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    Why are there red patches in paneer?

    Have a query about paneer preparation at home? Wondering why it is having red patches and a weird taste? Find responses form experts here for all your queries.

    I have prepared paneer at home by using vinegar. After few hours I find there are red patches in it. Is it suitable for consumption? Why are these red patches? It also has a weird taste but no bad smell. Neither does it have sour taste. How do I know whether it is adulterated or not?
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  • The process of making paneer is simple and it won't require any ingredient in red colour. Why you got these red patches? Probably the vessel you have used may be having some material of previous preparation which might have given this colour. What dish have you used? Is it steel container. If the quality of the steel is not good when you add lemon or anything which is acidic in nature it may get reacted and will form ferric oxide which is red in colour. This may be the source of the red patches in the paneer. Either contamination from the vessel used or vessel getting reacted may be the reason for this, I feel it is better to discard the material.

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  • Lemon juice extracted at home is enough to make Paneer. (We are not sure of the impurities or purity of the vinegar purchased)
    The patchy discolouration can be simply because of over burned milk which you could have missed to notice.
    It can also be due the impurities in milk or the Vinegar or any chemical reaction caused by the impurities or chemicals in the milk,vessel ,vinegar .
    As it is tasting weird also better to avoid using it.

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