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    What software is used for local cable TV channels?

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    This is the question for which I was googling from a long period of time but didn't get any perfect answer yet.
    We know that this is digitization time and everyone is using digital cable connection but few years back we all were having analog cable connection which enable cable operator to broadcast their own local TV channel to broadcast local ads, pirated movies and news feeds too.
    So, I want to ask you what software do they use for broadcasting? I have seen they also play ads in ticker type, flash advertisements as well as their channel logo also appear at the top right or any corner on the television. I expect they don't use too much machinery for this since even cable operators from rural areas were also broadcasting their channels too.

    Please provide me enough details about how they broadcast, what software they use and how did they manage to operate the channel through cable network?
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  • Cable television in India is often offered by small private cable operators who cover a part of a locality within a city or town. These operators basically lay a cable (co-axial or fiber-optic) from a transmission center to the point of delivery. With a pre-set radio frequency RF (va coaxial cable) signal or light pulses (via fiberoptic cable), the system is activated and TV programs can be viewed by people who pay for the service and the setup box.

    From the main unit or the core, there are distribution hubs, from the hubs fibres run to each individual homes/areas. The signals are amplified by trunk and line amplifiers.

    So, the key is not the software but to break the code of the set up box. The set up box or the the cable TV receiver has something referred to as 'CAM'. CAM is conditional access module which is a set of encrypted keys with smartcards, computer code and electronics. The smart card with the individual access code 'decodes' the signal that is transmitted from the cable TV hub or center dish.

    Breaking or deciphering the CAM is like hacking a computer and would be illegal in many places by individuals. These days the internet has do it guides for everything, you can try it under your own risk.
    You can get further information about cable TV and the rules from

  • The radio frequency signals coming through the cable are provided by the operator to the customer. The cable can be a coaxial or fiber optics one depending upon the type of signal.

    The only instrument with the customer to access the program is the set-top box and it can be only unlocked through a special card which is to be inserted in the given slot in the set-top box. Now when the customer pays for a new connection or recharges his existing connection the operator accordingly activates the card as per its specific number to allow the viewer to see the channels for which he has subscribed.

    For sake of simplicity, you can compare this card with any other card like a debit card or credit cart or any smart card which can be configured in a computer environment.

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  • The important issue here is not the software. But the cable, set top box, smart card and interfacing the TV with the set top box.
    The service provider will draw the cable and where ever required he will provide amplifiers for a better display. From the cable individual connections through amplifiers will be provided and smart card will be aligned with the set top box and the connection from this to TV will be given.

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  • Hello guys, thank you very much for the information but unfortunately, this is not something that I am looking for. I would like to know what software is being used for creating the channel interface, playing movies and video content, showing logo on the screen, and displaying ticker-type as well as the visual advertisements on the screen. I have seen that the software also manages the prescribed schedule of contents for the channel like playing movies at the determined time, showing intervals at the determined time etc. What software they use to manage their local channel at such a low budget.

    Thank you :)

  • Before answering, let me tell you the Symbian Nokia mobiles like X2-01, Nokia C1, Nokia 1310 etc... And the same softwares are Java ME, which stands for Java Mobile Softwares.

    Using Java TV, now a days, Java ME-based technology can offers or provides performant, secure, and easy to implement solution for developing Java applications that run on TV and set top box devices. And that's not a big deal. Most devices including TV, Computers, Android and iOS uses Java. The Java TV runtime, a developers can easily create applications that runs in televisions, such as Electronic Program Guides (EPG's), Video-on-Demand (VOD) clients, TV or Tata sky paid games games and educational applications like learn ABCD, 12345, Interview questions, Dance class on TV applications for accessing internet data.

    Oracle has also provided a technote that contains shell script for building Javadoc application programming interface ( API) reference bundles for the various API components required for developing TV softwares, and channels including setup box applications application development.

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