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    Is New Delhi a very unsafe place for women?

    Have a query about New Delhi city? Searching for information about whether it is unsafe for women? Here, find responses from experts providing details of experience of residents of Delhi, and the steps taken by the government to make it safe.

    It has been decades since I have visited the beautiful city of New Delhi, though my first job itself was in this city.

    Of late, it has acquired a very dubious and awkward name "the rape capital of India".

    Is this really true? Is it so unsafe for women? Are men out there, so brutal? One does hear of rapes of small children from various parts of the country, and it is not restricted to just New Delhi. However, one is also told that such rapes do not get reported in Newspapers published from the South of India.

    What is the Government doing in this regard, and what is really going on? Members who live in New Delhi, or visit that city for whatever purpose, regularly, may please answer these questions and also specifically mention the steps taken by the Central and State Governments, in New Delhi, to make it safer for women.
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  • Let us not get scared or keep a wrong notion by reading some sensational or sensationalised news. They should only make us more alert and vigilant and take the normal precautions a prudent person should take.

    Crimes happen and can happen anywhere. But that does not mean we should paint every person in that place as criminals or the whole place as not safe. Cities like Delhi have large population. They have the law enforcing agencies. Generally people live peacefully and safe. Just because accidents happen,we do not stop travelling by bus or vehicles. Similarly just by hearing or reading news about certain things happening we need not feel over scared, but be alert, vigilant and take normal precautionary measures to safeguard ourselves.

  • Rapes are happening almost over every place in the country. It may be so that comparatively more such heinous crimes may be happening in Northern parts of country and Delhi is one of those places.

    Anyway we have some pervert minds in the society who are more of like animal than human and they are doing these crimes whenever they get a situation like that.

    So number of these crimes will not reduce till these people are there in society.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Not only Delhi but anypar of the world, if both gender cross the limits or ethics of their own such happenings would come.

  • National Crime Bureau as of 2015 says that Madhya Pradesh stands first in rape cases. Jodhpur and New Delhi followed it.
    Delhi being the capital has all eyes on it. Have you ever heard of a case from MP? Did you even thing Jodhpur would be in the list?

    We only focus on what we want to. The capital was at risk. So the risk was exposed. New Delhi isn't unsafe. The world is. But measures like the "safety number", increased public transport like Uber and Ola, increased sex education, etc and never ending NGO supports are trying their best to see rape-less India.
    Lets see how it goes.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • No, I do not believe it is generally spread by the social media. Sometimes social media broadcast a news several times and it affects our brain. Rape cases happen in every state and small villages also. Social media should understand its responsibility and should broadcast the news in such a way that it should not create terror in the heart of the people. Not only rape cases, these social media spread the news related to diseases like Dengue, Malaria, etc. These are treatable diseases but due media people afraid and it creates an unhealthy environment. You daily go to road and visit different places. How many rape cases you see with your eyes? Have you seen any rape case?

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • It would not be fair to tell that Delhi alone can be attributed to a place of crime. Some other cities can also be ranked as notorious as Delhi in respect of crimes, harassment, murder and rapes of women- folks. It does not mean we should not discourage the bevy of ladies not to start their career in New - Delhi city. However, a few precautionary steps should be taken to make the lives safe for the women - folk.Tips are as follows -
    1) Ladies should ensure that that they are not travelling alone in the remote areas especially in the night so as to remain safe.
    2) Though the the registration no of auto , car or Bus which they might have taken for travelling purpose must be intimated to their close - relatives and such information may be useful in identification of the culprit in case of a mishap.
    3) They should maintain dress - decency while moving out - side.
    4) The mobile being carried in course of journey must contain police - station no or in the event of crisis, they may take the help of help - line.
    5) Less they talk with stranger, the better.
    6) To remain alert during the journey is the vital point and with such cautiousness, they can make journey safe.
    All the cities are surrounded with good and bad elements and so Delhi alone should not be looked into a notorious place.

  • In fact, no place is safe and all places are safe. These days electronic media especially 24X7 News channels have no news to telecast. So they exaggerate the things so that people will get attracted. Their TRP ratings will increase. So we should not afraid of staying anywhere. New Delhi is in news more because it is the capital of the country. If you go through the local newspapers and district editions, the unethical happenings will be known. But we tend to read highlights and bold letters.
    In any place either ladies or gents, they should be in their limits and try not to interfere with others or provoke them unnecessarily. Then we need not worry.
    When we are living in a society we should think of the society also. So if we mind our business and not go unnecessarily late nights to unknown places and keeping some self-protection devices like pepper spray in your handbag will take care of you.

    always confident

  • The news and information processed these days are very hard to believe. While some being genuine and most being a fake news to caution and alert people. This simply put us on alert to be careful. Late night loitering is one of the most dangerous habits in cities. One might get robed and even put ourself to jeopardy if we practice this bad habits.

    Crimes which includes Rapes, and Murders are common in India. It's not only about New Delhi. If you take an instance of other news from South India and North East India etc... Crimes are becoming higher and higher in India.

    As the saying goes "Prevention is better than cure", one should prevent themselves by implementing good habits in their life. People who loiter late night in bars, parties etc are most likely to face such unexpected, unfortunate events in their person lives.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • It is due to our traditional culture and upbringing where sex education is not given and related issues can not be talked openly.
    so to remove this frustration guys tends to do the same and gave it the name such as eve-teasing or else...but the result will be the same it is generally also a rape,and these all happenings also depend on the sex ratio,female infanticide,especially female infanticide is gradually increasing in Delhi,
    Now let me make you clear that when the safety of women comes the root cause is upbringing of culture,education and chauvinistic attitude prevale among majority of males.As Someone truely said:"our background and circumstances just influenced who I am,but it makes me responsible at that particular instant that what I am"
    So as per my concern their is no excuse for crime like rape & eve-teasing,culprit must be punished badly which may changes their attitude,culture and tends them to respect women,By doing so not only New delhi all the other states and cities will be safe for women.

  • Actually not only Delhi every place is not safe for women these days but I agree with your point, things are worse in Delhi than other cities thats what the recent cases say. Latest one was the case of Nirbhya which proves that people in Delhi are monsters who are in search of girls and molest them and kill them.

    I would prefer if you come to Delhi its better not to go out alone at night as most of such cases occur at night. This is due to filthy mentality of few people who think that females who are out at night are not good. They feel that females are just to do household works at home.

    Delhi is good city but such people have ruined its name.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • If you are well aware of your surroundings, conscious and careful at all times, you can travel the world alone and no one can touch you. I agree that many people might have experienced that some people in Delhi NCR region are very rude and try to harm women but those elements behave negatively both with men and women alike and the reason is lack of education in those areas. When I travel, I have seen many girls traveling alone at night in Delhi.

    It is only when that you are not alert and careful of your surroundings that crime can happen. These incidents can happen with anyone while traveling in any part of the world. So it is best to observe some caution while traveling or going outside at odd times:-
    1) Never wear expensive jewelry while traveling long distances.
    2) Always keep the number of Police in your speed dial.
    3) Whenever you have a doubt regarding any metro, bus or which way you should go, find police guards and ask them. Never ask any random person, as you never know his true identity and he can prove to be a threat in case you are traveling alone at odd times.
    4) Never carry huge cash in your wallet. In case you need some cash, don't keep all the cash in the same pocket or wallet.
    5) Avoid taking an auto or taxi in case you feel the driver is drunk or you get some suspicion.

    If you be careful and alert, I believe that all crime can be avoided.

  • Unfortunately, entire India is suffering from chaos and lack of law and order. Being speculative of the current situation, no city is that safe, right now, especially in this season of political turmoil .

    As Delhi is the capital and the most happening place in India, especially from the political point of view, reporters and media are more active here than in any other parts of the country. Here, news spread like wild fire, before every other state.

    But the population indicates that there are people who still feel safe in Delhi. But at the same time we cannot throw caution to the air. We have to be careful, and take as many precautionary steps as possible. Better avoid late night travels, lonely roads, private taxis that aren't covered by a GPS tracker, and so on. Make a habit of sharing your location with your family members whenever you have to take a journey alone, or even with friends. You can invest in one smart watch that can be located through GPS. and above all, do not become off guard, when you step outside your home.

  • Not only New Delhi anywhere in India is not safe for women. We can also say ever home is not safe for women these days. Every day the women harassment news from the entire world. There is not a law for women like another Muslim country where they give punishment in front of the public. The strict laws are required for the safety of women.

  • Due to the incidents in Delhi in the daily news, this question has come to your mind, I can understand it but I want to tell you that everywhere in the world will be insecure if women are weak but everywhere is safe if women do self-defense If you know to do
    I have been in Delhi for almost 3 years and that life is a bit difficult as almost every metropolitan city is. We must empower ourselves this is the first requirement
    When you think of self-defense, you rarely wonder if a woman can defend herself. At least for me, I know it was something I never thought about. After all, I have a husband who will defend me when needed, right?

    The truth is that we do not think enough about attacks because we want to believe that people are inherently good and that it will not harm us.
    Self-defense helps women to protect themselves and their families. In my opinion, this is the most important reason for women to learn self-defense, because it is the difference between life and death. While men are known to have strong sex, this discipline helps women to use their adversary's weaknesses, such as their height, weight, and even strength. In a state of self-defense, this is important. Most attackers are not successful in martial arts. This gives women an edge in a self-defense situation. Bujutsu's stand up art, for example, provides a means to escape and overcome an attacking opponent. The goal is not to keep and continue fighting, but to turn away from the attacker to get help is to defend and attack.
    Nowadays, in this era where women are not less than anyone, they should also come to protect themselves, save themselves according to the time and what support women need is very strong in themselves.

    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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