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    Name change dilemma regarding UPSC Civil Services Exam

    Are you in a dilemma regarding UPSC exam application form? Looking out for legal advice to resolve the issue of name change? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    I have changed my name after graduation to totally different name. Now I want to go for UPSC CSE exams but in the application form it was mentioned to use the same name as it appears in the 10th Matriculation certificate.
    What should I do now, need some legal advice?
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  • You are about to apply for the Civil Services Examinations. Any job application related to the Government service should have clear details regarding your identity (name, date of birth, caste etc), because once you apply, then changing the details is difficult unless you have a valid reason.

    Firstly, check all the identify documents that you have and the name in those. Does it match with your new name. If not, then you need to change all of them because, once you clear the UPSC CSE prelims, you will have to undergo the document verification where irregularities will be frowned upon and the job itself would be at risk.
    The important documents include
    Date of Birth certificate
    PAN card
    Aadhaar Card
    Voters ID
    10th marks card
    12th marks card
    Graduation degree
    Driving License
    Caste certificate
    Bank account name

    Do you have legal documents with your new name? Please check all these and MOST IMPORTANT, the last date before which you have to apply for the UPSC exams.

    If you do not have time and all the identity documents are in your old name, do not want the miss a chance in UPSC then it would be a good idea to apply first, get the job, join the Government service job and after some months start the process of changing the name.

    If you have time and or the new name is very important to you, then you need to meet a Notary or a First Class Judicial Magistrate.

    He/she will guide you for getting an affidavit that states you new name. Once this is done, you need to publish it in at least two newspapers, one English, one vernacular or regional language. Once you have done this then you legally go by the new name. Please preserve the affidavit and the original cuttings of the newspaper announcements.

    Then you need to start the long process of changing your details in all the Identity documents that you have inclduing the bank accounts. Give it a thought and then discuss with a good lawyer.

    Please check this link in ISC site that has details about how to go about changing details in existing ID documents that I have listed above.

  • Name is very important. It should be same in all your certificates. If it is different in different certificates, you have to change it.Now what I understand is you have changed name after graduation. If all the certificates are with same name including all your identity cards, better go ahead with applying to civil service examinations. Once you get the process completed and join the services you can change your name at that time.
    If you have some certificates in one name and the other certificates in another name, you should arrange for changing now itself.

    The first step is to get the affidavit done. So you have to contact a good lawyer in your place and he will do the needful. Once the document is ready you have to apply for change of name in all the certificates. You have to apply to SSC board, Inter board, university for change of name through the institutes you have studied and get them changed. It is quite time consuming and takes a lot of time. So you have to make the process fast and follow up with the concerned authorities. Similarly you have to change the name in all your identity cards also. Regarding change in aadhaar card through any nearby banks who are undertaking this work. Similarly you have to apply to the concerned authorities through their website and copies of your attachments are to be uploaded and sent through email. If you refer their site you will get the details.

    So refer all certificates, wherever required you can apply for all certificates. I suggest you to go ahead with the same name so that you will not loose time in this process.

    always confident

  • You have changed your name after graduation that is well understood but what about your credentials, have you changed your name in your educational certificates, Aadhaar card, driving licence, PAN card, ration card, credit card, debit card, voter card also? If yes, go ahead. There is no problem. If no, you are inviting big problems for your future educational and career pursuits.

    Changing name is not a joke. It will create lot of problems because your new name will not be seen on your old certificates and mark sheets. One immediate solution is revert back to your old name and you will be in safe zone. There will be no mismatch and you will sail ahead comfortably. What legal action you have taken for changing your name. May be an affidavit and advertisement in newspaper. Undo all those actions and appear in UPSC exam with your old name. You can change it later when you are settled in life and there is no future exam or interview for you. Take legal advise and act fast to undo the childish thing inadvertently done by you.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It would appear to be a Herculean task to get your new name legalised if it is has been changed after your graduation. There could be two ways to modify the same - firstly it would be better on your part to appear in the Civil Service Examination with the old name and produce all the relevant certificates such as Aadhar - card, Voter - I'd card, Driving - licence, your certificates relating to Class ten Board, Class twelve Bord and Your Graduation - certificate. In that way, you would be able to accomplish the formalities of document - verification - an essential step for scrutiny of the authentic aspirants. Once you successfully pass all the stages and join the service, start the process of changing your name.
    You will have to meet a lawyer who will help you in making affidavit to be signed by the First - class magistrate of your area. Once the affidavit has been signed by the appropriate authority, get the same published in two different papers - one being the local - language and the other one being a leading English News paper with the details of notification issued by the First - class Magistrate.
    Retain the document for onward verification - purpose in the event of emergency. However, it would be a time consuming process since all your documents within your possession would need a change with the issuing - authorities.
    Starting doing the same right way would kill your time and you may not satisfy the authorities involved in documents - verification process. Hence you should start the same once you clear your Civil Services Examination.

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