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    What will be the charges for repairing or replacing the breakpad of the car

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    I am from Bangalore and recently purchased second hand Tata Indica. When I apply break there is weird sound. Someone told me the break pad needs to be changed . Can any one let me know how long it would take for repair and expenses I would incur to change it both the break pad and labour charge approximate. Also the wiper is moving but no water comes out what could be the issue?
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  • Generally, brake pad replacement may take about 3 to 5 working days. The cost will be around 40.000 to 45000 rupees including the service charges. It is better to take it to the showroom as they use all genuine parts only. If you show the car in the showroom they will advise you whether these pads can be repaired or need to be changed. The will give you some guarantee also for the new pads they are fixing. I think your wipers cushion might have gone or the fixing is not proper. It is not a big issue. When you go for changing the pads you can get it done also.

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  • Brake pad replacement is not a time-consuming job at the service center and can be done within two hours if the spare brake pads are available. If the spare is not available then maybe 2-3 days will be required by the service center to order the spares. Two brake pads will be required for two front wheels. First, they will remove front tyres, fix the brake pads and fix the tyre back. Approx cost would be Rs 500-600 for two brake pads and about Rs 300 for service charges. Make sure that brake pads are original ones from Tata motors to minimize the chances of incompatibility. Nowadays there are many third party brake pads also available but avoid those at it may not set properly with your wheel rotor. If possible and if you want to do you can try to check by looking through your front wheel arch the condition of the brake pad by shining light with a torch. If the brake pad iron is worn out you can make out. Regarding your wiper problem since water is not coming you need to get water reservoir inside your car bonnet checked to make sure that it has not run out of water or if its level is low. It may also be possible that openings for water spraying on top of the bonnet are blocked or the pipe connecting this opening and the water reservoir is blocked.

  • A complete Break repair job for one wheel including pad replacement, new calipers, rotors and labor can cost anywhere Rs 20,000 to 40,000. The average cost is right around Rs 30,000. If all top of the line parts needs to be replaced then this can easily inflate to Rs 50,000 above. Labor charge is around Rs. 5000. In the situation of came scraping noise from wheel while driving, Try pushing the backing plate away from the rotor on the side you hear the noise. The average cost of having front pads and disc rotors replaced starts around Rs.18000 can increase to Rs. 30,000 depending on type vehicle pad replacement. It takes 2 to 3 days in replacement.

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