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    What are RTI and RTE related to bullying in schools

    Looking out for RTI and RTE pertaining to bullying in schools? Looking out for information here? Scroll through this page and get answers to yuor queries.

    I am a PhD scholar and I want to know "what are the RTI AND RTE related to bullying in schools in India". I am working on bullying in schools.
    Bullying has become a drastic problem and we need to overcome the chances of bullying.
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  • RTI is Right To Information. It is under this citizen can get information from government departments on various matters. If the information sought is related to a central government department , then one has to apply to the Public Information Officer.You can submit complaint online on properly filling the online application given in the Central Information Commission website. The web site has all the rules and conditions and FAQ s. But before asking for the information one has to be very clear what information one seeks and to exactly which department it relates to. There are columns to fill other details also.

    In case the information sought is related to State, then you have to apply to the relevant State Information Commission. You may visit the concerned State website for that. There is some prescribed fees and you have to give the proof of remitting the fees also.

    RTE is Right To Education is a fundamental right inserted in our Constitution by Constitution amendment 200. It s makes free and compulsory education of children in the age group of six to fourteen years a Fundamental Right. However as education is a concurrent subject, States can make necessary laws and guidelines as to implement and achieve this fundamental right in a proper way.

    You need some factual information regarding bullying in schools. So you may have to apply to the state Information Commission for information related to the state and form CIC ,central information commission regarding from the central government controlled educational institutions.

  • I am afraid that I have not fully understood the question. RTI means Right to Information Act. Under this act, you can ask questions to any Government organisation. I think you can ask questions on ragging/bullying in schools to Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Elementary Education. However, it would be very difficult to get updated information on your topic in respect of private schools or religious schools/schools run by religious organisations.

    RTE stands for Right to Education. I think this Fundamental Right is not directly related to your chosen topic of bullying in schools.

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  • I am a PhD scholar and I want to know "what are the RTI AND RTE related to bullying in schools in India". I am working on bullying in schools.

    The thread implies that you are doing your PhD and bullying would be a thesis topic or a topic for detailed study.

    What is RTE?

    The right to free and compulsory education Act of 2009 enables a underpriviliged child (6-14 years) to have a chance of completing early education in a neighborhood school.Under the RTE act, parents can apporach private adie or unaided RTE quota schools also. Here the RTE quota is around 25%. The term neighborhood varies from places and cities, the department of public instructions set the eligible areas in the major cities. For example in karnatka you can locate RTE schools (
    Similarly other states would have the relavant details.

    What is RTI?

    The Right to Information ACt of 2005, bascially provides a pathway for responsible citizens to seek information that is under the purview of the public authorities, this basically imples that the Government ensures transparency and does not hesitate to share data that are included in the eligible list.
    One can even file the application online (

    This guideline booklet would be useful for you if you intend to seek information under RTI (

    This is one good study of the problem of bullying in an India city (
    The application form for RTI in Karnataka is enclosed (

    Bullying Research Initiative in Training and Education (BRITE) had a study done few years ago (

    If you want figures about bullying, it would be worthwhile speaking to newspaper and news channel reporters who handle the education and school sections. These people would have good contacts in the relevant department who can help you.

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