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    Suggest short term courses to fill year gap

    Wondering how to fill few years gap after engineering? Searching for short term courses for better placement? Find advice from experts here for all your questions.

    I have done B.Tech Mechanical engineering in 2015. I need to know some short-term courses which can help me in my placement. I have 2 years of gap and I want to do effective short term course after mechanical engineering which can help in getting placed.
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  • You are a Mechanical Engineer. You passed the course in 2015. Almost 3 years over. Did you put up any experience in these three years? Try to join any company where you will get hands-on experience. These days weight is given more to experience than qualification. Once you join a company and work on types of equipment like drilling machines, CMC machine and lathe machine etc., you will get good exposure and going to higher jobs will become easy.
    You can join in CAD and CAM courses which will give you an idea about computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing which will give you good experience and exposure to these techniques. Once you finish these courses the chances of getting a good job will become bright.

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  • First, decide that being a Mechanical Engineer do you want to work in your core field of MechanicalEngineering or you want to go towards software industry which is the common trend these days. Based on your decision then you decide as to which course you want to go with. If you want to start your career in the field of Mechanical Engineering then try to appear for interviews and written tests held for the different public and private companies for freshers. Since you have not worked anywhere for more than 2 years you would be considered as a fresher. In this case no need to go for any course. Just brush up the mechanical engineering subjects you studied in your engineering course and be thorough with them so that you can crack the written tests and job interviews. But if you are planning to go into software industry then you need to do some important software courses like C/ C++, Java, Python programming etc so that you have better chances of clearing the interview. In both the cases, you also need to practice for the Aptitude test which forms part of the written test for many public and private companies.

  • Interest and aptitude are the primary factors in the life which decide the career path of a person. What is your interest area and where do you feel you have core strength? These are to be understood properly before embarking on the journey of career path.

    Another thing I want to insist upon is the dignity of work. You must join a technical or white collar job as per your interest and do not bother for remuneration. This is very important to gain practical experience as well as you will remain occupied.

    Now depending upon your interest you have the option to go for a short course in the computer-related area like CAD/CAM or system management or networking which will further strengthen your skill.

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  • If you want to retain the mechanical - field, it would be better on your part to fill the gap with some assignment fitting to mechanical jobs such as Lathe - industry, Paints - industry or any job of maintenance in the Industries like Cement, Oils, Power - plants, Heavy - industry etc.
    The employers would like to see you with a vast - experience in your field so that they offer you higher - assignments on the basis of your accumulated experience.
    CAD/ CAM are the jobs related to Mechanical but there is as an application of the soft- ware system. You may acquire such certifications while retaining your Mechanical - field.
    The other option could be to shift your job - profile altogether with the joining of MNC in a software field. If you do have interest for it, go in for strengthening your basics and communication - skill. This will help you in clearing the multiple rounds of the Intervies being conducted by MNC and your final selection would be possible with your presence of mind and the precise responses to the queries asked by the members on the Interview - board.

  • Your 2 years gap appears a bit long as you were supposed to join an interim job to sharpen your wits. Anyway, there are many short courses after Mechanical engineering to gain an additional qualification.

    Some of these are in the areas of - Pipe designing, Tool designing, Robotics, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology etc.

    In your case, these are basically a stop-gap arrangement and can be pursued even along side of a job. So try to join a job whatever capacity it is as that will induce a lot of confidence and skill enhancement in you.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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