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    Teaching in international school

    Have a query about choosing a job? Wondering if it is worth teaching in an international school after doing MTech? No worries, find advice from experts here.

    I am an MTech graduate in ECE . Currently I got a job in international school as information technology teacher. I am fresher,is it right to choose the job and go for it or should I wait? Is there any benefit for my career? I am really confused and worried.
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  • Are you interested in teaching job or non-teaching job? After completing M Tech if you want to go for a teaching job you will get posting in many private Engineering colleges as an Assistant professor. While working there you can complete your doctorate and go for professor post which will be more rewarding. If you join as a teacher what is the remuneration you get and what are the career betterment methods? You should think very deeply and take the decision. With M Tech there will be plenty of chances in Industrial Sector also. In your case, if I have to take a decision, I will differ joining as a teacher after M Tech. I prefer to join a good college as a lecturer which will have good prospectus chances.

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  • Since you have M.Tech you can join in Private Engineering college as Asst Professor.
    Dont join in School.If you dont get any other job then join in the school.Experience in school won't be helpful for your career growth.
    Advantages of joining college are below
    1.Good Salary and career growth
    2.While working you can do Ph.D.Many colleges sponsor for Ph.D.If you do Ph.D. from IIT or IISc you can get a job in the universities in abroad and also you can do Post Doctoral Research.
    3.After Ph.D. you can also move into industry

  • In my opinion, if you are offered a job you should join it and can also try for the assistant professor in any private engineering college. It will provide you with a teaching experience and as you said it is an international school, so it would be beneficial to you. As far as salary is the concern you would be offered a good salary in international school after some experience. You can also start tuition for students of the school if you want some extra income. So, you should go for the job. Getting a job in the present scenario is not an easy task and we are seeing that many engineering candidates are unemployed. So, if you have offered a job do not miss this opportunity. You can continue your study or can try new job after getting this job also.

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  • Since you are an M. Tech degree holder, you will do well to try for a job in a self financing college. For your information, you can easily find a good job in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin and so on, where are there a huge number of Engineering colleges, where the teachers tend to switch jobs so often.

    For the time being, you can join the school job, if you can't find one in the cities. However, if you go over to a school, you need to do the B.Ed course, without which the teaching will not add any value. You cannot get promotion or higher salary without this degree, for which so many Universities offer you the degree through correspondence.

    A better alternative may be to go to a big city like Hyderabad, and submit your resume in any college. There are always vacancies and you are willing to accept duties of a hostel warden, you will be given food and accommodation free. So, consider this kind of an environment and do it to get your part-time doctorate degree, from the JNTU, Hyderabad. You cannot aspire for any good settled job, without the doctorate degree.

    So, plunge into it and get the doctorate degree at any cost. All the best.

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