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    Lost at 19 and wish to make my future clearer

    Are you feeling lost about the future after studying MSc Maths? Ever wondered about how to prepare for MSc entrance exams? Find guidance and tips of test preparation and scope of Maths as a career on this page.

    I am doing general BSc and wish to do MSc in Maths later. What would be the future of India 4 years later and would be the best job for me to do?
    I am average at studies and hence I am worrying about entrance exams and thinking of preparing for ISIs, IIT JAM now itself.
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  • I am assuming that you have some aptitude and interest for Mathematics as you have a plan to compete your PG in it.

    The job position in our country is very tight and whether it is pure science or humanities or engineering or management, the job condition is poor everywhere.

    If you have an apprehension that it will be difficult for you for qualifying the various tests or exams like IAS or IBPS or NET or likewise then you can simply follow your PG and after completing it try to do BEd for getting a teaching job. There are a number of Govt and private educational institutions and one can try to get a job of teaching there.

    Do you have interest in computers and IT technology? If yes, you can think of doing certificate course or diploma in one of the computer areas of your choice and then apply for jobs in various companies or coaching centers or business houses.

    Please do not feel disheartened and discouraged. Try to do your efforts as best as possible and do not underestimate yourself. The only recipe to success is confidence and hard work.

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  • First of all complete your graduation. Once you are a graduate you will have a better understanding of the job position in our country. It is difficult to get a good job but it is not impossible. If you have a strong wish for a particular job you can try vigorously in that direction with a vision and clear understanding. Definitely, you will get a good job. Since you mentioned your self as an average student my sincere advise to you is to complete your graduation and then get joined B.Ed. It is a two years course and once you are qualified in this you will have a very high chance of getting a job as a teacher in a government school or a good private school. Getting a teaching post in a school will not be a herculean task. While working as a teacher you can go for MA/MSc Mathematics as a private student and you can get that certification also. That will make you eligible for your lecturer post. This is my best suggestion where the chances of getting a job is very high.

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  • Complete your BSc course at first. As you complete your graduation, you will have a better understanding of the job scenario in the country. Your MSc in Maths with good marks (at least 55%) can make you eligible to crack NET (National Eligibility Test) and you can be a lecturer or assistant professor in a college or university. You can apply for jobs in the banking sector through IBPS exams and in other sectors. With command over the subject, you can teach mathematics to students in your town/city if you don't get a job in public or private sector. You can easily live your life.

  • Now a days there are some good companies who want to hire students who wants to pursue higher studies by working with them and earning too. Though many may not like such an arrangement , it is in fact a blessing for those freshers who can hit on the job and also fulfill their dream of completing higher studies of course at the cost of the company to which they are working. One of my friend who joined a private company has enhanced his prestige and position in his company by doing higher studies and also getting promotions commensurate with the higher studies and thus today he is in Manager level.

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  • There are a lot of burning questions hovering in your mind and you want to the development of India after four years. You can anticipate the huge surge of population and to get a job in any field would create a lot of stress in order to prove one's potential. However, the positive side of such consistent effort would be that we would get quality products almost in all the fields and hence we arrive at the last conclusion that the future of India is not at stake, rather we do have a very promising picture.
    Now concentrating your career, you have to focus on those areas where you can be successful after completion of your B.Sc. Since you consider yourself an average student, you can undertake B.Ed course consisting of two years from a well - recognised institution. Later, make an effort to join a high school nearby your locality and give best performance in the subject assigned to you. Initial years would be struggling one but later with your experience, you may join a Goverment High School with an attractive perks. In the mean while, you may join M.Sc ( Mathematics) via distance education mode - most preferably with IGNOU and acquire the post graduation course with a respectable score.
    Later if interested, you may clear the NET test so as to eligible for the Lecturership in a college. A little planning will help you in achieving your realistic goal.

  • You can even apply for the job now on the basis of your 12th but if you are willing to do M.Sc then you will have to complete your graduation first. I would suggest you to start working hard from now onwards, once you complete B.Sc you get to know about job opportunities after B.Sc or M.Sc.
    Study well and clear your all academic papers. Set the goal and find the ways to get it. Don't worry about the job, you will definitely get it if you are well focused on the goal and start working hard to get it with full of dedication and determination.
    And if you are planning to study in Indian Statistical Institute then for this you will have to clear the entrance examination.
    Wish you all the very best for your brighter career.

  • Complete B.Sc course with good marks.
    After B.Sc you can consider M.Sc Maths, Statistics or MCA based on interest
    If you are looking for a job in academics do M.Sc Maths/Statistics and then you can try for a job in colleges as lecturers and then do Ph.D.
    If you are looking for a job in the industry do MCA as you can join as Software Engineer or programmer.
    Based on your interest and future career goal select the courses.

  • This is the fear inside yo which is making difficult for you in trusting yourself. There is nothing impossible and when you can study M.Sc. in mathematics, it is not difficult for you to fight aptitude tests.
    Do follow your heart and do everything with great interest and give your 100% to get the same in return. Hard work and dedication always pay you off.
    Being a post graduate in Mathematics, teaching is an excellent option for you. You can join as a teacher in private coaching centers (even without B.Ed.) and even can start your own tuition classes.
    Apart from that, Ph.D. is again an option if you are really interested in mathematics. Ph.D. can make you earn during the course by working as a teacher assistant and by availing government stipends.
    After Ph.D. in Mathematics, you will not need to worry about the career for sure.


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  • Concentrate on your upcoming exams and target to clear it in best possible manner. For the entrance exams for maths , you may join some coaching centers as they would be aware of type of questions posed to the students in exam and prepare you for the same.

    Do you want to take up - Maths in order to become lecturer or teacher?

    You can plan for some other courses too . Be clear about which profession you want to opt for as that would help you to choose the right PG course.

  • Once you do your basic graduation, think of some good Mathematics academies in India, that offer special courses. These courses will enable you to plan your career better, and you will develop fresh insights. If you do an additional course like B.Ed, you can easily find a teacher's job, in a school, and with experience, you will do far better. When you join any school, ensure that you also enroll for the Msc Mathematics program from Annamalai University, or the University of Madras or some famous University, from where you can complete your PG degree as well. Your peer group in such environs will also enable you to gain fresh ideas and, some encouragement will take you to the next level.

    However, once you join a school, if you are in a good frame of mind, do a post graduate course in Statistics from a good University, through Distance education. Please do note that some companies like ITC, employ Statistics Post Graduate Degree Holders in Managerial positions. You can also then think of doing advanced courses in Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and so on, and this will help you to open many new doors in terms of consultancy assignments. Training Managers in Six Sigma is a big business today. So, Mathematics can open many doors.

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