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    Why do we feel afresh after a good sleep?

    Wondering why one feels fresh after a goon night's sleep? Looking out for the biological or biochemical reasons? Here, on this page you can check out the reasons provided by experts.

    Sleeping is an essential activity in our daily life and from individual to individual the sleeping hours vary. Some people sleep for longer hours (8-10 hrs) while some take shorter (6-7 hrs) ones.

    Whatever be the length of the sleeping hours after getting up we feel energised and full of strength and vigour to start our day.

    Simply lying down for few hours will also give rest to the body but we do not feel that refreshing effect which is usually obtained with a good sleep.

    Some people get disturbed sleep and do not feel so much rejuvenated after getting up.

    Can someone explain what is the biological or biochemical process behind a good sleep and why we feel so much good after a sound sleep?
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  • When we sleep, all the lost energy from our body gets restored. Our brain clears fatigue that is set in it after the whole day's hard work. Tiredness is removed and healing process gets initiated. This is the reason that after we wake up after getting a sound sleep, we feel refreshed. When we lie down for a few minutes, we do not experience that kind of rejuvenation which we feel after waking up after a sound sleep.

    Sleep is actually a body's process during which we are asleep but our brain keeps working. During this process, brain finishes all the important tasks after organizing them. Also, our muscles get repaired. During sleep, certain hormones get released which are necessary for our appetite as well as for growth. The not only quantity of sleep is important, but quality too matters equally. Sleeping for 8 hours is considered to be adequate to feel refreshed to carry out next day's activities. However, that 8 hours sleep should be of good quality. It means that sleep should be uninterrupted.

    When we fall asleep, we reach NREM stage. Sleep is made up of 4 stages.
    It is considered to be the initial stage and hence it is somewhere between being awake and falling asleep and hence often described as light sleep.
    This phase is the onset of sleep and our body temperature decreases and we completely become unaware of everything that is going around us.
    It is the deepest phase of sleep in which all the lost energy from our body gets restored. Our muscles relax as they enjoy good blood circulation reaching them. We breathe slowly and there is also fall in our blood pressure. All the injury and stress from the tissues get removed and healing takes place. During this phase hormones responsible for growth and development are released.
    After the 3rd stage, we enter REM sleep. In this stage, our brain is quite active and our body and mind are supplied with enough energy which is essential for next day's performance. In this stage, we often dream.
    This cycle continues every 90 minutes.

    When we wake up after getting sound quality and a good quantity of sleep, we will feel energized. Hormone cortisol decreases when we fall asleep and gradually increase as the night progresses and this will help us to remain alert during next day. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. This has a direct association with how energetic, alert, active and productive two-third of our lives will be.

  • As we sleep, all our body parts have a rest. The body energy that gets exhausted is restored. We feel relaxed.

  • Some people wont have deep sleep during the nights and they tend to sleep even during the day. That may not be a deep or detailed sleep, but impromptu sleep would go a long way to have freshness in life and attitude. Some have the habit if having short nap after the lunch. And that is required too. By sleeping in deep means, we should forget all the happenings whether good or bad over the past 24 hours and we should go into trance of our own imagination. But some people keep on remembering the old bad experience of life and thus their every day sleep disturbs and they wont have sound sleep.

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  • When we work whole day our body needs energy. We get energy by respiration in our body. When we need more energy our cells do anaerobic respiration due to which lactic acid is formed and deposited in our body. Gradually we get tired due to deposition of lactic acid in the cells. When we sleep, we need less energy and lactic acid which were produced in our body again oxidised and decompose into smaller molecules. As lactic acid reduces in our cells, we get fresh. When we sleep all the lactic acid are decomposed and makes us fresh.
    When we get small rest the same process takes place but all lactic acid molecules are not decomposed so we get fresh but no as much as we sleep. When we sleep our brain also get rest and circulation of body increases. More oxygen reaches to every part of the body and makes us fresh.

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  • When we sleep for sometime it is full rest to the body as well as brain also. As such all our body parts will have rest and hence restore some energy. More than body our brain gets good relief from stress and strain and hence function normally and give you heavy recreation to mind. Because of this the chemical reactions inside the body will go normal and we will get better energy.

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  • There are many organs in our body that work continuously. They need repair and maintenance. As the body mechanism is directed toward multiple activities during our active times (normally day time) body gets time and leisure to do repair and maintenance for the essential and continuous working organs only when we do not have other activities.Sleep is such a state when only the essential organs work and the other organs and body parts are kept under a state of nil activity.
    During our daytime/busy activity periods, the blood flow gets directed towards all the parts that are doing the activity. Hence essential organs like brain etc get the blood flow in a reduced quantum during that period. So c the oxygen supplied along with blood also gets slightly reduced .After some time of continuous activity,the brain feels'fatigue' and the body mechanisms take measures to 'cut short' other activities and direct more blood flow and oxygen to the brain and other essential and continuous functioning organs. This is enabled by inducing sleep and the person lies flat helping the blood flow to flow rather easily and helping the heart to have less load and allowing level flow to brain that pumping high.

    When we exert or do physical activities some chemicals also get accumulated in our body. Body removes them by various ways. But it is during rest/sleep, that these toxins are neutralised maximum by the body mechanisms.

    After a few hours (of sleep) the essential organs and those are extra fatigued get repaired and re energised by supply of more blood and oxygen,elimination of generated toxins and also body taking up needed repairs and maintenance. Once that process is over, we wake up feeling refreshed for a fresh bout of activity.During sleep many intricate mechanism take place akin to the auto repair and maintenance of a PC.

  • Sleep is an inherent natural mechanism in the body which is basically to give rest to it for some time so that after repair and stabilization it is ready to take the toll of next day.

    The biochemical process during sleep may be a complex brain activity but we are ignorant about it as it is all happening in the subconscious state.

    During the sleep, many things are restored to normal and fatigue and exertions are overcome. So we feel fresh and rejuvenated after a good sleep.

    One thing which is very important is that a disturbed and interrupted sleep may not bring out the desired results as compared to that of a sound sleep.

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  • Sleep allows the body to heal up the stress and at the same time, the hormones relating to adrenaline, piutery, Insulin are activated so that the body can function effectively after a spell of sound - sleep. The hours of sleep will vary from person to person, age- age and the temperament of the person. Where as an infant up to six months may take rest up to 18 hrs, an old man having crossed 70 years of age may hardly take rest of five hours.
    The body follows the different cycles of sleep pattern - the deep or light one. The deep cycle consisting of duration of 45 minutes can be witnessed five or six times with the alteration of cycles of light ones'. Such pattern of cycles is known as REM. During the deep period of sleep, the body would release proper Insulin through the pancreas to stabilise the blood - sugar level within the body - system. Adrenaline glands take care of minimising cortisol level thereby reducing the stress. A sound sleep would allow the Adrenaline gland to function properly by Continious flow of hormone. Then there is human growth hormone existing in the body of adlocent and proper release of such hormone allows the body for stretching height.
    The function of Liver, Kidney, Heart and Mind are strengthened with deep - phase of sleep.
    The ultimate result of such deep cycles of sleep is felt after awakening in the morning when the entire vital organs function in a smooth way after being energetic.

  • You have very good comments so far. I will explain it different way.
    Imagine you have very bad day when you have stress of work and had headache. Even though you are physically strong to do anything you will not able to do simple work. All this because everything is controlled through brain. It's is like computer processor taking load and trying to regulate.
    Now to calm down headache or migraines you will have medicines or some people take alcohol. Ultimately both serves same purpose to push your to sleep. Why is that? because sleep is only medicines that will give break to brain to regulate and streamline things.
    So if you trying to sleep and someone playing DJ outside your home , you won't able to sleep and brain will still remain busy. This is same thing like you have been asked to get up after 30 mins of sleep. That is why you do not feel so much rejuvenated after getting up due to disturbance.
    Contrary if you sleep enough time then all things gets proper time to settle down. Also remember if you over slept also then you will have some headaches so sleep should be enough time only.

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  • Apart from the biological and scientific reasons, there is one reason, why sleep is itself so essential for us, as human beings.

    If we trace some good success stories, we will always remember that they had already dreamed that they would be great one day. Dreams are always interpreted as our visual effects of our deep desires. There is nothing wrong with us at all.

    For, such dreams always motivate us and, more so, when we are young. Such dreams propel us to do better, become more focused and also meet with far more real world experiences.

    Dreams help us to rejuvenate ourselves. Some dreams like the ones where we imagine that we "should get there", it has always been proved, only help us to work harder, explore new avenues for success and so on. The most creative directors of any cinema, particularly in local Indian languages have always spoken about their dreams and what it taught them. Some of the most creative and unique films have always come from some Aha! moment, that might have been triggered through their dreams.

    Sleep is one activity, where we loose our consciousness. Sleep is something so natural helps us to restore our energy as the most important resource. We tend to think that today is a great day and only great things can happen to us, in a "here and now" experience, at the end of a good, undisturbed sleep.

    Some of the good requirements are: leading a very ethical and morally upright life, always think of doing only good to others, always getting the negative things out of our mind, eating relatively lesser during nights and drinking at least one liter of good water, and so on.

    This is so because our sleep should be natural, and should not be an induced sleep.

  • We are all humans and cannot function forever without a break. Once we reach our levels of exhuastion, we drift to sleep or as is practice once in a day. This phase is important because based on the quality and quantity of time we sleep, our body gets rejunivanted on a daily basis.

    During sleep we alternate between rapid eye movement (REM) and NREM sleep around every 90 minutes or so.

    The NREM sleep earlier was divided into 4 stages. Now it has been changed to N1, N2, N3. The N3 phase of NREM sleep has the old stage 3 and 4.

    This NREM phase 3 sleep is very important because during this time, our muscles are relaxed, our breathing and blood pressure drops. There is an increased blood flow to our muscles, energy is restored. The growth factors, tissue repair and growth all are high in this phase. The REM sleep is also important because during this phase the brain and body gets it's energy.

    So in simple terms while we sleep, our entire body and mind works as an unit to shrug off the ill-effects of the day's physical and mental exertion and gets the body and brain up to speed for the next day.
    Sleep alos promotes clearnce of all the waste products, sleep is again important to improve the brains ability to adapt to new inputs. Health of a person is also closely related to the sleep pattern.

    During sleep the growth hormone, prolactin and lutenizing hormones are increasingly secreted and the cortisol secretion is decreased. In patients with insomnia, studies have shown that there is an increase in the levels of cortisol that prevents people from sleeping. If people sleep more than 30 minutes in the afternoon, then the night sleep is disturbed.

    The sleep hormone in our body is the Melatonin, its secretion starts at darkness and beyond 9 PM, it raises steadily for about 12 hours. During this time we are less alert and more sleepy. In daytime light levels, the levels are very low (this is the technique used in sleep deprivation techniques).

    In short we feel refreshed after a good night's sleep because our body, our mind, the muscles, the eyes all are repaired and energized ready to face the stress of the next day. Hence it is important to sleep and sleep well.

  • Let's understand the process – Our Body gets tired because of the Mind and Mind gets tired because of the various thought cluttering it. We are never adequately aware of our activities during the day and therefore most of our thoughts, which surface during the day, remain unfinished.

    These unfinished thoughts reappear in our dreams to complete the process. This brings order to the Mind.

    If I am too aware during the day, I will be too aware of every thought & therefore every thought will reach its completion. When the Mind is already in order during the day, I am bound to have a sound sleep (without dreams). If the Mind is too cluttered during the day, it will remain so during the sleep as well & therefore we will have a disturbed sleep.

    When the Mind reaches complete order, you won't feel the need to sleep at all.

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  • Sleeping is observed not only in humans beings but also in animals too. Human and non-human sleeping pattern is not similar.

    Yes, it is definitely true that we feel afresh after a good sleep. An adult human needs to sleep at least six to eight hours a day to refresh their body and mind. Sleeping hours may vary depending upon your work, age, disease, medication, physical and mental health status etc. In our complete life time, we spend twenty to twenty five years in sleeping.

    Here are the changes during your sleep, slow electrical activity in the brain, blood pressure slows down, breathing rhythms become normal, secretion of hormones starts, tissue growth and repair occurs, body muscles are paralyzed. So our body re-stores energy and we feel fresh in the morning after a good sleep.

    Good sleep can improve the function of our heart, brain, immune system and digestive system. Eight hours of sleep can improve our concentration and overall performance of the body.


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