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    Investment in old mutual international for three years in USD is advisable?

    Planning to invest in mutual funds for five years? Searching for information about if it is worth it and profitable? Here, on this page find ample financial advice from experts.

    I am staying in Dubai. Is regular investment in old mutual international for three years in USD advisable? If yes how long I can keep the deposit? Can you compare it with Zurich international insurance?
    Suggest the best way of investment in USD for five years from 2018 to 2023.
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  • I advise regular old mutual funds for investment purpose. Zurich International insurance is an insurance but not an investment plan. The purposes are different. Basing on your requirement you decide. If you want insurance you have to go for zurich. If you have sufficient insurance then go for investment.

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  • Old Mutual Investment is a leading group in Dubai which claims world-class investment options for its investors and boasts of market-beating returns.

    This is a reputed group and many people invest in US$ through their schemes. They provide mutual fund services as well as insurance services. One can invest in their MF schemes for a short period or long period depending upon the requirement of the funds in the future.

    Zurich International Insurance is a insurance oriented plan and will have substantially fewer returns compared to the mutual funds. Its main purpose is to provide insurance benefits to the customer in case of any eventuality.

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