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    Need help in choosing proper subjects for BCom after PCM

    Want to study BCom after PCM? Wondering what subjects to opt for? Check out this page to get the best recommendations for both compulsory and optional subjects .

    I have passed my 12th from science stream this year and qualified JEE Mains but I don't want to do engineering and I have some monetary issues as well. So I'm thinking to do Graduation in BCom and many people have also said to me that I can do it.
    But I'm confused as to what subjects I should take which are more beneficial and would help in my career. I have a rough idea about the subjects but can anyone help me with detailed description of optional as well as compulsory subjects and recommend what to take would really be helpful.
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  • B Com as it is explanatory is a degree course giving education in commerce related subjects.
    However n present day there are many choices especially on the elective or choice subjects which range from office management and computer to Foreign trade. Mostly the first year it will be language ,general principles of Accountancy and commerce, office communication, basic principles of management etc. It is from second year that elective subject starts. Then there will be either introduction to or more advanced studies in accounting, costing, auditing and taxation etc.The final year will have more specialisation in all these subjects .
    Nowadays there is emphasis for IT and e-business. . There are electives like adverting and marketing,

    So there will be some minor differences in group alignments and options as per the institution or university you get admission.

    I also add that if you do not want to take Engineering because you do not like that subject, then fine. But if finance is the discouragement, you need not worry. There are various scholarships and loan facilities available. nowadays. If you belong to the economically backward class o socially backward category, you may get concessions and/or lump sum grant also as per the state rules and eligibility.

  • If you have passed your 12th standards in PCM it means you have interest in science group. If you are leaving science and not doing engineering only for the monetary issue, then there are many banks which provide an educational loan. You have qualified for JEE Mains it means you are a brilliant student. So, if there is the only monetary issue, you can take the educational loan from the banks.
    If you do not have interest in science and want to make your career in commerce group then I will suggest you go with with maths or B. Com with the computer application. Both have good scope in future.
    all the best

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  • If you do not want to do engineering because of monetary or aptitude reasons then it is alright. In that case, your next choice of going for commerce stream is to be pursued seriously.

    Today commerce stream is having many options and one has to select the electives as per ones interest as well as market trend and demand for these skills.

    The most common electives taken by the students are from -
    Advertising and sales mañagement, Computer applications, Foreign trade, Tax procedure, Office management and e-commerce.

    Out of the above Tax procedure, e-commerce and office management are interesting for career point of view. In many organisations, these are the thrust areas for business development and strategy formulations.

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  • A. You are from science stream with JEE Mains. If finance is the only issue, you can try for a bank loan or approach one of the NGO like organisations.

    1.For instance, the SSAN ANNANYA trust in Chennai has a mission statement that education should not be deprived for lack of finance for deserving candidates.
    Room No 25, 2nd Floor, IC&SR Building
    Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
    Phone: +91-44-22578390
    3. Mahindra also gives scholarships (
    You need to check similar trusts that can help you.

    B. As for as the detailed description of subjects in B.Com goes, it changes based on the year.

    I year:
    Compulsory Subjects-English(functional,Additional),Financial Accounting,Buissness Economics (Micro), Maths & Stats or Computer concepts & Programming

    Optional Subjects- Banking & Finance, Office Management, Marketing & Salesmanship

    II year:
    Compulsory Subjects- Corporate Accounting, Business Communication, Business management, Business economics(macro), Corporate Law, Environmental Awareness

    Optional Subjects- Marketing Management, Business Administration, Banking and finance
    Cost/Works Accounting

    III year:

    Compulsory Subjects- Advanced Accounting,Business Regulatory & Framework, International Economics,Auditing & Taxation

    Optional Subjects - Marketing Management, Business Administration, Banking and finance

    if you are choosing to go down the B.Com route, please analyse your core strengths, your aptitude for numbers, logical reasoning etc, then choose the subjects that you can excel in.
    Banking, finance, accounting, computers will help you to have scope to apply for a government job after with the essential qualification exams or even to broaden your horizon further. Corporate law, international economcis and wealth management you give you an exposure to apply for an intership in banks/fund houses/wealth management firms etc. You can work on it in the final year and then settle down in a good career.

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