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    Asking for workbook on C programming

    Are you interested to know about the various workbooks avalable to solve the problems on C programming? Just go through the recommendations of our ISC experts in this page.

    I am learning C language through Yashawant Khanetkar book. It is good but I wanted to solve problems of exercise. To do this, I have to ensures some more programs as a example to solve it with more strong perception building on ittherefore I request you to suggest me a good workbook on C programming.
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  • The following books can be studied:
    1. The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
    2, C Programming: A Modern Approach by K.N. King
    3.C Programming in 12 Easy Lessons by Greg Perry
    4. C for Dummies Vol. I by Dan Gookin
    5.C for Dummies Vol. II by Dan Gookin.
    In addition, to be the above books you can go to the website of which URL is given below.

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  • The best books of C programming language for beginners :
    1. Head First C written by David Griffiths
    2. Expert C programming : Peter vander linden
    3. The C programming language : Briankernighan & dennis ritchie

    There are many websites by which you can learn coding. If you wants to learn theory of c language in hindi then there are website called bccfalna. You can learn c language through blogspot and slide share.

  • There are a number of books for beginners as well as practitioners in C language.

    Some of them are - 'Jumping into C++' by Alex Allain, 'The C++ Programming Language' by Bjarne Stroustrup, Sams teach yourself series for C++, 'C++ For Dummies' by Stephen R. Davis and 'Effective Modern C++' by Scott Meyers.

    Different books will have different approach and solved examples so a combination of a few books will be a better strategy for practising.

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  • As C is the mother language among all the programming languages, so you must learn it well. Because if you don't learn it well you may not do well in other programing languages in later.
    Now coming to your question, there are lots of good text book on C is available in market. You are also reading one of the good book. But the problem with the book is really a little portion of exercise section in it. So, try the list of the book on C.
    1. Let Us C by E Balaguruswamy
    2. The C++ Programming Language' by Bjarne Stroustrup
    3. The C programming language : Brian Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie
    Try these books, hope that you can practice well. You can also search in web for free practice sets on C programming.

  • It is appreciating that you are learning C language using Y. P. Kanetkar written book. C language is the most robust language. As you like to have hands on more practice or practical I would like to suggest following books for your reference.

    1. Writer - Byron Gottfried, Book Name- Schaum's Outline of Programming with C, Publisher- McGraw-Hill
    2. Writer - E. Balaguruswamy, Book Name- Programming in ANSI C, Publisher-Tata McGraw-Hill
    3. Writer - Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, Book Name-The C Programming Language,
    Publisher-Prentice Hall of India

    Apart from that you may also join the online NPTEL(National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) course having title as " Problem Solving through Programming in C" which is offered by IIT, Kharagpur.
    Please refer following URL for more details

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