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    Regarding name change in marksheets of 10th & 12th

    Have a query about name change in documents? Looking out for the detailed procedure to make this change? Find advice and suggestions from experts here.

    I am from Gujarat. My name does not tally in the following documents: birth certificate, 10th & 12th marksheets, Aadhar, PAN card, Passport and Driving licence.
    Now I want to change my name in 10th & 12th marksheets.
    In 9th I had gone to principal to change the name of father but he refused to do same.
    Now I am facing many problems.
    I had passed 12th in 2016.Currently I am in B.Com.
    So what should I do to change name in marksheets?
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  • You are advised to approach the school authorities with documents contains correct name,father's name and date of birth. It is mandatory to get corrected all certificates and documents with similar name,father's name,Date of Birth etc., there and there on finding itself. In any organization,schools,government offices there may be chances of same name and initials,it is becoming necessary to differentiate the father's name is important. It is highly advised to get the certificate corrected. For this you have approach the necessary management 'in person' with the documents with correct name of your father rather than writing to them letters by letters. If you are delaying for correcting this, it may take time to the concerned school/college/university, in later stage, for tracing the records for correction.

  • (My name does not tally in the following documents: birth certificate, 10th & 12th marksheets, Aadhar, PAN card, Passport and Driving licence.

    How did you land up in such a position wherein your name is not correct in almost all the major ID proof documents. You can change it and it will need some time and effort. Please check that the ration card or Voter's ID has your correct name.

    1. Please meet a good Notary who can help you to get a legal name change affidavit, please check the spelling, initials and full name correctly before you get this important document.Once you get the name change affidavit, then approach the local newspaper offices and publish you name change in one English and one vernacular news paper. Please retain a few originals newspaper cuttings of both advertisements.

    2. Birth certificate correction.
    For birth certificate correction, you can approach the nearest government run citizen help centers (Bangalore has bangaloreone help centers, Telangana has meeseva, Maharastra has aaplesarkar.mahaonline etc) or the municipal office under whom your place of birth falls in. Submit the appropriate documents and the evidence of the correct name and the required form and the fees.

    3.10th & 12th mark sheets correction

    For this please draft a letter stating the service you need, have copies of the name change affidavit and the newspaper advert. Then submit the form with the required fees fowared via the prinicipal of the 10th school and 12th college to the SSC board and the 12th/PU board.

    4. Aadhar card correction

    Adhaar card name correction can be done online or via the nearest government service offices with the prescibred feeds. You need the above documents, the prescribed name correct forms, the link is( The procedure how to fill the forms etc are given in (

    5.PAN card correction

    You need a PAN card name correction form (, then the supporting documents and the fees. Again this can be done online or by post. The guidleines for name correction in PAN is mentioned in (

    6.Driving licence correction.

    Please draft a letter to the RTO officer of your region stating the name correction you want, have the original license and address proof documents. Then enclose copies of the affidavit and newspaper cuttings and submit it to the RTO office for the name correction. If you RTO issuing auhtority is different than the present office which you intend to approach, then you would need a NOC letter from the primary RTO which gave you the license, so,it is best to visit the RTO once for clarification and do it correctly.

    7.Passport correction

    Please check the list of documents you need for this service ( You can check from this link about the nearest district passport cell or passport seva kendra by entering the city or place you live in (
    Please download the forms form (, complete it and submit it to the passport seva kendra. The fees required to be paid comes to around Rs 1500 (

  • You say that you want to correct in 10th 12th certificates. Once you correct these two certificates, all your certificates should show the same name. In such case, you can correct these two. Otherwise, other certificates and you have to get corrected. Once you arrange for correction in10th Certificate, you can correct in all other certificates using your 10 the certificate.
    For correction of name in your 10th certificate, you have to approach the schools where you have studied your SSC and give an application in writing regarding the name change. They will guide you the various procedures and requirements for the same. They may ask you to get an affidavit to be made. For this, you have to approach the local Lawyer and follow the procedure as advised by him. Once you are through in this go to high school with that document and through them your application will go to the concerned office with al enclosures. Then they will do the required and arrange you the correct certificate. Now based on that duplicate certificate issued by SSC board you can apply to other agencies and get the name changed accordingly. Please note that the name is a very important identity which should be same in all certificates.

    always confident

  • Any mismatch of name between your credentials and certificates is source of big problem as you will face a lot of inconvenience at the time of admission in higher studies as well as document verification in job requisitions and interviews.

    You have realized these mistakes so late but still you can correct them though it will take some time. The first thing is sort out what are the documents you have in hand where your name is correctly reflecting. They will become the base document for the actions to be taken for corrections.

    Now one by one you have to find out the incorrect ones and then make respective applications to your education board or agency which had issued these certificates for a suitable correction in the same. They will ask you to submit the copy of authentic documents where your name is correctly reflected.

    Do not get confused and take this as a priority to avoid any embarrassing situation later in your life. If you have many such incorrect documents with you then you may have to take help of a lawyer to prepare an affidavit in favour of your correct name and get it certified and attested by a first class magistrate. After this you have to give a copy of this document everywhere you go for the intended changes.

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