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    Is it Zurich international worth for insurance?

    Have a query about Zurich International insurance? Wondering if it gives good return and is worth it? On this page get advice from finance experts for your query.

    Is it Zurich international worth for insurance? This is deposit money in USD. I am working in Dubai.
    Can you please explain whether it will give good return after 12 years of premium? What is the special future in it? What about old mutual fund?
    If we deposit money in USD for five years can we get good return?
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  • The funds of this company are designed to offer a stable growth and a guaranteed medium-term return.This is backed by investments in high quality corporate and government bonds. The funds offer capital growth through investments in the global bond market. The funds protect against loss by 'smoothing' the dividends and offer medium-term guaranteed returns. Zurich International Life is able to smooth the returns ensuring that the year-on-year return does not fluctuate too much. In years in which the assets perform well, the funds may not distribute all returns. This effectively creates a reserve from which the fund's dividend can be managed in lean years.
    How does it work?
    Each year, the company will announce an interim dividend for each of the funds, based on an estimation of the expected returns. This interim dividend is applied from 1st January for the full calendar year ahead. During the year, this interim dividend will be credited to the policy holder's account on a monthly basis. Once added, the interim dividend cannot be reduced or taken away as long as the policy is maintained to maturity, or to a permitted withdrawal date.
    It is good to go for this insurance. But one thing you should remember is insurance is not only an investment but also a caretaker of your family in your absence. If you are looking for medium returns without heavy risk, you can opt for it. For further details, you can visit the site, URL of which is given below.

    always confident

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