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    Certificate authentication, from two different boards, in two different years

    Have a query about holding same qualification degree from two different boards? Searching for detailed information about whether this is valid? Find advice from experts for your questions here.

    I was a student of CBSE in 10th as well as in intermediate. But during my 12th exam (2012, march) from CBSE, I failed, then appeared from NIOS in the same year for October 2012 and was passed.
    I was a regular candidate from CBSE. I have also filled the intermediate form from Bihar school examination board for 2013 and from there also I was passed. Now I have 2 valid certificates from two different boards. Is it legal to keep 2 passing certificate from two different boards.
    I have completed my B.TECH using 12th NIOS certificate and the form which I fill for govt job, I use my NIOS marks and board there. Is that okay? All the marksheet have same name, father's name, mother's name, dob etc. No change there.
    I was a regular candidate from CBSE 2010-2012, and the Bihar state education board also mention 2011-2013. Is that okay? Or there is any problem?
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  • No. There is no problem. As per your statement, you have completed your B.TECH using 12th NIOS certificate and you used same NIOS marks and certificate for government job also. Continue to use this certificate only for all your future necessities. You need not worry about the other certificate. If you want by using that you can do some other graduation.
    You need not mention Bihar state study during 2011-2013. It makes no difference. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • There is no problem in having such a complicated educational credential. Only thing is which one you prefer to present for your future educational pursuits and job search.

    You have to be consistent on that otherwise it will lead to unnecessary confusion and will mislead the verifying authorities.

    You have not indicated the reason of doing the class again. Was it for improving score? Were you successful in your endeavour?

    Anyway take care in presenting your credentials to authorities.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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