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    Government jobs in neighboring country

    Planning to get a government job in the country? Want to know about the eligibility criteria and the available positions? Find advice from experts here.

    Are we Indians eligible to get government jobs in neighboring countries?
    If yes guide me about such jobs.
    I claim this question because last year I found a news cutting about notification for SUB INSPECTOR posts in Andaman and Nicobar island.
    At that time I got a thinking that exams held in such island may have less candidates appearing for exams so that my successful rate in such exams will be higher.
    Please help me know about easy way to get government jobs especially in banking.
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  • For your information, I like to tell you that Andaman and Nicobar island is not a foreign country. It is also a part of India only.
    We are eligible to get government jobs in neighbouring countries also. I know some people who are working in government departments in the USA.
    The procedures and qualifications will be different from country to country.
    You can register your candidature in employment portals there and through them, you can try to get jobs. You can also look in employment portals like or in which you will get the details of vacancies of posts in neighbouring countries also. You can get registered in Linkedin and get contacts from various countries and they may help you in this regard.

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  • Getting job in our own country is as difficult as getting it in any other countries. Everywhere there is a demand for job.

    However, one can try to get a job in foreign countries depending upon the qualification and degree one has got. There are certain things which are to be noted in this context.

    The first main thing is one should be able to learn the language of that country or should have good command in English which is the conmunication language across the globe.

    The second thing is the qualification. For example If you have a medical degree and there is a demand of doctors in a particular country you can very well apply for the same.

    The next is to get a visa for that country. For working in a country one has to obtain a visa of a particular kind which allows one to carry out a profession in that place.

    If these conditions are met one can get a job outside.

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  • As already mentioned by one Member, it is possible to get Government jobs in countries like USA where qualifications and experience matter most. So, you need to specialize in a particular field and then find out ways and means of getting a Government job. For example, there are economists from India, who have worked with foreign Governments or Govt-aided institutions like World Bank, UNICEF, etc.

    To the best of my knowledge, there are specific rules in each country, and it may be difficult to know such rules right away. You need to explore the possibilities through your contacts or by contacting the embassy officials who might guide you to some extent.

    The second part of the question relates to getting Government jobs in Banking, which means either the Reserve Bank of India, or any of the Public Sector Banks. Please do note that these banks have an entrance examination followed by interview. It is so easy to get full details about such vacancies if you can approach any coaching center for bank examinations in your town or city. They will be fully aware of such vacancies, the minimum eligibility conditions and so on. Once you get the information, it will be much easier for you to apply and get the job.

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