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    The best sites to earn money online

    Interested in freelance writing? Looking out for online avenues for such work form home opportunities? On this page check out suggestions from experts for all your queries.

    I have been working as a Freelance Content Writer for three years. I had a regular job before doing freelancing. At present, I have less writing projects.
    I want to know the sites/firms that offer work from home opportunities to individuals like me and enable me to earn enough money so that I can live my life?
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  • This is a question frequently asked by the new as well as old freelancers. Today the internet is full of such sites which claim to remunerate its contributors in one way or other. There are even some dumb sites which simply pay you based on your participation in surveys etc.

    The fact is that the internet is very much crowded now and there are so many writers, contributors and aspirants here and the task of making money in internet is becoming difficult day by day. The revenue sharing rates which biggies like Youtube were paying earlier are drastically reduced. So in the present scenario making a living on internet is a very challenging and tough task basically due to cut throat competition.

    Anyway let us not only see the darker side because still there are some avenues where one can try and depending on ones outstanding contributions and hard work one can gradually increase the earnings.

    The first site which I will suggest is ISC itself where there are many sections where one can contribute quality contents and earn revenue. Though you can not have very high earnings here as revenue sharing is done among top contributors and there are many members engaged in various sections and contesting for prizes and cash awards but you can make some money here.

    There are other reputed sites where one can try to get some small or big projects and get suitably remunerated after successful completion of the task. Some of these sites are,, etc. These are only a few representative ones and once you search the net, you will find many. Be aware of misleading and bogus sites as you will simply waste time there.

    The last thing which I will advise is one has to improve his quality of contribution or project solving calibre or editing capabilities considerably so that one gets a place in this crowded arena to proceed ahead and monetize his knowledge and know-how.

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  • These days there are many sites offering some services which will be remunerative for you. But the money you get will completely on the time you are spending there and the quality of your services. You can create your own blog or site and then start making good contributions. Once you are able to attract good viewers you start placing adds and you can start earning Google Add approval.
    You can start working with ISC. You will get regular income. Similarly there is a site called freelancer and many other such sites.
    But a word of caution is there are many bogus sites which will make unreliable claims and ask you to pay some money. Don',t be in a hurry.
    My best advise is to start with ISC and then you will get good knowledge of the dubject.

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  • 1. Earning online is like find Needle in a haystack rather needles in a haystack. It is always to keep one full time job and online earning as secondary. If you want to be full timer then you really need to start spending time on writing books. Those books can be any kind which you think you have forte and can not be challenged.
    2. Except Google Adsense there are very less sites which offers good earning.
    Just google for online earning and you will find hundreds of site but remember all of them will test your patience.
    3. Since you are ISC member , post good articles in and definitely you will have double income from ISC and Adsense.
    4. Also buy individual domain website and start posting your content and spread the word about your site.

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  • Earning money online has become difficult due to the intense competition and the attraction of working from home. A few years ago a good photograph, writing an article, reviewing a movie or medical transcrption would earn decent money but now things have changed. Most people on an average would not be able to earn great amounts by working few hours online.

    If you really want to work online and earn a lot, you need to focus on mutli-tasking and diversification on the web.

    1. freelance writing
    2.Job or rescource submission
    3.Affliate marketing
    4. Have your own website and blog spot
    5. Take online rental services
    6. Have a portal for online transport/cargo/courier booking
    7. Regularly participate for paid jobs related to feeback, survery and product use.
    8. Having e-book or e-resources for a small fee.
    9. Adverts in your own website
    10.Small handyman sites for the local region that focuses on information and placements for security, home maid services etc.
    11. google adsense account

    Once you start this, have a professional approach, in terms of web etiquette, newsletter publishing, blogging all in a manner that projects you as a disciplined individual among the numerous competitors. Focus and develop the art of blogging ( food, travel, unusual trouble shooting etc).

    Sometimes people stretch the rules and get paid for reading emails, clicking on adverts, participating in TV TRP rating jobs etc.

    Since you have posted in ISC experts section, you can start contributing in the jobs, resources, ask the expert and article section and slowly start earning. You can participate in online competitions that are in ISC, participate in sites like quora etc.

  • Here is the list of genuine websites where you can work full time or partime from home.

    1. India Study Channel:

    This has become a big issue for newbies to start asking questions about "How to I earn money online writing contents?", and this is the most commonly asked questions everywhere. When you are already in here, you shouldn't be uncertain that you cannot make money from here.

    One can easily earn 2K to 4K just by writing articles, answering AE question, posting jobs, and there's no boundaries or limitations to earn from ISC. As long as you are consistently contributing contents, you can easily earn stable income from ISC.

    2. Freelancer

    One can write articles, coach, tutor, and there are many task available depending on your interested niche.

    3. Humanatic

    Interested in reviewing calls? It's the best and one of the most genuine websites that pays people to review calls. Need to submit and application before registration.

    4. Fivver

    Love web designing, writing contents, editing logos, developing websites and other geek related stuff? Join now to get started.

    5. YouTube

    Watch an example of Indian Jouranalist Druvv Rathee. Or you can teach or upload tutorials that you're expert at. People earns $5000 to $10000 a month just by monetizing their channel. However, you need to have million views per video to make that sum of money.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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