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    Improvement Exam for Gujarat state board examination

    Have a query about improvement exam of GSEB? Looking out for help and advice here? You can read the responses and advice from experts on this page.

    Can I take improvement exam in GSEB(Gujarat state board education) after I have passed it?
    I am currently a (2017-18) student and want to get 75% up for selecting in best colleges of India?
    Do I have to register in same school in which I had registered this year?
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  • Yes, you can appear for division improvement for GSEB from any school but it is better to take admission in the same school. You need at least 10% more marks in the exam from the previous exam. Otherwise, new mark sheet will not be issued and previous mark sheet will be valid. Contact your principal and tell him for division improvement. When he will fill the online form for the examination, he will mention your status as division improvement.

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  • Yes. You can go for betterment. Mainly even without joining in any college you can go for a betterment. But if you want to join a college again you can do it. First of all which college you want to join select that college. Then approach the college principal and present him the case. He will come out with the procedure. Some boards will allow you to keep the best out of two also. All the best to you.

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  • You can opt for the improvement program in your college or any other college. Only thing is you have to work hard for that objective and get a good percentage this time.

    Please remember that you will be spending one precious year of your life in this attempt and in case you do not perform satisfactorily you will one year which is a big time at this juncture of your life.

    So my advice is concentrate on your studies and try to complete the syllabus and questions which you ignored last time. Take this challenge wholeheartedly and you will get the desired result.

    If you have any doubt about your capabilities, memory or intelligence do not go for such attempts as they will only be a sheer wastage of time.

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  • The Class improvement scheme or exam rules change from state to state. In CBSE it is very clear, you can take it only after one year.

    The Maharastra state board gives students two chances(for instance the Feb-March batch, can apply for October and then once more in Feb-March if they are not happy with the first improvement exam). Such details are not very clear on the GSEB.

    Some boards will ask for the candidate to sign a letter that he/she will not enroll for higher studies.

    Most people will re-appear as private candidates in a chosen subject. If you want to re-appear for all subjects, then you have to be a regular student, so please discuss with the school administration office/Principal as to whether they will take you.

    Some students also change the board in the hope of getting better marks. So, please contact your Principal and also please contact the Gujarat State Education Board (07923248461).

    Betterment or Improvement exams means loss of atleast 1 year of precious time, since you have mentioned that you are a current student, please focus on the studies. Marks alone at state board are not very important unless it is for getting a government job after 10th/12th. People will average marks do well in the entrance exams for the various colleges/course and then shine in the graduation/degree education.

  • Yes, you can appear for the improvement examination conducted by GSEB. You need to meet the principal of your previous school and express your willingness to appear for GSEB for the improvement - purpose. He would follow the guide - line of the Board and you will be required to fill up the essential forms so as to include you for the Examinatin of the next year.
    You have to focus on your studies keeping every thing in mind ie the time - management in the preparation of each subject, the chapters which could not be touched because of constraint of the time or otherwise and a capable tutor in the subjects where you could not show marked improvement. The tutor will help you in understanding the basics of the subject.
    With the better clarity of the subjects, you would be able to perform better in the next test.
    However, you are reminded not waste a precious year for the sake of improvement in the midst of your confusion where your mind would not justify your logic to reappear for the examination. Instead of wasting a year for the improvement, it is better to take admission for higher studies and show your better performances in all such examinations which you will take up in each academic - session.

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