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    Degree discontinued and want to go to Australia on study Visa

    Do you want to go to Australia to continue your Degree course? Check this page to know from our ISC experts what to do to get a study Visa for this purpose.

    I have discontinued my degree 1st year and I want to go to Australia and I want to study again Degree 1st year from their university and I have written only 1st-semester exams and didn't even paid 2nd-semester fees. Can I go to Australia with a study visa and I didn't even apply for that please give me a suggestion.
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  • Australia offers excellent quality education in various fields. The education system in Australia is top-notch. There are many courses offered through specialist institutions and universities. Education will be excellent. Students will enjoy a diverse environment, exciting cities, and a variety of beautiful landscapes including rainforests, mountains, and beaches.
    There are courses in Australia to fit the needs of every student, including flexible scheduling. Australia offers full-time, part-time, or online studies, which allow students to study according to their own schedule. Many students seek courses in Australia in the field of hospitality, education, business administration, information technology, health, management, finance, etc.
    You can study degree there in any institute of repute. You will find many good universities where you can try for a seat.
    For complete information, check out our section on Studying in Australia.

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  • First, have you discontinued the study because of lack of interest or the course is tough for you. You need to analyse this before you enrol for an Australian degree so that you do not waste more time and money from now on.

    You have to understand the basic rule of the Overseas Education industry.
    As long as you are paying your money to them and they are earning revenue, any country will welcome you, be it Australia, England or USA.

    Most countries will issue a student visa provided you satisfy the basic criteria (have funds, legal documents, age proof and no criminal cases).

    You need to have the internationally accredited English proficiency tests like (IELTS, TOFEL etc)

    In most countries, graduate education is more expensive than post graduate education.

    If money is not an issue, you can choose to do your study for any decent univeristy in the world including Australia.

    First, take some time to think honestly as to what our core strengths are, what is your passion and do you have an aptitude for a specific sector (finance, banking, sports medicine, physiotherapy, counsellor, engineering etc).

    Then based on that you choose the country and the university to start your education.
    For instance, if you choose a career in finance or banking, the top schools are Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, London school. So, narrow down on what you want and then try to match what Australia has to offer.

    The world's best univerisites are ranked and listed on the QS world university rankings. For 2018, there are 37 Australian universities are listed (7 in the first 100, 10 in the first 300). You can check the best 10 universities in Australia and choose your course (

    It's also useful to know about life in general for a student in Australia. What are the do's and don'ts, bank loans, scholarships, part-time work chances and visa regulations?

    Based on average basic figures, the cost living for a student per year was around Rs 65,000.00 in 2017 (

    So, I would say, choose the university and the campus that is friendly and safe for Indian students, an area or location that gives you a chance to learn about other cultures and also where you can find a part-time job so that by the time you complete the degree you can be prepared for emigrating to Australia or come back to India with a degree that will give you an edge to have a well paying/deserved job.

  • Australia is a good option for going for availing education. Only thing is it requires sufficient financial resources for staying, boarding and educational fees there.

    There are many universities and institution in Australia where one can apply for admission and once admission is confirmed one has to apply for VISA by submitting the related documents.

    If you are planning to go to Australia for graduation, you will have to start afresh there as the present semester which you have done in India will not be linked to the graduation there.

    Another important thing is there is a requirement of qualifying in English language speaking proficiency test for which you will have to clear tests like IELTS, TOFEL etc. You can apply online in some of the select universities for the particular stream in which you are really interested so that you can pursue it religiously.

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