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    For taking admission in CBSE school.

    Have a query about changing from PSEB to CBSE school? Searching for details about whether the admission is possible or not? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    I live in Nabha city.I am brilliant student. Recently I have passed +1 non medical class with 75+% marks in PSEB school.
    Now I want to take admission in CBSE school.
    Is it possible or not?
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  • It is possible. Try to approach the schools who are offering the course and which schools you feel good and ask for the procedure and fee structure. You can select the school. They may ask you to appear for a written test and interview. Basing on your performance and the availability of seats in their institution they may offer you a seat in their school. Start working immediately.

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  • Yes, you can take the admission in CBSE school without any problem. For that, you have to meet the principal of the C?BSE school and ask him for the vacant seat. He will verify your last examination mark sheet and will consider your admission if he has a vacant seat is that particular class. For taking admission you will need the following documents:
    1. Photocopy of mark sheet of the last examination passed
    2. Transfer certificate
    3. Migration (For migration consult your present school principal he will guide you to get migration certificate)
    4. Photocopy Caste and income certificate ( if applicable)
    5. Photocopy of Adhaar card.
    6. Bank a/c number
    After admission, you need Grahyata of CBSE and your principal will do the procedure to enrol you in CBSE and to get grahyata. So, contact the school principal as soon as possible.

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  • Yes, it is possible to have a seat in a school recognised from CBSE. Yo have to meet the Principal of the school having affiliation from CBSE Board. He would verify the position of the vacant seat available and then he may go through the the marks obtained in PSEB.
    Later he may decide the last date for receipt of applications interested to take admission in CBSE Board. A ranking list would be made and admission procedure would follow depending upon your ranking already made for this purpose. You will be intimated regarding your status of admission.
    You will be required to submit the following documents in the office of the school for admission - purpose-
    1) TC of the previous school from where you passed PSEB.
    2) Migration - certificate.
    3) Charecter- certificate issued by the previous - school.
    4) Photo- copy of marks - sheet of the previous Board.
    5) Photo- copy of Aadhar card.
    After the verification process is over, you need to submit requisite amount of fees for admission.

  • Normally the best time for this switchover is when you enrol for class XI as more number of seats are available at that time.

    Anyway in your case you can try to get admission on the basis of your good past academic record as some schools will like to have good students in their institution for improving the overall score of school performance.

    Now you find out CBSE schools in and around your town and you may have to meet the principal and explain your situation. You may have to visit may be a few schools affiliated with CBSE. Wherever you get a positive response submit your application along with documents like past educational credentials, earlier school leaving certificate, migration certificate, character certificate, identity proof like Aadhar card etc.

    Hopefully, with these efforts, you will be able to get a seat in CBSE school.

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  • Most CBSE schools do take students from the State Boards. All that you need to do is to coach yourself for the entrance examination.

    Since you are have mentioned that your background is non-medical, it is safe to presume that you are eligible to choose the commerce stream. Locate a good CBSE school in the same locality, and then seek an admission into the commerce stream.

    Please do note that this commerce stream opens up excellent careers after your plus 2 course. Of course, you can also do the computer science specialization, if the CBSE schools have this as an option. All the best.

  • A. You have completed 11th from a school under the Punjab State board and now want to change to a CBSE school. It would be possible but the problem is have a valid genuine reason, transfer of parents, shift of residence etc.
    2.The admissions are decided by the Chairman of the CBSE board and it is at the discretion of the CBSE authority, so you can try but keep options open.

    B.Please refer to the cbse admission rules on page 14 of this pdf file(

    C. You need to have a Transfer Certificate in the prescribed format ( the CBSE school that you intend to join can help you), signed by the principal.

    The above are important for the process of transfer. You need to look of the good CBSE schools in the area of your choice and the contact the admissions office of the CBSE school that you intend to join.
    Once you have the prescribed form the you need the relavant ID proof, date of birth proof, the Maarks sheet of the XI passing and the percentage.

    Lastly, a word of caution, many students who have been in state board all along find it difficult to cope when they switch over to CBSE. Think, discuss with your family and then arrive at a decision. You can check the syllabus that you would be studying in XII CBSE to get an idea. Since you say you are brilliant, who may adjust to it quickly in a couple of months.

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  • Image of the Transfer certificate that has the important information as to who can sign it. In your case the amended guideline will apply, please check this too.

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