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    Low blood platlets and high billrubin

    Have a query about low platelet count and high bilurubin? Looking out for the reasons and wondering if this is genetic? On this ask Expert page, find responses to your concerns.

    My brother has gone for general checkup but he found that he is having stone in gallbladder but when we went for operation his blood platelet count was 85000 and his billrubin was 4. He is feeling all right there is no pain in gallbladder. His skin is also not yellowish. As doctors have written some tests, my father's blood count has also came down to 60000 last year.
    Is that genetic?
    Kindly suggest some precautions and diet.
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  • Which place your from? I suggest you get the complete checkup done in some standard hospital who usually ensure the lab reports are correct. Some labs don't produce correct report and furnish the previous reports and that leads to wrong diagnosis and treatment.

    Sometimes reason for high bilirubin level may be more red blood cells are being destroyed than normal and this condition is called hemolysis.

    Cause of such imbalance to be corrected immediately

    Foods which can be suggested for improved hemoglobin level:

    1. Pomegranates
    2. Oranges
    3. Papaya
    4. Beetroot
    5. Ragi Malt
    6. Manilkara zapota (Chikku)
    7. Egg Yolk
    8. Fenugreek
    10. Dates

    For correcting bilirubin level you can try the below remedy

    Take 2 medium sized radish, remove the peel and wash it well. Stem it with little water and don't use more water as that will wash out all the nutrients. Don't cook for too long.Give the steamed /boiled radish to your brother with pinch of salt in empty stomach. This will help improve the liver function

  • Low blood platelets and high bilirubin show the improper function of the Liver. The liver is the main and the biggest gland in the human body. I will suggest you contact your physician and take the advice of him. Do not seek the answer of these type of serious matter on the net. You will be confusing more if you search on the net. So, it is better to visit your physician. If you want a medicine then I will suggest you an Ayurvedic medicine used for Liver is Liv52. It is very good syrup and should be taken two teaspoons twice daily. It will certainly a good medicine for the Liver. But as soon as possible contact your physician for the proper checkup.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • A platelet count below 100,000/mm3 may indicate thrombocytopenia. That's a low count but there are many things that can be wrong with a low count. It is better to consult a good doctor and go as per his guidance. By seeing the results guessing and telling can't give you the real reason for these low counts. The bilirubin has to do with the liver functioning. Please, ask your doctor why these things are so low.
    For stones in Kidney, there are good homoeopathy medicines and there are good doctors who can treat properly.If you know a good physician in this line, please contact him.

    always confident

  • A low plate let count ie below 1, 50, 000 indicates a low platelet count may be dangerous in such events where there could be bleeding profusely from any part of the body - system.
    There are excellent Ayurvedic medicines for prevention of the same. Even Carica - Papaya Mother - tincture in homoeopathy may work wonders and for the dosage, you may contact a practising Homoeopath.
    As a home remedy, you may start the capsule of Gooseberry of Himalayas, wheat - grass juice should be taken on regular basis. A little amount of Raisins and four pieces of Soaked Almond from the previous night should be taken in the morning.
    Get your blood tested after a month, you can definitely see improvement.
    Excess Bilrubin content indicates abnormal lever - function. You may take Liv-52 syrup of Himalayas for the restoration of Lever - function.
    Raw Raddish if taken as Salad may expel the intoxins from the system and may normalise the Bilrubin - level.
    Any delay in normalisation of the result would mean there are other serious conditions and you should refer to consultation of a Physician.

  • Low platelets and high bilirubin could be the outcome of manifestations of many ailments in the body and to pinpoint the exact cause or disease some tests are essential.

    It could be a liver disorder or red blood cell destruction or a metabolic problem but it is advised to consult a doctor who can diagnose it through tests and other examinations.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Your brother needs to be consult any hematologist doctor. When the platelet count drops typically when it falls below 20,000 there is a risk of bleeding, we do not want to reach those levels of platelet count. There are other causes of Low platelet, there is an immune condition called ITP because of antibodies in the blood they can destroy the platelets and thereby the platelet count can drop and this can become a chronic problem in some people they require long term medication. Consult doctor and do checkup of platelet count. Once doctor know the cause of low platelet count is if it is dengue fever then there is nothing to be done unless the platelet count falls below 20000.

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