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    How to find a groom amidst the fake online profiles

    Looking out for a groom online? Wondering how to separate out fake profiles online? Check out this page for expert responses and get answers to all your questions.

    I've checked most online matrimonial sites, which turned out to be fake. It is because people are untrue. I'm not being a pessimist.
    How to find a groom amidst the fake online profiles? I need inputs on where to begin as I got fed up of the search and quit it few years ago.
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  • You have to select good matrimony sites which are reliable. Instead of trying online, you will have some marriage agencies near your place who will be having the list of brides and bridegrooms. They may charge a little money for registration and they will send you the list of grooms who will match your requirement. Once you receive it try to inquire about them through your circle and you can know about them. If you are satisfied with the details you can go forward. In online search what happens, you will not have any idea of their background. So always try through local marriage bureaus.

    always confident

  • It is preferable to entrust the verification to parents, elder siblings, other close elder relatives and some elder well wisher who can all keep the matter in confidence and discreet, until finality and decision.
    It should be a combination of discreet enquiries , diplomatic and indirect interactions. If the result from these are positive and without any negativity, then direct interactions, preferable in presence and company of elders or very true well wishers.

    That was why we had the tradition of arranged marriage, but with the consent of the boy and girl.
    An old Sanskritverse about marriage is:

    "Kanya varayate roopm
    Maata viththam, pitaa srutham
    Kulamichchandhi baandhavaah
    Mrishtaannamitare janaah.
    (In a marriage decision in family, the bride -to-be is concerned about how the groom looks(apperance);
    the mother of the girl is concerned how much wealthy the groom is; the father of the girls is concerned about the reputation of the boy; the brothers of the girl are concerned about the family and status of the boy;
    all others are concerned about a grand feast on the marriage.)

    This will ensure that there are checks and balances to avoid fakes. In today's situation, all these duties are taken upon by the girl. Hence it is better to have a similar method of verification and enquiry by close people to avoid falling into traps. (The situation can be almost similar to boys too)

  • Even in reputed matrimonial sites, it is difficult to find out which entry is genuine and which is fake. To counter it many people talk to the contact number given and try to find out certain things so that the genuineness can be ascertained. This also does not work as cheaters know how to cheat.

    So the solution lies in one to one meeting and getting information through detective agencies who in most of the cases dig out the roots of the family of the bride or bridegroom whichever be the case may be.

    Arranged marriage is also a foolproof traditional option where parents take utmost care by searching a match in own or community relations.

    Knowledge is power.

  • With regards to match-making, there is no foolproof way to find a good partner without doing some checks rather than taking things at face value. Matrimonial alliances and prospective brides and bridegrooms traditionally would be handled by parents, elders, well wishers. Now we have online site but this comes with a huge cost. Everyday we keep hearing about prospective young people getting duped of money and confidentiality by believing what they see on the online portals.

    Firstly, you can get your own family members to help you and once people start speaking about you and the alliance search, the word spreads among the relatives. Similar approach can be done via famiy members, well known neighbors and priests at places of faith.

    Currently, many prospective bridegrooms choose their brides (and vice versa) at the place of work, within offices of large MNCs and firms. Among the online matrimonial sites, the reputed ones offer a premium services with a personal manager, background check and privacy criteria, you can choose the premium option.

    Once you narrow down on a potential alliance, then you can contact the professional consultancy agencies that do background verification. These companies have trained people who are like detective who verify the person, the family including the details given to you regarding age, job status, education, degrees etc.

    Once you select one such similar agency, then for a pre-agreed payment, they would verify the details and give you the information. If the groom turns out to be true you can proceed. But in practical terms, alliance making doing via the family elders and well-wishers works out well.

  • Before proceeding for a marriage contract, you need to choose the reliable one. Such matrimonial agency may ask you for a prelimium fee for the finalisation of the contract marriage. The benifits of choosing of such an agency would be that they have multiple options and as such the choosing the right partner with the appropriate qualification - background, to trace out the company with which the groom/ bride - groom is working and after all the family - status can be tracked down.
    Once you get registered with such a matrimonial - site, they would provide you all the relevant details. The roles of the near and dear ones in the family in the right selection of the marriage is important. A group of three or four of such relatives may proceed to the place where the other parties of the marriage is residing. They would like go in details in relation to family - back - grounds of the party and most importantly the charecter, temperament and educational - profiles of the groom/ bride - groom can be traced out with their tactful conversation.
    Even now a days, we may hire a private detective agency who would undertake to extract all the facts relating to marriage. Such engagement of a private agency would certainly be benificial considering the constraint of our available time for the further proceeding of those vital points. With the efforts of such detective party, the out come will be positive and we may move on to grand alliance of the marriage without having any complexities.

  • In olden days the marriages arranged within relatives. Sometimes marriages are arranged in other marriages. Later in science prevents the marriages within relatives. So outside alliances started. To enable the searchers marriage agencies croped. Later once commercial minded persons pollute the agencies with their cheating and hiding efforts. To get rid of this type of cheating we the searchers should collect basic information only and should probe personally.
    Besides this girls and boys also with great expectations. Please consult your children with clear questions.

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