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    SQL Server locally slow but remotely fast

    Have a query about the responses given by SQL server? Searching for the reasons as to why it is locally slow but remotely fast? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have a strange (and interesting) problem, I just came with a company to support it with the ERP. Every time the ERP client runs, it connects to a SQL server and creates a lot of views.

    Well, if they run the ERP client on any computer on the network, the queries are pretty quick, but if you run the client on the sql server locally, then it takes up to 20 times the time it takes to run them from the remote computer.

    I traced some queries from the ERP, executed them locally and they were executed very fast.

    In summary, only when the client is used locally, queries are very slow.

    Any ideas?
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  • There could be any reason for this issue. We need to enable more logging or using some performance monitoring tools to get more details on the logs which can help us to debug the issue. By the way, I hope you are a simple query and not a bigger one which takes more server resources. You may also need to check the SQL server configurations to know if you have enough CPU capacity, memory, etc.

    While running the query you can open another session on the server and see if there is a spike in any capacity. If there are any trace logs captured, then that might help is finding out the issue. You would also need to check I/O wait times configured on the server.


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