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    Which are the best books for reference while preparing for IIT-JEE?

    Planning to get admission to IIT? Let our experts help you to prepare for the IIT JEE entrance exam with advice on the best books to refer to in order to crack the exam. Get tips, too, on the best schedule for studying for it.

    I have no ambitions till now but was thinking of trying for getting admission to an IIT. I would like to know why IIT could be considered a good option. In what way it would benefit my future career? In terms of preparation, can you let me know the best books to consider while preparing for IIT-JEE? Further, is it possible to get through this exam with a one-year effort? How many hours should we spend then on studying and preparing for it thoroughly?
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  • Physics:
    1. H.C. Verma,
    2. Halliday and Resnick.
    These two books are good the theory of physics and concepts.
    3. B.M Sharma
    This book is good for both theory and problems. Using these books
    You can solve the problems of the past IIT JEE papers.
    4, DC Pandey's physics for IIT JEE.

    1. The official NCERT books are veryng00d.
    2. For physical chemistry, refer to NCERT and Cengage for theory.
    3. For Inorganic chemistry also is thorough with NCERT. Cengage and J D Lee.
    4. For organic chemistry, Morrison and Boyd, Cengage and M.S Chauhan's problems for JEE Advanced chemistry of Balaji Publications.

    The only key to Mathematics is to practise a lot.
    1. Algebra: complete your standard school textbook. After that, Hall and Knight is a nice book for clearing your concepts. Cengage is good for problems.
    2. Trigonometry: S.L. Loney's book for Trigonometry. After that, look at the past IIT JEE problems.
    3. Co-ordinate Geometry: S L Loney and Cengage for this section.
    4. Calculus: Cengage publications offer the best calculus books.
    5. Vectors and 3D Geometry: Solve this topic from Cengage.
    6. "Problems Plus in IIT JEE Mathematics" by A Dasgupta and "A Course in Mathematics for IIT JEE" by Tata McGraw Hill ( the 4th edition of the year 2000) are very important.

    always confident

  • Best books of IIT Mathematics for JEE main advanced :
    1. IIT Mathematics : Written by ML Khanna, JN Sharma, SK Pundar
    2. ALGEBRA for JEE main & advanced : Dr. SK Goyal
    3. Trignometry and Co-ordinate Geomentry : Amit M Agarwal
    4. Co-ordinate Geometry : Dr. SK Goyal
    5. Vector and 3D Geometry : Amit M Agarwal
    6. Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus: Amit M Agarwal

    Read NCERT books which followed by CBSE board.

  • At first, make your ambition clearer. As you decide to crack IIT-JEE, make a proper study plan with right guidance in the right way. You can crack the test in single attempt if you are confident enough and you stay positive and work hard every day. Your proper study in the right guidance and way will surely help you to get admitted into one of the IITs spread across the country and this enables you to have a brighter career in the field of engineering, computer and technology.

    As far as the preparation is concerned, you must make NCERT books as the base of your study. Talking about reference books, you can look for:
    Physics –
    Concepts of Physics Vol I and II - H.C.Verma
    Problems in General Physics - I.E. Irodov
    Fundamentals of Physics - Halliday, Resnick & Walker
    Aptitude Test Problems in Physics – Krotov
    Advance physics - Nelkon and Parker

    Chemistry –
    Physical Chemistry - O.P. Tandon
    Numerical Chemistry - P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons)
    University Chemistry - Bruce H. Mahan
    Organic Chemistry - O.P. Tandon
    Organic Chemistry - Peter Sykes
    Inorganic Chemistry - O.P. Tandon
    Inorganic Chemistry - J.D. Lee

    Mathematics –
    Complete Mathematics for JEE Main 2018 - Tata McGraw Hill (TMH)
    Maths XI & XII - R.D. Sharma
    Trigonometry - S. L. Loney
    Co-ordinate Geometry - S. L. Loney
    Higher Algebra - Hall Knight
    Problems in Calculus of One Variable – I..A. Maron more
    Differential Calculus – Arihant Publications
    Integral Calculus - Arihant Publications

  • IIT has been pioneer in the selection of the best minds and as such it adopts innovative process to track best talents.
    If you want to be included in the selection pattern, you need to follow the following tips-
    1) You need to understand the basics of each chapter included in the syllabus. Hence the text - book prescribed by NCERT for each subject is to be read and understood carefully. In case of any difficulty, get it clarified by your subject - teacher of your school.
    2) In relation to Physics - preparation, you may refer to Concept of Physics written by Sri H.C. Verma and IRODOVS solution for numericals would help you to understand the numerical related to Physics.
    3) You may refer to M.L.Khanna for Mathematics. This book has taken maximum care in strengthening the pupils concept in Mathematics. IIT mathematics published by TATA Mc Graw Hills may also be referred to for better understanding the pattern of IIT JEE.
    4) For better understanding of Chemistry, NCERT text - book would be quite helpful. Apart from it, in Orgainic Chemistry, you may go through Morrison and Boyd and for Inorganic - chemistry you may refer to,JD Lee.
    5) It would be best on your part to solve previous seven years question papers to be familiar with the pattern of IIT tests.

  • It is good that you are thinking to prepare for IIT. Though the job situation in our country is very tight but still, IIT due to its reputation and selection procedures is the apex technical institute in the country.

    If you work hard you can not only crack the entrance exam but can perform in your intended engineering branch nicely to garner direct recruitment through campus mode.

    Our ISC members have already mentioned the reputed books and other sources so I will not repeat them but I want to advise you that books are only for reference and help and what matters in this competitive world is how much you can exert in that direction where your dream bright career is shining.

    There is nothing like six-month preparation or one-year preparation. Once you have ambition and aptitude it becomes a continuous and sustained journey of acquiring knowledge.

    Please remember some students study selectively, refrain from that practice. If you are appearing for IIT then it does not imply that you only solve the past question papers of IIT. In fact the questions asked in combined entrance exam of other engineering colleges are also very challenging and important. So go for exhaustive study and remember that it is only the beginning of the journey. There is much hard work required in the coming times when you have to compete with your class fellows and come up on top to make a successful career.

    Knowledge is power.

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