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    Need urgent help regarding career opportunity

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    I have turned 28 years old this month. I have completed my MCA in 2015, worked for 8 months and left the job to be self employed (my aim is to be independent). I started my own website and I'm however earning 10-15k monthly from it.

    I was planning for a different business like importing some stuff and selling online or to dealers in India. However, I'm facing some issues in documents and feeling discouraged.

    What do I do now? Should I look out for a job or continue working hard for my own business?

    As I turned 28, my family is asking me to get married, but 15k won't be enough. I'm totally confused and need some guidance from expert.

    Note - I live with my family, we are independent (own house), vehicles, so no worries about financial problems.
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  • Now, it is time for you to get married and settle in your life. Our children should settle in their lives before we retire. This should be the concept. You have already in a business. So think about how to increase the returns there. There are many ways you can try your own business. As thought, you can spend more time on the internet and try to enhance your business online.
    I think getting a job at this stage is very difficult as already you are on your own for the last 2 years. That too now the market is very dry and getting a job is appearing very difficult. So I feel you think of some business and go on that side. I think you look for a girl who is qualified and in a job so that you need not worry about the income and you can have a better life.

    always confident

  • My first suggestion is 'a bird in hand is worth two in the bush'.

    So do not discontinue what you are doing now for your earning. But you can add more to it by developing on the related and attached fields. Instead of trying for imports and selling, try selling online procuring those items which are available locally( or within state/country) and in demand from people.

    Just because your earning is only 15k you need not be scared to get married. But what you should do is to apprise the girl and her family about the true facts of your wok and earnings.If they accept and agree, you can proceed and marry. The main point is how to live 'within means'.
    Then if your wife is able and willing, get her help also in your business or start new venture and both of you can work and earn more. Or she may join a separate. But discuss the matter with your wife, and also take the support and guidance of both families in such things.
    If possible continue as joint family after marriage also. Try to have a happy and co-operative family.A joint family has many advantages.

    You may update your knowledge in the current field of self employment and enhance business gradually. Put up consistent and sincere efforts.

    Best wishes.

  • Please consider doing something unique. That is, doing something that does not exist in your area.

    My best advise would be to continue to be in business, and build a good fortune by going into businesses where there is very less competition, or none at all.

    Though I do not know where you live, near your place, check if you can rent out a small place. Once done, engage some very good cook who knows South Indian dishes. Since such people are available in Chennai, or even down South in places like Madurai, and you need to identify one or two cooks. If it is a poor family, and both husband and wife can migrate to your place, that would be a very fine option.

    You also need to train at least one local fellow, who can also act as an substitute. Sometimes, these people are also available on a part time basis. Please do remember, iddli, vada and dosa are now national dishes, and are eaten more by those in North India, than even South Indians, in cities like New Delhi.

    For example, a superb restaurant like Saravana Bhavan, from Chennai, which is premium priced for its very tasty vegetarian dishes, is so famous in New Delhi, and one has to do book in advance for a seat.

    You do not need to go that extent, but the logic is to do a busy with minimum investment, and maximum return, as it is a cash and carry business. No customer can walk away without giving cash.

    In fact, if you want to get some ideas, come to Chennai, and visit some of the small restaurants that have sprung up in every single locality. When you observe their style of working, they always work in a small way, and make huge profits on their very limited extent. The big variables are the taste of the chutni and the sambar, which is a vital side dish. If you have some good Tamilian or Kannadiga friends, you can ask the ladies, the recipe for good sambar.

    Alternatively, try something like the DTP services which have a huge demand. Take up xerox initially, but graduate to offering services like changes in PAN card, Aadhar card, getting the passport, and so on. This business does not require huge investment, but only skill. Am sure you will be able to do well.

    Also think of trading in unbranded textiles. You can buy these cheap from Surat, and sell them in your place. Do any of these and you will succeed in business. So, go for businesses without huge investment, but where you can get good cash flow, like the small restaurant business.

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