that has vacant seats, then candidates are chosen on merit, weightage of 30% is given for marks in 10th and 12th, 70% for marks score in B.Tech. So, try to aim for a score of 75% and above so that you can realistically end with around the 70-75% level.

    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts(Aristotle). It is worth mentioning that percentage you score is just one aspect in any job sector, it can get you into the first round and a some weightage while finalising the selection. But it would be important to have the relevant subject knowledge and its application so that you can score consistently in the second and final rounds of the job selection process.

  • In Govt departments there are no direct appointments based on the percentage of BTech but in some private organisation, weightage is given for such percentage while shortlisting for interviews or other tests. So getting a good percentage is definitely an asset of his academic career for a student.

    Please remember if you work hard during your BTech and garner a good percentage then it will be helpful to you in many ways in your career as knowledge gained never goes waste.

    So go ahead and prepare for GATE etc with full throttle to get the highest score for getting your dreams come true.

    I will suggest you to go through the question banks available in the market or internet so that you cover all the possible questions expected in these coveted exams like GATE. With your aptitude for academics, I feel you can score significantly.

    Knowledge is power.

  • 70% mark in B.Tech is good enough for applying for the competitive exams or jobs.The percentage in B.Tech is just the eligibility criteria and will not guarantee the job.
    Selection for the exams or job is based on your performance in the written examination and interview.The written exam will assess your knowledge of the basics.
    Focus on studying the fundamentals and gain good knowledge in various subjects during your study.
    In addition to this do some additional courses on CAD, Simulation and learn the design software during your B.Tech.This will help you in getting the job and enhance your career prospects.
    Improve your communication skills and do some personality development courses etc as it will be beneficial for clearing the interviews and helping in your career.

  • You need not adopt a complacent stage after attaining 70 percent marks in B.Tech stage though a consistency of marks beyond 70 percent would be required to enhance your employability in public - sector undertakings, ISRO or for IES.
    You would notice intense competition in the job - field and hence you want to show your presence in such areas, you would need three basic ingredient - a better scoring preferably in all the semesters. The other two criterias are your effective communication in the Interview and a sound concept of the basics of the stream you persued in your degree stage.
    The perusal of GATE would be helpful to you both for attaining M.Tech or for getting a job in a Public Undertaking with two additional increaments in the pay - slab. You have to focus all your attention to score a percentile beyond 95 so as to get a seat in M.Tech in a renowned Institution. Enrol yourself in T.I.M.E or any noted institute so that you would be familiar with the tips enabling you to attain grand marks ultimately in the GATE test.

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