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    Confused about my career

    Interested in working in an MNC but having to give an arrear subject? confused how to plan the future?> No worries, on this ask expert page you can read the responses from experts.

    I have cleared my B.Com from Delhi university but have one arrear. Now I am not getting any job. I don't know what to do. I have good knowledge of accounts. I'm worried about my future. I want to work with good MNC company but they are not accepting me with arrear. I don't know what to do now. My exam is in the month of June 2018.
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  • First, you clear the arrear.Graduation is required to get a good job.Dont focus on MNC as it will be difficult for you to get the job as fresher.
    Join in some small companies and gain at least 3+ years experience and then you can try in big companies.
    Also do some additional courses like CA,ICWA,M.Com or short courses in SAP, Tally etc.

  • First of all, you should complete the arrear. Without a graduation, you can't aim for a job that too in an MNC. So first of all concentrate on completing the subject and getting the degree. Once you get the degree start searching for a job. But don't expect a job in a big MNC immediately. Join any company in a junior post and try to put up the experience of 2 or 3 years. Once you put up some experience you can then try in good MNCs. I suggest you should get some additional qualification while you are working as a private candidate or part-time candidate in some specialisation like SAP or ERP. Then your chances to get selected for a post in a good company will enhance.

    always confident

  • Just try to see if there are some companies who a ready to consider you with arrears. You must be expecting to clear your arrear by some time frame as you said your exams are in June 2018. So some companies may conditionally consider you provided you commit to submitting them the degree after clearing your arrear by some deadline. Just try and tell the company that you are expected to get your degree by the such and such time (maybe 3-6 months) and see if they consider it or not. But if you join this way and are not able to produce degree by the deadline then there are chances that company may release you. So it is a risk which you may decide to take or not.

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