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    Some answers are enough for all physiological problems

    Ever wondered what will happen if all the water evaporates from the earth? Searching for answers to resolve this issue? Here, Experts shall provide you with advice and suggestions.

    Hope by sharing my doubt with this platform will give me peace of mind. Actually, I am a technical student, But I am very much passionate about Environment which had become the root cause of my mental agony, Even though the issue does not come to light.every one are aware of the global warming which is the more challenging task to the world. I am very much worried about my future generations, Now the normal temperature in India in summer season is 40 degrees. I had read somewhere that the global temperature is increasing by 2 degrees year by year then what will be the situation after next 20 or 30 years. Will it cross 80 degrees? If so how my future generations will survive? I am getting doubt did the survival of human being will possible, this doubt is genuine because of the present situations which I am seeing.
    I had many questions regarding this issue for which I failed to find the answers and these are the questions crushing my mind.
    Due to the temperature, the water on the ground will evaporate then how any creatures can survive on the earth? Even though we have plenty of salt water, it is useless. What is the alternative for that?
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  • Am afraid that the situation is not so bad as it is made out to be. For instance, there is a now a huge emphasis on organic farming, and there is a renewed interest in protecting the environment.

    There is a sustained campaign to plant more trees in every city and in every single place. There is an increasing awareness about the importance of what is called rain water harvesting. A Coimbatore based voluntary organization called Siruthuli, which translates into small drops, is now deeply involved in deepening of lakes, of better waste management and so on, Many times, it works with the semi-Government organizations too. Several water bodies have been saved by this voluntary organization.

    Global warming is a real threat, but nature will find its own way of coming out of the problem. It will find new avenues of finding a balance between the greed of man and the larger social good. There will always be a way.

    So, let us take on every single step that is positive and learn to work with those steps. Let us learn to pool all our resources and get back to nature.

    We will do it, anyway.

  • It is true that temperature of the earth is increasing by 2 degrees every year. If this continues and that too at such a terrible rate then it is claimed that certain events may take place like sea level rising to such an extent that can submerge the whole of the coastal areas. Droughts will take place at extreme levels and there will be wildfires everywhere. This will not only harm human beings but will also cause the extinction of many plants and animals. The earth which is seen today will change into an earth which will be significantly different.

    Increase in temperature will also increase the rate at which water is evaporating from the surface of the earth. Excess heat energy that is trapped by greenhouse gases causes water to evaporate even if the temperature does not rise every year. This is seen in last decade where temperature rise did stop but trapped heat energy did all the harm. It caused water to evaporate, it melted ice and increased the water level in the sea.

    The dramatic increase in temperature has resulted in various disasters like storms, floods, droughts, heat waves. A warmer climate succeeds in creating a different atmosphere and according to it, wet regions will become wetter and dry regions will become drier causing more imbalances in nature. The rise in temperature can cause air pollution because of the rise in ground-level ozone. This will cause ill health and also cause difficulty in breathing. There will be an increase in the outbreak of various infectious diseases.

    It is very difficult to say whether, after 20-30 years, the temperature will reach 80 degree Celsius or will there be the extinction of water from the surface of the earth. This is because in the past decade temperature rise did cease and there is a number of deciding factors which causes changes and influence global warming. However, scientists have claimed that by 2036 earth will cross climate danger threshold.

  • Temperatures are increasing from day to day and year to year. Rains are becoming less. The radiations are becoming very severe.
    The things are getting a little exaggerated. I am presently 60 Years. From my childhood to these days the temperature raised by 6 degrees centigrade. So it may not go up to 80 degrees centigrade. But we all should take proper precautions to safeguard the interest of the globe. Using of AC, petrol vehicles, smoking and other cooling systems should be reduced. Trees are to be planted more and deforestation is to be stopped.
    By taking these steps the ozone layer will not vanish and it will prevent UV radiations reaching to earth and thus protecting the earth from high temperatures.

    always confident

  • Global temperature has increased significantly while observing the previous records since 1930 and onwards with the records available in India. However, it appears to be a pilot experiment of the surge of the temperature. The main reason for such a disbalance is because of tremendous population - increase, drastic cut of trees thereby causing deforestation and a large number of buildings/ flats have come up. Each point has caused a shift of the temperature on the upward trend. True, it is difficult to reverse the trend practically. But with the adoption of some of stringent steps, we can contain the surge of temperature especially if pollution of the vechiles/ factories are arrested, taking up vigorous steps of stepping up plantations, judicious use of petrol leading to minimisation of pollution and a check of emission of pollutantants oozing out of the chimney of the factories. Of course, a vigorous step is required to be taken up the the scientist to arrest this dangerous trend.
    However, the apprehension hovering in your mind that the temperature will touch around 60 degree globally does not appear to be realistic while evaluating the previous records of temperature.

  • Many of our ancient books on knowledge and guidance are written in the form of questions posed by 'shishyas'(students) and answered by the 'Guru"(teacher).
    All today's inventions are the result of someone questioning about something with why, why not, how,what if etc. However for many of the basic questions we get answer automatically either on our rising on levels of education or y our own reading and interaction with knowledgeable people.

    As, the human mind is having a very vast capacity, our imagination and inquiry have no limits. One writer had said that'disobedience and questioning' are the two best habits. But they should not be just for sake of negation, but be the labour pain for a new birth.
    So questions are most welcome. They open new frontiers of knowledge.
    Here you have mentioned about a few of the many similar questions our scientists, technicians, engineers ,leaders, planners and even common people ask.
    Some of them are already receiving attention and some preventive measures or effect reducing measures are being researched. Governments are creating mass awareness like afforestation, reducing pollution, water conservation,reducing global warming etc.

    There are already methods for desalination and making salt water potable. Some o the worrying questions may be just horrible imaginations.Some others may be happening after many hundred years. By the time,the human ingenuity and creativity would have found solutions.
    Refrigeration, food processing, electricity etc were all invented by humans. Human intelligence has developed computers which do work of thousands of people in a very short time by itself. We are now proceeding to build artificial intelligence and may be able to develop human machines or 'machine humans'.

    We have sent humans to space and moon by devising methods to survive in the extreme heat and freezing temperatures. More and more such researches are going on. We are now doing inter-planetary missions to study the chance of human survival in any of them as an alternative for emergencies in Earth. Let us be hopeful that human intelligence and research will find some solutions before Earth becomes unlivable.

    Or else, we have to believe in our Puranas about life cycles of Yugas and Manwantaras, that the circle of (creation and destruction goes on.

  • It is true that global temperature increase is posing a great threat to the human civilization on earth. It is also true that our ecology has drastically deteriorated from the earlier green times.

    Now there are two aspects which are to be pondered over before examining the fearful effect of global warming in near future.

    The first thing is that the Govt of various nations have started taking measures to save earth from the coming catastrophe in one form or other like water conservation, plantation, preserving natural resources and things like that. These combined efforts will show their results soon.

    Next thing which is very important is that if we examine the history of Earth then in its geological past it has witnessed many warm periods as well as cold periods known as ice ages. So Earth is a very big entity and its huge oceans play a great role in stabizing its surface temperature. So depending upon so many factors the resultant global temperature will be observed on Earth. The past rate may not sustain as the rain pattern may change and equalize it.

    The scientific methods today are not so advanced that they can model all this in a simulation and predict the future temperature trend.

    Only thing we can do is contribute in all green endeavours and avoid using harmful chemicals which are in one way or other deteriorating nature.

    Based on these observation I have strong belief that the fear of extinction in next 20 - 40 years may not become a reality.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is right that the temperature of the earth is increasing which cause global warming. The main cause of global warming is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide molecules have a tendency to absorb IR rays which increase the temperature of the earth. It is called greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect causes global warming. So, if you want to control the temperature it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide. The best way to control or reduce the amount of carbon dioxide is to plant more trees. Planting trees is the best way to minimize or reduce all the environmental problem. Plant take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. so, by planting trees you would be able to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and it will reduce the greenhouse effect.
    So, it is necessary to make people aware of the importance of trees. NGO's and government are already doing their best. We have to aware the importance and should make the efforts to plant more and more trees.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • The environmentalists have raised those questions long time ago. Let's take Isaac Azimov's, an outstanding science fiction writer, book Our Angry Earth: A ticking ecological bomb, 1991. There, questions of global warming and the resulted consequences like ice melting, the unprecedented and uncontrolled increase in population growth leading to overproduction and pollution. As a result of industrialization we breathe polluted air and drink contaminated water.. These are just few examples from the book written in '91, while Isaac seemed to be sure that it's been already too late and the point of no return have been already reached. Nowadays the problem is way more serious, the annual temperatures are several degrees higher than in '91, the climate zones are now shifting which will have serious effect on economies and the Planet. When accomplishing one of my projects at the university, I've asked the a programming company to help me do the creative project on my Human rights and Environmental Protection university course. Even, as a result of our preliminary research, we've came to the conclusion that the solutions should be searched for at the global level given that the problem is global. Say, the UN, being the most authoritative intergovernmental body should be first to take the initiative and from the global level delegate the tasks to the regional formations like the EU, MERCOSUR, ASEAN etc. And now we've come to the main point, is it really feasible? First, the UN, is it really that powerful and authoritative, where the power of veto ruins all the good initiatives.. Next, is really possible to overcome the business lobbying? Pollution and stuff is closely related to business, production, growth. Even green energy, which is mostly a political decision, may result into an ecological disaster, as in order to build all those solar panels, wind turbines or electric cars, huge amount of rare metals is needed. How to dispose them, what to do with new degraded ecosystems as a result of instant mining and air and water pollution with heavy metals?

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