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    Further studies BA after BCom/BEd

    Confused about what to study after BCom/ BEd? Looking out for details of courses which can lead to a career as a school teacher? Check out this Ask Expert page and get resolution for all your queries.

    I have completed BCom/BEd. I wish to teach English and History and take my career ahead with that. My BEd subjects were Mathematics and Commercial Studies as I had BCom.
    But due to my BCom degree, I am unable to find the teaching job I desire.
    I have joined a temporary job to teach English and Maths in primary section in small local school in order to gain experience.

    Can I pursue BA now from IDOL Mumbai University? How long will the course be as it will be the second graduation? Will my BEd subjects (Maths Commerce) affect my chances of teaching English-History after I complete BA?
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  • You can do BA as a private candidate from any recognised University and can complete the course while working. With your present qualification of B.Com, BEd try to get a teacher post ina primary school. In a primary school, there are no restrictions on teaching English and Mathematics. Once you complete your BA as a private candidate with that qualification you can teach to higher classes also. Your B.Ed subjects are not going to give any problem for you to teach the desired subjects after completing BA>

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  • Yes, there is a problem in getting a teaching job for B.Com/ B.Ed. So, if you are interested in teaching job you can do BA private from any recognised university. You can do it from IGNOU. After doing BA there is a good chance of getting a teaching job. You should select English literature as the main subject as you are going to teach English. Your subject of B. Ed. will not affect your teaching chances. In B. Ed. you are taught the techniques of teaching and you have already learnt them. You have learnt child psychology which is necessary for every teacher. So, doing BA is enough for getting a good teaching job.

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  • With and B.Ed you cannot become TGT(trained graduate teacher) teacher in schools. You do not hold eligibility for TGT. You have to do additional graduation or post graduation. So BA is the best option. Every department ask the language or subject in all three years of graduation. B.Ed degree is necessary for all PGT(post graduate teacher). So if you do after B.Com then you need to do B.Ed along with your post graduation for being PGT as commerce. As you already done B.Ed then after you can teach in schools as PGT(Post graduate teacher).

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