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    Want to apply in Merchant Navy

    Aspiring to join Merchant Navy? Looking out for the best courses and government colleges which offer these courses? Here, check out suggestions by experts and also get answers for the placement and salary details.

    I had given 12 class exam with PCM from CBSE in 2018. Now I want to do maritime course. So can you guide me with the best course and govt. colleges.
    Can you provide me the details of placement and salary package after courses.
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  • The minimum eligibility for courses in Nautical science and Marine engineering is 10+2 or an equivalent examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics. One should also pass a medical fitness test for sea service under standard norms and with eyesight 6/6 with no colour blindness.
    Candidates wishing to enter the navigational and engineering fields of Merchant Navy need to complete a Bachelors degree in Nautical Science or Marine engineering before they can gain admission to the field.

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  • After completing class XII with PCM stream one can apply in any maritime university or institute for doing a course in maritime engineering which is a 4 years course just like other engineering courses.

    Because of good salary structure many people are attracted to this line. Lately because of many qualified engineers in this line the initial 2-3 years are tough as compared to earlier days as getting a first job itself takes considerable time.

    Some high scoring students during this engineering course get a campus recruitment and are luckier in that respect.

    Basic medical fitness is a prerequisite of this line. One should have normal eyesight and normal health parameters.

    There are many colleges from where one can complete this course. Some of the well known are -
    Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune,
    Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai,
    Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Tamil Nadu,
    College of Engineering, Vizag,
    Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune and
    Chennai School of Ship Management, Tamil Nadu.

    One thing which is very peculiar to this line and to be well understood by the aspiring candidates is that before joining the job in a ship (generally called as fifth engineer) one has to qualify some short courses related to safety, engine functioning etc and only after that they can go to work in a ship. These courses are to be done in private institutions authorised by Director General of shipping and the Govt surveyors will verify and authenticate such courses.

    The fifth engineer has to complete at least 6 months in sea and after returning they have again to do some short courses and also appear for written and interview for becoming a fourth engineer. This is coordinated by the office of DG Shipping. Only after passing in this exam they can apply and join a shipping company in the appropriate cadre. The engineer can continue in the same company or switch to other company time to time depending upon his satisfaction over the salary packages offered by different companies.

    What I want to emphasize is that it is a very dynamic line and not like that you got a local job in your city and after 35 years retired and settled there only. This is a line for those who are robust and can face the tough life on high seas.

    Merchant navy is a very big area and one can get a job in any shipping company in the world in any of their ships depending upon ones experience of sailing. Generally merchant navy ships transport various types of merchandise from one location to other and travel from one port to other. The merchant navy engineers generally go for a 3 to 9 months of duty cycle and then take rest in their home for some appropriate time depending upon their family commitments and then again embark upon the next duty phase. Throughout their career they go on like that. Generally you will get salary only for the period you were on the ship as you will be going on to change your employer frequently.

    In due course of time one will be elevated to third engineer and then second engineer and finally chief engineer. In between some exams to be qualified as per directions from DG Shipping office. If everything goes fine one can become a chief engineer in 8-10 years only.

    The salaries start at around 25000 to 35000 per month for a fifth engineer and phenomenally rise to 7-8 lacs per month for chief engineers. This is only a rough idea as company to company and based on individual negotiations they differ from above.

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  • The merchant navy is not similar with Navy as because it imparts commercial serving. A occupation in the mechant navy is observe as loud or noisy work specifically by the common society. Marchant navy is not just tour chance to finance yourself, but the burden on there shoulders.

    The eligibility for joining Marchent navy is completing 10 plus 2 with chemistry, maths and physics. You have to be unmarriad indian citizen. good eye vision is rewuired. There is entrance test happen which you have to clear first is screening test then other is written exam. The medical test and interview happen only if you clear entrance test. After that you need to complete ship-training course which is short term course where you learn about security of voyaging.

    The Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) course provides mechanical engineering graduates an opportunity to take up one year course and enter merchant navy by becoming a marine engineer.

    In order to become a marine engineer after doing mechanical engineering, one needs to do a compulsory 1-year Graduate marine engineering course.

    In India, this course is offered by 20 institutes which are approved by the Directorate General of Shipping. They are mentioned below.

    Contact the institute directly in order to know more about the course and admission procedure.

    Best colleges for joining marchant navy :
    1. International maritime institute :
    2. Vels academy of meritime studies
    3. Maharashtra academy of nsval education and training.
    4. Institute of technology and marine engineering
    5. B.P marine academy

  • Merchant Navy is a vast industry in its own right. It needs a huge number of people to run efficiently and hence offers a job opportunity in a myriad of specialties. The chance of sailing to different locations, have a good career and earning opportunities appeals to many youngsters.

    People can join merchant navy right after 10th pass to after graduation. Please check your vision, should be normal or corrected by a lens not more than +/- 2.5. You should be unmarried Indian Citizen and have a minimum of a ship orientation course.

    You need to choose a basic B.E degree stream that deals with ships and people involved in it. This would include mechanical, civil, electrical, marine, naval, nautical and harbour engineering-related degrees. You can also look at human resource management, catering etc.

    The pay packet and rules depend on the level of education and the rank of your starting job. The starting pay for a fresher as an engineer would be around Rs 30 -40 thousand and in around 8 years time can reach a salary of 4 Lakhs/month This comes with an attractive set of benefits (free accommodation, duty-free goods to purchase and use and leave of 4 months in a year. Recently merchant navy income is also being taxed (there are various rules, you can check it).

    The government colleges include College of Engineering, Anna and Andhra University, Indian Maritime University, Mumbai and Calcutta (also referred to as MERI and DMET), International Maritime Academy, Chennai.

    The other good colleges include
    Tolani Maritime Institute
    Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training
    Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training

    This is a very good link give you an idea as to how to join merchant navy as an officer with an engineering degree and the salary at each level (

    Some officers join the merchant navy, reach the level of Captain and then settle down as academic teachers at the well known maritime colleges.

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