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    How to mirror cell phone into Android Car music player?

    Have a query about car music player mirroring? Wondering how to mirror into the Android OS based car music player? On this Ask Expert page find suggestions for your queries.

    Recently I bought a new car music player which has Android Operating system. Now as per suggestions I downloaded easy connection app from playstore but still there is no option to mirror iphone or android phone to car. There is option for car interconnection but it is not enabled at all. My easy connection app is 2.3.0 version. Please advise iphone mirroring in car music player or with other apps if any.
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  • The analogue auxiliary input is the method most familiar. Pick up a 3.5mm mini-jack male-to-male audio patch cable, plug one end into your Android's headphone jack and the other into your car's stereo. Any audio that you'd normally hear through your headphones will be played through your car's speakers, including your Internet streaming audio services. Audio patch cables are cheap and easy to find and nearly every new vehicle we've tested in the past few years has at least been equipped with some sort of auxiliary audio input.

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  • Your phone is Android and your music player is an Android Operating system. Unfortunately your phone doesn't supports Easy Connection App even though your car music player and phone is build in Android.

    You can take advantage of easier and more responsible access to navigation, music and phone apps while you drive if that supports.

    This apps run on the smartphone that supports Easy Connection App and you see them on the dashboard display and hear the audio via the car's speakers. Call the support them and fix them. Also, have you checked the compatible devices before trying to connect?

    Ensure that your car is supported with Easy Connection App and you are in the place that supports Easy Connection App.

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