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    Do you believe Lakshmi in the form of prosperity can be blocked ?

    Have a query about the rituals practised for wooing goddess Lakshmi? Searching for genuine information here? No worries, read the responses from experts and resolve your queries.

    Everyone need money. No person can deny that money is needed to carry on our life. Money is related to Lakshmidevi. Many believe in worshipping the Goddess to improve their money fortune or to have growth in money or some are happy with what they have but they want to maintain it,safeguard it.
    We see many following whatever small rituals they can. Some people also believe that their destiny is bad and so don't have enough money. We also hear people saying that money comes but goes off quickly. Many seek astrologer's advice. I want to know how should we safeguard Lakshmi of our destiny. Can anyone block our Lakshmi by negative thoughts or black magic.If yes how to unblock Lakshmi ? We find many related posts on internet. But I am looking out for genuine ways followed by people and which really worked for them.
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  • Scientifically and logically speaking there is no way to block or unblock your fortunes by worshipping, rituals and praying the deities

    Some people believe that if one prays Goddess Laxmi whole heartedly and with devotion, one can be financially well off. The basis of this belief lies in our cultural, traditional and spiritual knowledge base. There is no way to authenticate or verify it.

    In my opinion engaging oneself in prayers, worshipping etc may make a person disciplined and strong and then his chances of getting success in materialistic world may also increase to some extent and the onlookers may deduce that he is financially well off because he is religiously praying the concerned Gods or deities.

    It is also to be noted that this theory may not work in case of those who only worship but do not make efforts in the practical world.

    Knowledge is power.

  • For getting any work done, we should have focus and concentration on our aim and plan the work accordingly. Simply planning and not concentrating on the work will not yield any result. So everyone should try to get focused on the work. This can be achieved by practising the meditation and this can be achieved by doing the prayer. But Simply reciting is the not only method. You should not get disturbed and should not get into other works while reciting these prayers.that will help the individual to focus his mind on the work in the hand. So I say a prayer will ensure you to inculcate the habit of focussing on the work.
    So we should try this. There is one Stotram called Kanakadhara Stotram written by Adi Sankaracharya. Many people believe that every day by reading the stotram the person will prosper in the life. My cousin brother recites this every day from his early age. He is very well off in his life and acquired a lot of happiness and money in the life.

    always confident

  • Goddess Lakshmi is said to be wealth yielder. No doubt. But the quantum you can avail and the time when you should get are decided by Lord our destiny. However expecting or praying are not wrong similar to be hat a child asking this and that in spite of the father/mother gets many thing for the child. Reciting Kankadhara sthothram,Mahalakshmi ashtagam,Lakshmi saharanamam regularly will bring the Grace of Mahalakshmi. Moreover if you are regularly in this holy thought the evil thoughts in you,if any, will get disappeared as well prevents you from the evil things some by others,if any as evil things dare to near good deeds.

  • Don't worry. No one can block Goddess Lakshmi or prosperity by performing any black magic. This is just a myth and an illusion in our brains. If we are prosperous and wealthy, it is all because we worked hard for that. It was in our destiny to live a prosperous and wealthy life and thus we are living it. If we weren't destined then no matter how many efforts we put in, we are never ever going to enjoy it. Black magic is something that is in our head. It really doesn't exist in real world. Imagine someone blessing or cursing. If we take those words seriously and allow them to make an influence in our lives then it is we who have allowed the effect of words to come true in our lives.

    We need to follow natural rules of abundance. These laws are set by God and when we follow them, they help us attract prosperity into our lives. One of the law states that we need to develop a control over the mind. Think positive and eradicate all the negativity present in deeper layers. Even if we have to change our belief systems, we need to do that if we want to be prosperous. Think positive and envision a life just the way we want to live. This will help us to mirror the same thing into our subconsciousness. Once our subconscious mind gets influenced then things are not difficult to achieve.

    With whatever money that is left, we need to make use of it in the right direction. Respect what we have right now, even if it is very little. Use time wisely by making right choices and prioritizing tasks in proper order. When all these powers combine together then results so achieved are remarkable. Astrologers and people who perform black magic deceive us and loot us of our hard earned money by making us wear gems and stones and ask us to perform various hard rituals so that we can attract prosperity in our lives. If this was true then poverty would completely get eradicated from our country.

  • Most of our life is made by ourselves only. Luck, fate or the factors beyond our control are only a very less part. That is why it is said 'Life is 99 per cent perspiration and one percent inspiration'. We have to 'perspire' working hard. It is also said Lady luck favours only those who take care themselves.
    Life will have its ups and downs. We should not overjoy in good times and we need not feel totally depressed in bad times. We should approach them realistically.

    We can earn money and then make wealth by using the earning prudently and intelligently, without frittering or wasting.Even if the regular earnings are less, we can make a happy living by 'living within means'. Even we can (and have) to save a little money regularly. Saving habit will help us to face the lean times without shocks. If we plant a few trees in our good times, we can eat the fruits in our bad times. So saving and investing them in productive and proper ventures is also a matter to make wealth. One should not fall to temptations one should not be greedy.One should be systematic and realistic about money and wealth.

    No one can make another wealthy or pauper just by chanting some mantra, placing some material or doing 'black magic'. You need not believe so. Nobody can 'block' your Laksmi coming in- other than yourself. For Lakshmi to enter and stay in your place and mind should be clean, hygienic without any bad and negative thoughts and actions. When you have more money, help others who are in need. You will then get help when you are in need. Use Lakshmi for only good things. Do not use Lakshmi for gambling and illegal or immoral matters.

    As the old Tamil saying goes-'Mantram kaal;mati mukkaal'-( Mantra only one quarter, one's own intelligence three quarters) ,use your knowledge and intelligence maximum.
    Then chant the mantras and do prayers to Goddess Mahalakhmi , to take care of the factors not in your control.

  • Success in Life in 1% luck and 99% hardwork for the average common man. As we grow up, we are influenced by our parents, teachers and our religion about right and wrong. The concept of what is right and what is wrong is almost the same if you look at the core teachings of various religions.

    To be successful, we need the blessings of God and many perform poojas on auspicious days and at the begiging of the buissness venture to succeed and earn money. Just by doing a pooja, earning money is not gauranteed, likewise just by doing a pooja one cannot block the flow of prosperity to another.

    Most internet posts are forwarded ones and often false or play upon the doubtful mind of us. It is important for us to be positive, put in our efforts and be successful, the degree to which we will be successful will be variable because that is the truth about the law of averages, everyone cannot be at the top or the bottom of the list.

    You can discuss with your family and elders and then perform the Ganapathi Homa and Mahalakshmi Homa which is for the general well being of your family and prosperity in your business ventures.

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