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    How is plastic harmful to the body

    Want to know about the impact of plastic on health? Wondering if it causes cancer? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    Does burning plastic cause cancer? I think it's proven scientifically.
    So my question is: if we are using black plastic under small tiny rocks and above soil to avoid growing small plants in front of houses will it also cause cancer due to hot temperature and hotness from the rock?
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  • I say no. If you use them for growing a plant in front of your house there may not be any harm. But how long you can keep them there.I advise you to use flowers pots made of clay. You will get them in different sizes. Starting from small to very big pots we will get. It is advisable to grow in those pots. They will give a better effect on the plant as it will have a better ventilation than a plastic item. Even though it will not cause cancer it is advisable not to use plastic anymore and using clay or cement pots are having a specific advantage.

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  • Generally speaking plastics are indirectly harmful to human body. Many hotels are now packing sambar,chutney etc., in plastic covers in hot condition which get reaction and harmful to health. Many tea shops also parels tea/coffee in plastic covers.
    If we bury a plastic cover in ground it will never got decayed even for decades.
    Many cattles eats plastic papers or covers along with grass or vegetables thrown in plastic covers and suffers heavily. Many cows eating plastic covers suffers much, unable to give milk. In some cases the milk from such cows also harmful to human.
    Totally speaking we should avoid plastics in our daily usage to the maximum extent.

  • Plastic is a harmful substance for the human body and our environment especially when it starts degrading under hot and humid conditions.

    It is advisable not to use plastic for hot food items. It is the source of chemicals suspected for carcinogenic problems.

    Even using black polythenes for flower pots is not a good choice from environment point of view as these plastics degrade slowly and emit hazardous gases in the surroundings.

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  • Plastic is not a naturally occurring item. It is an artificial product made by humans by chemical reactions.
    Plastic are not bio degradable.
    When we use paper or cloth and throw them after using maximum, they undergo gradual degradation or destruction by rain, sunshine and also worms ,bacteria and other insects feeding on them. They then totally disappear and part of them turn to be useful manure. That is they are bio-degradable. Plastic is not. It will remain for many many years just like that under soil or water.
    Plastic is made of a number of chemicals which are chemically bonded. They do not undergo degradation by weather elements and bacteria or by any insects. On burning it sends out dense fumes and other harmful chemicals which affect the health of humans and other living things. It pollutes with its fumes and odour and cause harm to people especially to children immediately.
    When we use plastic containers or thin plastic wrappers for foods, especially warm food, the heat makes some chemical changes and also some chemicals in the plastic contaminate the food.This when consumed can harm the body. It is now known that plastic can cause cancer also.

  • Cancer causing chemicals are called carcinogens. Polycyclic aromatic compounds are the carcinogens usually but these have nothing to do with our everyday polystyrene and polyethylene. Plastics have linear structure which can be broke easily so when you heat a plastic(thermoplastic) material, it shrinks to nothingness.
    You are free to use biodegradable plastics if you're afraid of ingesting plastic. Polycaprolactone and polybutyrate are biodegradable. Plastics are harmful only because of their slow and timeless natural degradation. It is the thermosetting plastic moreover that has unsaturated bonds and is tough to break.

    Plastic doesn't cause cancer. Plastic can trap air so it is assumed that it traps polluted air.
    But. Due to ecological reasons it is advised to find an alternative.

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  • When any hot substance is packed in plastic bags it reacts with plastic and forms new chemicals which are carcinogenic. If this carcinogenic are eaten by human beings these can cause cancer. This is the direct harmful effect of plastic. There are many indirect effects of plastics. Generally, plastics are nonbiodegradable materials. It means it cannot be decomposed by microbes. So, indirectly plastic affects our environment. Likewise, if the plastic is eaten by animals it can be fatal for them. So, it is advisable not to use plastics. Instead of plastic use paper bag or clot's bag.

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  • Chemicals used to make plastic called phthalates also known as plasticizer that are ingested by animals in ocean, this not good for humans health. Phthalates or phthalate esters are of phthalic acid mainly used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics increase their flexibility) in poly vinyl chloride (pvc). A closer understanding of the harmful effects plastic will empower us to improve their toxic footprint on humans. It actually harms to entire ecosystem as plastic pollution. So it is advisable to real label's and buy carefully so we can make positive steps towards a healthier planet. As well as products that use plastic packaging there are many products made from plastics that look like natural materials. Plastic should be ban by government because it kill animals. Mostly it effects on animals they eat plastic bags and it cause death. Plastic also violates our environment.

  • If a human body is exposed to plastic fumes then definitely it will cause cancer. Now your concern is whether black plastic that is burnt underneath small rocks cause cancer. As long as it is giving out fumes, yes, it is very likely that cancer can be caused. Dioxins are by-products of plastics when burnt which are very harmful and toxic. These dioxins not only pollute air but also can pollute soil and crops which are grown. They not only cause cancer but also result in emphysema, birth defects in newborn babies and damage the immune system in the body. Dioxins have a rock-solid chemical stability. This is because they cannot be dissolved in fats and when they enter atmosphere or a body, they remain there forever.

    People who are exposed to burnt plastic fumes are at higher risk for suffering from cancer. In these fumes, endocrine-disrupting chemicals are found and these chemicals help in the growth of cancer cells in the body. Carbon monoxide and furans are the other toxic chemicals which get released when plastic is burnt. All are carcinogenic in nature.
    Kindly do not burn plastic. If you want to get rid of unwanted plants then there are many methods to do so including hand plucking or using some mechanical tools for the same purpose.

    Plastic cannot be burnt. Most of the plastic melts and bubbles. I mean the open fire is not enough to burn all the toxic chemicals present in the plastic. The fumes pollute the air and will remain in there forever. Even the ashes so left can cause water pollution and enter the food chain. Some plastics are safe to burn but identifying which one is safe and which isn't is very difficult and thus to be on safer side, it is best to avoid burning them and throwing them here and there and better subject them to recycling.

  • Generally Plastics are harmful to the earth that is because It is not a degradable thing. Like that it is also affects human health let us see how....

    We always buy food items from the shop in a plastic cover to carry it to home. But If you keep the food items still in the plastic cover it will lease some harmfull chemicals from the plastic to food items. Normally Meat and Chickens are bought in a black cover, But the black cover leases more chemicals, So Dont keep the food items in the plastic covers. Always Use less plastic.

    Another thing is that, When we keep water in a plastic water bottle, Some cancer causing fungus can live inside the water bottle, the plastic material provides such environment to live that fungus. But When you keep the water in a copper bottle, within 3 hours cancer causing fungus will die. So always use copper bottles. It is also good for anemic patients.

    When plastic is burnt the smoke also causes some type of cancer in human body. So plastic is always harmfull. I request you all to use less plastic.

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