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    What should I do now as I left study two years before?

    Confused about your career after leaving study in between and appearing for competitive examinations? Check in this page to clear off your doubt from our ISC experts.

    I have completed my BSc(Non-Med)from PU in 2016 and left the study and prepare for SSC. I am totally confused and many questions arise in my mind.What should I do, if I can't clear the SSC exam? Any short duration course which would ensure 100% job opportunities?
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  • This is a duplicate post. Hence I am copy pasting my answer which I have given in the other post. Anyone only can be considered.
    Hope you will clear your SSC exam and get a posting.
    However, with B.Sc qualifications basing on the group subjects you can try for a job in any private industry.If you have chemistry as one of the subjects you can try for a chemist post in any private manufacturing unit.
    If you want 100% job opportunities, I suggest you go for BEd course which is a 2 yeas course. Once you complete this course you will become eligible for teacher post in government schools and private schools also. Chances of getting a post in government school are very high.
    Another option is to go for a diploma in marketing and try for a marketing executive job in any private organisation

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  • First remove the confusion from your mind. Feel confident by focusing on the SSC preparation . If your interest is to pass SSC and get appointment, then prepare well , and you can join some good coaching class also.
    However understand that SSC is not the only way.
    There are any number of jobs for which the minimum or required eligibility is graduation including B.Sc(non-med).

    Please avoid horrible imaginations. Even if you don't clear SSC, heavens are not going to fall. Your preparation for SSC can help you in test of PSC of your state for jobs.

    Please be on the watch for job announcements. Apply for them if you are eligible. Keep alternatives so that you will have more choice and less tension. It is always better to have some B plan also.

  • You don't need to worry. This time if you don't get qualify for SSC exams then you may prepare well this year. Join coaching classes and online test papers. You will definitely clear it. Also you may prepare for B.Ed. exams as these days teaching jobs are the best jobs.


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  • Don't remain in the midst of confusion. So long as the final - result of SSC does not come out, you should be optimistic. However, if passing the SSC examination is your ultimate goal, it will be always better to join a reputed institute giving you tips and expertise for the better performance in the next time. You can always think of the betterment of your performance.
    However, it must be clearly be understood that there are other avenues as well which will help you in your career - growth. By being a B.Sc, you can choose the line of B.Ed so that you can join any government high school as a teacher after clearing your interview of teachers. Ensure that your aggregate mark in both B.Sc and B.Ed should not be less than 50 percent so that you fulfil the eligibility criteria of selection.
    If you are having a flair for the Management- course. Choose either IIM , Xavier - institute, or any top B. Schools by clearing CAT, XAT, AIMA test respectively. Marketing or the Computer - management are the areas where there is abundant prospects of growth.
    You may even try for the job of Banking - sector preferably the probationary- officers rank. It will be better to take the guidance of a professional institute so that you may secure impressive marks in such final examinations.

  • As you have not mentioned your score in the B.Sc exams, but assuming it was a standard one, I would suggest you to take admission in any Masters Degree course, without which you would find it difficult to stay ahead of the tough competition in any field.
    If you have interest in managerial filed, try to get admitted to an M.B.A course. If you are keen in the education field, and want to do a light course with a job opportunity of medium level, you can also go a for a Primary Teachers Training course.
    However to get a job in a private high school, you need to have B.Ed compulsorily.

  • Its good you have completed your B.SC from PU in 2016. I am sure you should have the habit of reading books, articles from the year 2016. The Preparation for the SSC Exam should be easy when you have the habit of reading,writing,speaking,Listening related to subjects from your friends,colleagues circle. Most people
    go for a coaching class for the SSC and then take up the exam. Some people do not opt for the coaching class and instead they prepare by themselves for the exam by reading the SSC coaching books, and also with the help of the old question papers, they tend to practice the exam questions and Answers.

    If there is a reading habit you can make one by reading the SSC related books, that will satisfy the need for understanding the subject. Later you can pick it up for the competitive exam and study easily for the exam. Trust in yourself, and believe that you can study, spend some time doing exercises to keep the mind healthy
    and good to take up any exams.

  • (This question is old but can help others with same or similar queries)
    There are a lot of opportunities for deserving candidates ans same is applicable to you also.
    1. When you have devoted your 2 precious years for SSC preparations, i should be confident enough in the same. Two years means a lot and I guess, this time you will qualify this exam. If not, my views says you should give it another try and give your 100% to justify the loss of your 3 years. You can use old papers, sample papers, etc for preparations.

    2. If you have financial problems, you may think for a job if you won't clear SSC exam this year. You can try in private schools for teaching pre-primary or primary classes. You can also try job in administration or back office related jobs in private firms.
    But please keep in mind that these jobs are not well paid and have no future securities for you.

    3. If there is no financial pressure, I would suggest you to continue your studies and can enroll in M.Sc. with the same specialization you had in Graduation degree. Apart from this, you can do B.Ed, M.B.A. or any other related course which are good for getting jobs.

    4. If you have a work pressure, you may opt for short term computer courses in institutes offering job guarantees to the candidates.


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  • I read answers on this question but I think first you should find the interest in which field you would like to work and then focusing only in that work and be expert on that field.
    There is some futuristic options you can learn:-

    1.)Digital marketing

    2.)App developer

    3.) Artificial intelligence

    4.)Data mining

    5.)designing( web, automobile etc.)

    6.)Machine learning

    7.Web developer


  • There are a few points to be considered prior to taking any step, though I have discussed this in my past response but still I am tempted to start this discussion a fresh for your benifit.
    1) Maintain your positivity and prepare SSC preparations with a zeal. You may take the help of a distinguished institute so that their tips can be implemented during the process of the examination.
    2) You can undertake some tuition for covering the expenses required for sustaining your M.SC. Attempt a minimum aggregate of 55 percent mark and then appear for NET test so that you may be selected for the post of Lecturership with your your hard - work.
    3) Start preparing for PO of both Nationalised or otherwise with the consistent preparation in this area. You may take the help of some professional institute in this line for your better preparation.
    4) If interested for the job of School - teacher, better start preparing for B.Ed with a recognised college. B.Ed from IGNOU would not be bad if you have time - constraint due to your engagement in some other job. Even you can complete the course in part - time basis in the existing system.
    5) Attempt for CAT preparation with the single minded preparation so that you can secure admission in a coveted institute.

  • You have completed your graduate and you have a lot of options lets discuss one by one. First I will say about the job opportunity. As you have said that you are preparing for SSC, now there other job opportunities available besides the SSC exam. Bank, railways exam can be considered for this. With a graduation degree, you have a lot of opportunities for applying to government jobs.

    Apart from Government jobs, you can try in private sector jobs. If you like to do the job in bank there are several types of jobs available in the private banks. Sales and marketing jobs are also lucrative if you try these options. Human resource professionals or this kind of office job can be good.

    You have completed graduation, so the opportunity for higher studies always remains open. If you have extra time you can do parttime jobs or freelance jobs to manage your finances. If you have a dream to start you're your own, then try to start up.

  • You shouldn't leave hope for giving SSC Exam. Always be optimistic about giving exams. If you haven't face an exam why are you saying what if I failed the exam? Yes, it is a highly competitive exam and if you feel you have no patient or time to prepare for the exam again and crack it and either want a job or your family members/parents want you to start working now, then join any job, whether BPO, Back Office job or anything and you can crack this exam letter. Don't be afraid of your failure. If you cannot crack the exam, let it be, better try next time. Secondly, if you want to learn a new skill by doing short duration courses that are another great option. See, in today's age, most companies don't value degrees. The companies want skills from you and they want to get value from your skills which will be good and profitable. If you want to learn a short course, always choose a good training company/institute or better online courses and learn and utilize the courses by doing real-world projects and add a portfolio. By doing this you will be trusted by the companies and companies will hire you. Also don't just focus on your skills. Understand the business problem of the company and find out the ways to solve the problem. If your skills optimize solving business problems of the company, then focus on skills and try to add value to the company using your skills so that the company will get benefitted from you. Once the company gets value from you and is in the profitable stage, then surely you will be a valuable asset to the company and the company will never fire you easily which happens these days frequently. So best of luck for your future and try your luck in giving SSC Exam later if you want to work now or do short duration courses now.

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