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    Government exams which has less candidates participants

    Planning to take up a government job? Looking out for job positions whose exams have less participants? Scroll through this page and get answers to all your concerns.

    Is there any government job which has less participants of candidates. So that it would be easy to be selected.
    Does any one know about such jobs? Share with me.
    Some jobs have more salary but due to status, graduates and post graduates don't apply for those posts such as watch man posts , multi tasking posts etc.
    Some of these posts may have high salary which a clerical cadre in other department can't get. If any one came to know about such postings do share with me.
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  • For all government jobs, there is a big demand these days. Even the posts mentioned by you are also having a lot of competition. They come under group IV jobs and State Public service commission will announce posts and you have to apply as per the prescribed procedure. Please watch the State Service commission announcement and apply. Please be on that look out.

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  • There are quite a good number of vacancies being advertised by Govt organisations time to time or on yearly basis but the problem is that there is a large number of applicants and the competition is very very tough.

    In the present time of media awareness, the applicants get immediate information on vacancies and the applications flood in the employer's office.

    So there are no Govt departments where the number of applicants are less for the advertised posts. The situation is very tough and there is no easy path there.

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  • Even now employment situation is based on demand-supply mechanisms . Candidates are more and vacancies are many times less than the candidates. So for any job announcement the applicants will be many many times the number of vacancies announced.

    Only for very specialised posts probably the number of applicants may be less. But then, the vacancies also can be less.
    You have to read the job prospectus or advertisement full and understand all the details of eligibility,posting, remuneration etc. When the posting may be at a difficulty centre many may ot be eager to apply . Similarly the vacancies in certain districts of the state or certain states of the country , applicants may be relatively less. So the probability can be more. There may be some number of vacancies earmarked for certain category like physically differently-abled persons. Or certain categories of caste/Religion/geography/language people.
    In case one is eligible under that one can apply for them, which sometimes the probability can be more.

    Usually jobs in the middle level or entry level general jobs with general education qualification will have more applicants running into many lakhs. But those requiring some additional special qualifications and experience may have comparatively less applicants.

    But one should not avoid applying fearing competition. One should apply considering our eligibility and suitability plus our requirements. Then one should prepare for the test/interview understanding what is expected there.
    Otherwise one should be going for some suitable self employment and become an employer oneself and to others.

  • Now a day there is no such govt jobs where the participants are less. Almost every govt jobs there are huge number of applicants with high qualifications. In current time there are less scope of jobs.
    Both in the state government or central government jobs the vacancy is less than the number of applicants. So you can easily understand that the competition is too tough to crack any ordinary govt job.
    You already specified some jobs which are basically entry level position or group iv post where the competition is most. Then comes the middle level jobs where also the competition is also tough.
    Only in the top level jobs the competition is a little bit less because in these types of jobs there is some pretty specified criteria like educational qualifications, special trainings, work experience etc. But when you apply as a fresher you have to contest with more candidates.

  • The demand for the Government job has not died down but rather the number of aspirants applying for Government - jobs has multiplied many - folds.
    Now let us look the number of aspirants applying for a particular Government - job. You can see that the aspirants hailing from the General - categories will always surpass than the other categories and as such to be a candidate of General - category would face stiff - competition than the remaining ones. However, being a female - candidates of SC/ ST category would ease the stress since the aspirants under such quotas will be fewer in number thus giving better chance for success.
    Lastly, there are aspirants from physically disabled candidates like deaf, dumb and blind persons where the intense competition would not be felt.
    Such conclusions may not fit in the real situation. We have to strive hard to achieve the the result with our consistent labour.
    There may not be so much pressure for the aspirants having vast experience and well qualified in their profession such as Endocronoligists, Heart - specialists, Oncologists, Nephrologists etc having specialised qualifications with foreign university and have achieved distinction in their own areas and are backed with their valuable articles in the different well reputed seminars. In such cases, the Government may absorb such specialists fewer in number but then turn - up percentage in that case is correspondingly low.
    So, we should make strategy to win the race with all the essential inputs and let the number not confuse us in achieving the goal.

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