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    Regular but scanty periods problem fed-up with this

    Worried about bleeding during the time of menstruation? Check this page and have the suggestions of our Experts here.

    I am 26 year old and unmarried girl. I have very light bleeding during my periods and also have my periods only for 2 days. I am very upset with this because it is increasing my stomach. It also effects on my eyesight. Please give me some valuable suggestions
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  • Madam, please ask this question in Ask Expert section and get proper guidance from the experts of ISC.

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  • Madam,
    Though the scanty period underlines a little ignorance on your part - by not paying sufficient exercises or may the Homoglonobile - level has gone below the permissible level( as low as 8 percent) or a disbalance of hormonal - level.
    You need to take following steps to address your problem.
    1) Hydrate your self. Less consumption of water can lead to scanty flow of blood.
    2) Include Beat - root juice in your drinking plan. You should consume the Beet - root juice twice a day to take care of your Homoglonobile. Presence of lot of Iron in such drink would help you in overcoming this problem.
    3) Papaya- Papaya has a lot of pectin essential for formation of Red - blood cells and regular taking of Papaya would eliminate this disorder.
    4) Cinamom - tea - you may start consuming Cinamom ( approx 1/4 tea - spoon) by adding the same in a PAN containing of two cup of water and boil this concoction till it reduces to half. Filter and consume the distillate for at least a month to see its desirable effect.
    5) Include Walnuts, Pistas, Raisins in your snacks. Consume the same in a little amount - around 20 GMs of each of the items so as to enhance your immunity.
    6) Fish - oil supplementation will normalise your hormonal balance since Fish oil contains Omega -3 restoring your hormonal - balance.
    7) Have the timing for brisk - walk on regular basis for at least 45 minutes in a day. Even jogging would also be helpful.
    If your condition does not improve with these tips, you may have the consultation of Gynaecologist for the effective remedy of the same.

  • There could be many reasons for scanty blood flow for limited period and a check up and follow up tests are required to resolve the issue. Due to the improper or junk diet sometimes body is deprived of essential minerals and adequate nutrition and it leads to these types of disorder.

    Your doctor may recommend some iron tonic and other supplements to overcome these problems.

    You can from your side may take care that you are taking nutritious diet giving you sufficient protein, minerals, vitamins etc and also you must go through a minimum workout daily either in gym or walk in the garden or outdoors.

    Most of such problems can be mitigated by healthy lifestyle and good food habits. Avoid oily foods and increase fibre and salad intake.

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  • I advise you to get an ultrasound of the pelvis done. Also, there are chances that lack estrogen, a hormone necessary to regulate your menstrual cycle. To rule out your risk of various health conditions you are advised to consult a doctor. The following tests may be carried out to know the exact cause.
    Blood Tests: Most of the common cause for this less flow can be detected by blood tests. Tests for the level of hormones such as a follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estrogen, prolactin, insulin are important. In polycystic ovarian syndrome, there will be high levels of insulin and androgens.
    Ultrasonogram: An ultrasonogram can tell you the thickness of the endometrium, size of the ovaries growth of follicles, ovulation and other abnormalities.
    Other tests: Tests such as dilation and curettage and MRI scans are sometimes needed to determine the cause of scanty blood flow during the periods.
    You are advised to consult a gynaecologist and get the needed advise and follow as advised. There is no serious problem with this and there may not be any future complications.

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  • If your mensuration period is regular it means repeating after every 28 days then there is nothing to worry. the period days is differ in different mowan. Generally it is of3days to 10 days. If you have any doubt then I will suggest you consult any gynaecologist.

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  • Scanty periods are periods in which the duration of blood flow is less than 2 days or the amount of blood flow is less than 80 ml. Scanty periods are basically related to imbalanced hormonal level in females. delayed period and period with Less or No flow is one of them and to cure this you just need....
    Ajwain or carom seed
    Hot milk
    From first to third day of your period take 3gm of ajwain(can use powder also) with 1cup hot milk...twice a day before food.
    After taking you can notice the change. It also clean your utres.

  • During this period especially youngsters using napkins in the sense of hygienic but in the real side it is not so. Ask your friendly doctor she will tell. In addition many youngsters during this period do not take adequate rest. Rest is most important as the blood from the body is going out and will make the body tired. Good food, sleep and water are essential during this period and by keeping this s in mind in those days ladies advised to stay separately in order to provide the three to them indirectly. But in the thinking of modern ladies are running, jumping etc., with the use of napkins and thereby inviting many disease later.

  • What you are facing is not an unusual one. Many girls and unmarried women face this problem. But it can be corrected and made regular.
    You can get "Ashokarisht'(Ashokarishtam) in Ayurvedic medicine shops. Ashokarisht is very effective in regularising periods.
    It is not clear whether what you say 'increase in stomach' is due to an abnormal weight gain . Or is it a feeling of 'bloated' and full in stomach only during period
    If it is only a bloated and full feeling only during the period days, then you need not worry. They are felt by many women. Take 'Jeerakarisht (Jeerakaarishtam). Avoid very oily and spicy foods for a few days during the period days and also a from a couple of days before the start of period. Take small strolls or light physical activity so that you are not sitting all day. Consume sufficient liquid (water,well diluted buttermilk etc ) and easily digestible food during the period days.

    (But if you feel that scanty period is also accompanied by steady and continuous abnormal weight gain,then you may visit a gynaecologist.)
    In case you need more fatigue, then,"Draakshaarisht can be used for for a few weeks or until the fatigue reduces and you feel normal.

    Avoid tension giving thoughts and rest and relax during teh period days as far as possible.

    (Though Ayurvedic medicines generally do not have harmful side effects, I suggest that you consult a qualified Ayurvedic doctor before buying and using the suggested medicines. The medicine name given is only as a general suggestion and academic nature.)

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