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    Basic needs for getting good jobs in education field

    Aspiring to get into the teaching field? Wondering what strategy to play and how to prepare for the interview? No worries, find suggestions and advice from experts here.

    I want to know: apart from the conceptual knowledge, what sort of strategy should be applied by us for getting a good job in the field of Education and how to do preparation for the interview?
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  • Teaching is one of the career lines chosen by many people in our country. There are various categories in which the teaching career can take shape. Starting from primary classes and high school and intermediate classes and then undergraduate and postgraduate levels everywhere teachers are appointed as per their qualification and also qualifying in prestigious exams like NET etc.

    Now if you are having aptitude and interest in this line which is evident from your query then you have to keep in mind all these career avenues while pursuing your educational goals. If you are targeting for school levels then you will have to do B Ed after your graduation or post graduation. B Ed is mandatory for teaching in schools though some private schools sometimes do not follow this directive.

    If you can pursue post graduation and clear NET you will have the prospect to get appointed as a lecturer in Govt colleges.

    Further, if you can pursue a PhD then you can get a lecturership without going for NET.

    Please remember that today job condition in every career line including teaching is very tight and the competition is very tough for jobs so whatever line you choose as per your aptitude, make it a wholehearted affair and be ready to work hard with sustained efforts.

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  • In the field of education you can make your career in different fields which are as follows:
    1. Teacher: You can be a good teacher. For being a teacher you must have a degree of graduation or Post graduation. B. Ed. is compulsory for being a teacher. After doing post graduation you can become a lecturer. For being a good teacher please read how to become an excellent teacher ?
    2. Professor: If you want to become a professor you must have a postgraduate degree including M Phill or PhD. You have to pass NET or SET to become a professor.
    3. Coaching Institute: You can open a coaching institute in your area and there is a good scope of coaching institute all over India. Students need a good coaching institute for competitive examination.
    4. Open your own school: If you want to open your own school, you can open very easily. You have to make a committee and register it in firm and society. After that, pass a resolution in the meeting to open a school. Apply for the school in your DEO ( up to 8 standards) or State Board ( HS / HSS). You can also apply for CBSE. After your application, a team will visit your school and will give recognition to your school accordingly.
    5. Teach in a reputed coaching institute: The reputed coaching institute always need the good teachers. If teaching is your passion you can apply and can get good salary. Once you are selected you will be provided training to start your journey in a new way.
    So, there are many scopes in the educational field and you have to decide where you want to go. If you have any particular filed in mind please share so that I can give more detail about it.

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  • Teaching job requires patience and good knowledge of the subject If we want to teach at primary and secondary levels you should have a basic graduation and then a degree in teaching. This is the basic requirement.
    If you want to go for teaching in graduation or PG, you should have a PG degree in the concerned subject and you have to get qualified in NET or you should have PhD in the concerned subject. In private and corporate colleges they may not ask for PhD. But you may not be given UGC scales. Once you establish as a good teacher private colleges may offer heavy package.
    Once you become a teacher always you should update yourself with the developments and should explain the subject with more possible examples.
    Like any other posts once you are qualified im NET or you obtained your Ph.D whenever there is an advertisement you have to apply and they may ask you to take a trial class and you should get prepared for that. You should be ready for that.

    always confident

  • Being a teacher in the education field is a good option and there is a range of options to suits individual needs.

    A teacher needs to have the basic core skills related to handling students, a likeable and effective teaching style, good communication skills to handle difficult students and parents. A passion to teach, understand and help underperforming students. You also need to have management skills related to a group of students in a class.
    It is an added advantage to have basic counselling skills that help you to identify and if needed handle students in need (stress, behavioural issues, failures etc). Having a positive approach and an excellent command over the language of instruction is a big bonus point for a teacher.

    Once you address this, then decide on whether what you expect from a teacher's job and the sector. Do you want an academic career and progress in school level teaching (from a teacher to head class teacher, additional principal, principal) or at a college level teaching (lecturer, assistant professor, professor, department head and dean).
    If you are looking for part-time or self-employment, you can be a tutor for tuition groups, coaching centres, online interactive education sites etc.

    You need a basic degree and a B.Ed to become a school teacher. Based on your qualifications, you can take the Government exams of PRT, TGT, PGT (primary teacher, trained graduate and postgraduate teacher) exams and also the State equivalent exams.

    For a college teacher, you would need a masters degrees, relevant subject knowledge ant the NET exams in that speciality.

    Whatever appeals to you, please select the line relevant to your age and the qualifications. Education in India is growing at a rapid pace with good demand for teachers for various competitive exams, graduate/postgraduate courses and even tuitions for children (middle and high school) in the metro cities. Once you start your career, please keep updated, enrolling for further distance education course related to your field so that you are up to speed when it comes to progressing further or taking on a good opportunity for a better post and pay. Also enrol yourself as a teacher for the various charity organisations that help in educating the underprivileged. This can be done if you can set aside few hours a week, it can be in person or an online contribution. This would look good on your CV as a teacher having a passion/desire to teach for a social cause.

  • You can be a good teacher provided you are capable of understanding the pupils problems, have the patience to tackle the problems of the individuals in a lucid way and your style of teaching should dispel the confusion of the pupils in the chapters being taken up by you. Now it is up to you to decide to what extent you fit in such a profession.
    There has been a consistent demand of efficient teachers in all the stages of education - from primary level to post - graduate and simply the qualification - needs would vary depending upon your intention of choosing the stage in which you can render your job effectively.
    The following are the areas where you can be absorbed -
    1) A primary school teacher - To be a primary school teacher, you must be at least a graduate followed by a diploma in Education from a recognised institution. Your teaching skill must be impressive to attract the pupils with your style.
    2) High - school teacher- you should have secured at least high second class in the graduation stage followed by a B.Ed degree. You must have sound concept of subject being taught by you and should be capable of motivating the pupils with whom you are associated.
    3) College - lecturer- you need to have a post graduation degree in any subject with at least a high second class and must have cleared NET test organised by CBSE. Later you would be required to procure a doctorate degree under the guidance of an eminent professor.
    4) To be a lecturer in a coaching Institute - This field is quite favourable for the the post - graduates having acquired any one of the streams namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can earn substantially apart from earring fame in such a profession.
    5) To work as a private tutor- There are lot of demands of capable teachers in every field - be it English or Physics. There would bee - line of students provided you can show your skill. Money would not be constant for a deserving teacher.

  • Getting a good job in the education field is quite simple. Firstly, you need to understand what it takes to be a good teacher. Secondly, you need to understand whether your goal is to become a school teacher or a college teacher. Life is always tough, and it is very tough here too. There are so many requirements. Some basic requirements are that you need to be very smart in understanding all the latest concepts in your chosen field. Gone are the days when you could enter a classroom, simply teach the theory and just emerge from the classroom, thinking that you have done a great job.

    The reality is that you haven't. Now, for the game called teaching, you need differentiators. That is, the sincerity with which you approach any subject and ensure that the child who gets the last mark also understands all the basics perfectly alright and does a great job. While doing so, he or she need not always secure the highest marks. He or she should be so intelligent to apply the particular knowledge in whatever field of specialization he or she chooses for a career. When you differentiate, there will be politics. There will be jealousy. Yet, you need to go the full hog and ensure that you do a great job. Recently, there were reports that in one small place, when the Government teacher was transferred, the students went on a big agitation against the transfer!! Imagine if this could happen to you.

    For a school teacher, you need to ensure that you have a very good Master's degree, and also a B.ed degree. This is not enough. You should also have a very good M.Phil degree. If you want to enter teaching administration, you also need a doctorate. You also need very good publications. It is just not true that there are no journals, where you can publish articles. There are many. You need to inquire a find out. You can also write good books. For example, am yet to see a book that had traced the entire history of globalization in India, the giant changes in the tax laws initiated by the Government of India, the amount of foreign competition, foreign direct investment and so on, in the very simple language that a plus one or plus two students of commerce can understand. The Government of India books, under the NCERT umbrella, are quite good, but not enough. The books should motivate any youngster to read far in excess of what is required. If, as a teacher in a good school, you can ensure this, you will do far ahead in your career.

    Now, the college teaching job. Please do note that you need to compulsorily need a very good Ph.D. degree in your field, and this should be on a very innovative topic. To give a simple example, those who do a Ph.D. in HR always choose one topic on which there is too much of research already: it is called absenteeism. Imagine you are a doctorate student. You need to choose a topic like advanced HR practices and then explore the context in which they were put into action. The number of variables will obviously be huge. Only such research will enable you to reach the NITs or the IITs or the IIMs where there are vacancies for highly qualified and experienced professors. Your research background should be fabulous and you should have at least one hundred articles published in the refereed journals of repute. If you combine your knowledge with some industrial experience or consulting experience, you can easily find a good job in the best institutions. Please do note that the institutions mentioned above, are all deemed Universities, where the depth of knowledge is very high. Their cosmopolitan environments do not allow mediocre people as students or as faculty. yes, you can also learn a lot from the world-class students on such campuses.

    Today, the scope for teaching in a very good institution depends on a) the quality of your doctorate degree b) the depth of your knowledge that should be always updated c) your ability to demonstrate teaching prowess and d) your academic qualifications like a degree or a doctorate from abroad, preferably from the USA. For instance, imagine you have a doctorate in economics from the London School of Economics. You will receive the greatest reward for your academic prowess. You can consult for the best companies in the world. You can join the world-class universities abroad. You have the head start in your career. However, you need a great academic record to even reach there. That is, secure a seat in the London School of Economics. Please do note that if you have a doctorate in Physics or Chemistry or Mathematics or Psychology or Sociology or even Public Administration, you can still join the IITs, as most have innovative programs in science and humanities too.

    All the very best.

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