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    Scope for Computer Science students.

    Do you want to know about the career prospects of Computer Science students? Check this page to know more from our experts.

    If I study computer sciences what options will be there for me? Are the options available viable as compared to other options like studying medical or engineering in the sense of the quality and quantity of employment available or might be available and what advantages,if any would be there for me?
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  • Due to a large number of students coming out of computer academies, engineering colleges and medical colleges, the job condition in our country is very tight. It is basically a situation created as per the demand and supply position. Only the toppers and scorers are being absorbed by the industry and the mediocre are finding it difficult to garner a good job.

    What is your interest and aptitude? There are many career options and you have to select one in which you can wholeheartedly devote your attention and energies.

    Computer engineering is still one of the areas where job potential is there. Even in other jobs the computer proficiency is seen with advantage and gives an edge to the person over others.

    Even after doing a degree in computers or conventional engineering or medical, a person may have to do additional diplomas or certificates to cope up with the demand for specialists. For example doing a simple MBBS does not suffice in present time as MD or MS is an additional prerequisite.

    So the path of acquiring appropriate academic qualification is a long one and requires sustained efforts and dedicated approach to studies.

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  • Apart from career options, it is very important to know own interest and potential. Every field has jobs for deserving candidates. And to perform with excellence, one must have interest in the subject he or she is studying.
    you have not mentioned your current qualifications. There are lots of options in different sub-sections in the field of computer science. You can become a computer engineer, software developer, animation specialist, website developer, software programmer, and many more. These are all sub-specializations in the field of computers.
    So, it is better to check your interest and then enroll in any course.
    Apart from computer engineering, you can go for MCA, M.Sc. in Computer science, or any other course available in institutes like NIIT.


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  • Computer science is a very good option if you have interest in the subject. In the present scenario among all the engineering branches Computer science engineering is having good scope for a good career. But everything really depends on the individual's performance and knowledge. Simply bay coming out from the college with a degree may not provide a job. You should be one of the best and you should be able to perform well in the written test and oral tests. So here the important factor is where you stand. Whatever subject you choose you should in the top of the list. Then chances are bright. For MBBS graduate or BE graduate or Computer Science qualified person the chances are same and your performance only will fetch you a job. All the best to you.

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  • BE in Computer - science is undoubtedly a fascinating branch giving an aspirant of sufficient exposures of different modules such as Java, C++, Oracle, SAP etc and a sound concept of the different domain would certainly enhance employability - status of an aspirant.
    With the opening of new - engineering colleges apart from the existence of the reputed ones, a lot of youths with brilliant performance are still in the lines waiting for suitable assignments.
    The fact that the present trend is not the rosy one but it does not mean that a deserving aspirant would be ignored for his updated knowledge in computers. Even in the present scenarios, there are ways to get a suitable assignment. The following tips would be benificial-
    1) Make your resume attractive so as to attract the promising Employers.
    2) Update your Basics taught in your Engineering college.
    3) Deveop your communication skill in English.
    4) There would be multi - rounds in the process of selection and hence apart from your stream, you must be familiar with current affairs and hence a daily reading of leading Newspaper will be helpful.
    5) During the process of oral - interview, Listen to the Board carefully and your responses should be impressive so as to get the assignment.

  • B.E Computer Science is very good course and graduates will have a lot of career options.
    But it depends on your knowledge and skills.
    In India B.E Electronics and Communication Engg (ECE) course have better career options.Graduates with ECE can get the job in computer science and electronics field.
    To get the job, you should have good knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals.

  • You will definitely find a large number of professional graduates from different sectors like engineering or medical. But I guarantee you that out of them there are very few professional graduates who really wanted to do engineering or medical in his life as a goal or ambition to do better in future. And if you really will see such people then they are not jobless at all.
    So, most of the students used to opt the engineering or medical field just because their friends had decided or their parents wants their child to do such course.
    I am also a software engineer, before this I was doing B.Sc. in Physics. Later on when I was in 2nd year, thought that B.Sc. is not the right track for me as because I was very much interested in computer science technology. Then I started working hard and cleared AIEEE examination and took admission in B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) and got the placement even in 4th year itself.
    I think you are interested in studying computer science, I would suggest you to go for it without thinking much about the job. Job is a secondary thing that you will definitely get it when you are well focused on your academic and keep yourself always determined and dedicated toward the aim.
    Just keep one thing in your mind that no one is unemployed if they studied their course sincerely. So getting job is not all about the luck it's all about the hard work.
    Wish you all the very best for your better future.

  • Every field has the good scope but to select any subject is the matter of interest. The creamy and knowledgeable persons are needed in every field. The main scopes in the field of computer science are as follows:
    1. You may get perfection in software development and work and software developer in any reputed company or you can open your own company.
    2. You can learn any language and start your coaching centre to teach this language. There is a very good scope as the students want to teach different languages in coaching for getting perfection in particular language.
    3. You can do IT engineering or engineering in CS and work for the reputed and international companies.
    4. You can make your career as a professor after completing your education.
    5. If you are interested in hardware networking, it also has a good scope of employment.
    I would like to suggest you should not think about the scope and go with your interest in the field and get perfection in that particular field.

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  • Every field has its own importance and career scope , if somebody is interested in computer science and information technology it can open a new world for him or her because Computer Science & Information Technology became an indispensable part of human life. Information technology offers you most high paying jobs in various sectors. In present Indian Information Technology industry is recognized globally. We know some world leaders of IT industry and they all belongs to India .
    It is a broad field with enormous scope to work in private and government sector .Like
    Career in teaching field
    Computer Programmer
    System Designer
    Software Developer
    Engineering Support Specialist
    Academic Research Editor
    E-Commerce Specialist
    Data Warehouse Analyst
    Data Scientist
    Software Engineer
    Here are some reputed Organizations which require the computer science engineers.
    Sun Microsystems
    Tech Mahindra
    Mahindra Satyam

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