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    How to find previous year question papers

    Looking out for old question papers? Searching for names of websites to get this information? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts for your queries.

    I have to find the question papers of 2017 from various websites. I have tried a lot but still not able to get. I don't get the desired result. I also tried at ISC but I am confused what to fill in various boxes or sections. There are various details to fill like: keyword, university, course group, course, school board, school class etc.
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  • Isc provides you with previous year question papers of various universities, boards, employment test and entrance test. Just go to the exam section click on the question paper.Fill the name of college or university, course group and course.If the question paper is published on the site you will find them easily. Otherwise, search on google for the university previous year question papers or you can ask your seniors, teachers or friends.

  • Searching old question papers on the internet requires a bit of patience and using proper words or keywords to get the results.

    With some practice, you can learn these techniques. In ISC if you fill the exact name of the exam and university etc you will get the result.

    I will suggest you to try the following sites -

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  • You have not mentioned which question papers you need. In ISC, just above the search question paper link, you will find different boards and universities, please click and find your question paper. Sometimes you can get questions paper from the official websites of boards and universities. On ISC you would be able to find question papers of ICSE, CBSE, state boards, IGNOU and other universities. Please search and let us tell would you be able to find desired question papers? Also, mention question papers of which subject and boards you needed.

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  • Try searching with blogspot on google and slide share, you can defenitely get the previous year papers you are looking for. You can also find out previous year exam papers here on ISC under exam section. It is easy for us if you mentioned the stream of papers you are looking for. So we can suggest a particular website for that. You can also find out old papers on the website of university and board easily.

  • You can get the last year question papers in the concerned university website.
    You can also search using proper university name, subject name on ISC site.
    Another way is to go to yahoo or google search and type the subject name and university name properly.

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  • Please do not depend only on the internet sources or website sources. Today, in every city or town, there are bazaar guides available for every subject and these are always centered around answers to the previous year's question papers.

    While some of the answers might not be good from the examination point of view, or would need great improvement, at least you will have a ready made material that you can carry wherever you go. Remember, where there are power cuts, only such offline sources help us a great deal.

    To give you one specific example. As you would be knowing, the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, conducts a huge number of Distance Education courses. Their study material is also very good. Yet, just outside the numerous study centers, or even in the very same centers, you can easily find bazaar guides for every subject -- be that sociology or Management or Economics or whatever, even at the post-=graduate level.

    Am told that for so many Universities in AP and Telengana, there are bazaar guides also available, even in smaller towns. So, kindly search for such guides, as a secondary source of information, where you can save time, by looking at the answers too.

  • It is not clear to which course/subject you need question papers.
    However,you may search in net by using the actual search phase like '2017 question papers for B Com Final in Hyderabad university' or 'last year question papers(course name) (University/board name) etc.
    A little trial and error search and find will get you many results.

  • Your query is very general. Which subject or stream are you searching for, which university ?

    For instance, VTU, an eingeering and techlonology univeristy, of which the question papers can be found (
    Kuvempu university has a link (

    This link ( has a list of the major universities, you can choose the univeristy and the course that you need.

    ISC itself has a wealth of information. Try filling the boxes by starting with the course group and the course, leave the rest as all. Give it a few seconds, you will get the resutls. For example, I haVe tried economics and 2017 and got 459 question papers. Similarly you can give it a try.

    For engineering related papers you can try this link which gives you papers based on the semester and the branch of engineering (

    Many students spend a lot of time trying to solve the question papers and guess which questions would get repeated. You can do this but it should not be a substitute for reading the books and gaining knowledge. The logical way of using the old question papers is to get an idea of the pattern, the total time and how you prioritize the time to get a chance at getting the maximum marks.

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