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    How to change DOB in academic documents?

    Want to change DOB in academic documents? Searching for detailed procedure to do so? Here, on this page find out the answers for your questions.

    I have an expired passport with DOB as 17/07/1997(my original DOB). Apart from my birth certificate and passport, DOB in all other documents is 17/05/1997.
    Now I have to take passport and I don't know how to proceed. The DOB discrepancy was identified before SSLC examinations but my school authority was adamant about not changing it back to the actual DOB. I was not aware about the consequences then.
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  • This is an important matter and you pursue the school authorities to change your DOB to the correct one as narrated by you as 17.07.1997

    You can alternatively consult a lawyer and prepare a legal affidavit to that matter and get it verified by a first class magistrate and submit a copy of this in your school along with application for correction in your DOB in school records.

    Coming to the passport issue you go ahead to apply for the same using your original DOB certificate, old passport, Aadhaar card etc and if required take a certificate from your school regarding your present class level etc without any mention of the wrong DOB.

    You have to take this matter very seriously with the school principal and with persuasion you be on this or take help of patents or other influential people in your area. Many times due to procedural botheration, school authorities will be reluctant to sort out this type of issues.

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  • If you want to make a passport then there are many other documents are considered for DOB. Some of them are:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. School Mark sheet
    3. Adhaar Card
    4. PAN Card
    5. Voter ID
    If you have anyone document and correct DOB you can apply online for issuing the new passport. To apply for the new passport this article will really help you.
    Now come on the topic of change of DOB in the mark sheet. As you have already told your school principal and did not get a satisfactory reply, I will suggest you should give an application to your DEO along with the following documents:
    1. Photocopy of Mark sheet
    2. Proof of original Birthdate ( birth certificate)
    3. Adhaar card
    After verification, your documents the DEO will order the principal to change the DOB in the scholar register. After that, you can apply online of the education board for correction in the DOB. You have to pay some fees which vary with education board. After 15-20 days you will get new mark sheet. After apply online DEO will verify your application and after that, the board will issue you a new mark sheet.

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  • Date of birth in School certificates are very much base document to one in his/her life till his/her retirement. Date of birth should be a correct one in all documents. The school certificate for seniors and birth certificates for youngsters become a valid one. As the date of birth is deciding matters in one's life till his end,much care should be taken in the beginning itself. School certificate,college certificates,aadhaar,Pan card,voter Id, driving licence should tally each other. You immediately approach in person to the college authorities and get corrected. No correspondences will yield good result rather than personal approach. Your delay will make the matter more delay.

  • There are two issues. One is renewal of your passport. The second one is DOB change. When you got your passport initially which DOB document you have submitted, use the same and renew your passport.
    Coming to change of DOB, you have to go to your school administration and show them the correct date of birth certificate and apply for correction through your school for correction to the board. As you have your original date of birth they will change the date of birth as per the original birth certificate.

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  • It was common practice in India, a few years ago to have one date of birth on all offical documents and the actual date of birth would be different.This was commonly to fit in the eligibiity for nursery admissions and registration of births was not mandatory. This practice has changed now.

    Given your situation. You need to decide what to do based on what is recorded in your date of birth certificate and your passport because any 'Iregularities or changes' would attract serious attention from the Passport issuing authorities as would imply tampering with key data.

    I would suggest make a list of all the documents that DO NOT have the 17/07/1997 date, then start changing it.
    It would include the
    Aadhar Card
    PAN card
    Ration Card
    Caste certificate if you have
    If you do have a voter's ID/Driving license or enrolled for your graduation, you can change it too.
    Please also use this oppourtinity to check the spelling of your name, initials, parents names etc.

    A. First make an affidavit after meeting a Notary/First Class Judicial Magistrate stating your true date of birth as 17/07/1997.

    B.Once you have this, then change you PAN card
    i.This site gives you details on how to change date of birth
    ii.Pease read this guidance on how to fill the form (
    iii. please check the documents needed to be enclosed (
    iv. This is the form you need to fill for PAN details change (

    C.Now you apply for correction of your Aadhaar Card.
    you can do it by visiting the nearest Aadhaar outlet or Citizen help desk close to you.
    ii.The documents to be enclosed needs to be chosen from this list (
    iii.This is the form you need to fill for changing date of birth for Aadhaar (

    D.Ration card
    The process is slightly different between states, but you can still update this, For instance in Karnataka the guidelines are as follows( Please contact the nearest municipal office, they would guide you.

    E.Now that you have in hand the proofs needed, you can change your SSLC and PUC marks card by forwarding a letter to the respective boards via the school/college prinicipal. They would ask for proof to substiantiate your claim which you can provide.

    D. Voter's ID and Driving license.

    The process would be similar to fill an application form/request letter, proof of your actual date of birth and the neccessary fees. The process to be followed for DL change is as follows(

    E. Once you have done this, then you can apply for renewal of passport. The service you have to choose is 'Re-issue of Passport' can download the forms for this service (
    ii. Please read this booklet regarding the forms and the process involved ( can locate the passport service center closet to you by this locator link (

    Any issues please revert back, one of us can guide you.
    Attached is the screenshot of Adhaar center locator

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  • Screenshot of the Passport seva/help center locator that is closet to you

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