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    How to start a career and score in UPSC

    Planning to give UPSC exam? Wondering what to do after 12th and how to balance graduation, work and prepare? wipe away your worries, by reading all the advice provided by experts.

    This year I have appeared for my 12th Science HSC exams but I am interested to give UPSC exam after my graduation. currently I am working in CWPRS Pune as a ITI (computer operator and programming assistant) trainee.
    How should I balance all these things?
    Now I have to take further admission for FY. Shall I take admission in Open University ??
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  • It is good that you have an ambition for clearing UPSC exam which is incidentally the most coveted one in our country.

    You are already having a job and you want to pursue graduation as well as start preparing for the said exam. Now you have to review your finances whether you can pursue your studies without hanging up to this job. If yes, it will be advisable to focus on studies and your dream exam afterwards.

    Otherwise, you will have to balance between job and studies either in correspondence mode or attending evening classes. In that case, you will have to take more load and will have to see your capacity to cope up with enlarged activities in hand.

    Anyway, human capabilities have no limit and with sustained efforts and focused approach, one can achieve one's objectives.

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  • First of all concentrate on your job. So monthly you will have some income. Then you get admitted to any night college or open University for any graduate study. Select the interesting subject for you and try to get a good percentage. Once you are through the graduation you can concentrate on your UPSC examination for a suitable position. Already you are in a job. Please remember that a bird in the hand worth two in the bush.

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  • You are on the right path and cracking a UPSC exam makes your career brighter. As you are working as a programming trainee, so it will be better for you to complete your graduation from an open university like IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University). Manage your time properly after your working hours. Be focused on your current job so that you can stay financially independent and study in a balanced way for your graduation and UPSC Exam preparation. With proper planning and time management, you will get what you are dreaming now. Keep in mind that work with a proper plan in the right way never goes in vain. Best of Luck!

  • 1. There are eligibility decided for UPSC candidates. Better you check that first so that we can at least clear graduation in your targeted stream with required score.
    2. There are good coaching for UPSC which in this competitive world very much required. There are very few students study on own and keep themselves motivated but mostly go for coaching.
    3. Do not go for open university for graduation. Instead do full time graduation. As I said check feasibility of work and study and decide. Also full time course might have dependency considering UPSC. Full time is dedicated based on what graduation you are really planning to do? With certain parameters your principal might allow to work part time.
    All the best.

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  • First thing first. The full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission and it is a Constitutional body with various well-defined functions. One of these functions is to act as a recruiting agency in respect of top-level Central Government posts. The most well-known examinations conducted by UPSC are Indian Civil Services Examination, Indian Forest Service Examination, Indian Economic Service Examination, Indian Statistical Service Examination, Geologists' Examination, Combined Defence Services Examination and National Defence Academy Examination. The minimum academic qualifications and other eligibility conditions for all these examinations are different. In addition, UPSC also conducts various isolated Class-I posts recruitment examinations depending upon creation of vacancies.

    So, you first learn about the eligibility of the aforestated examinations, chose which one you want to attempt and then prepare with all seriousness. Remember that these are all India examinations and best students appear in these examinations. So, start your preparation as early as possible.

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