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    What are natural ways to treat Varicose vein?

    Are you suffering from varicose vein? Searching for natural remedies? On this page you can check out the answers and advice from experts.

    A friend had Vericose vein just back side of knee in folding area. It is growing slowly and gives him itchiness. He asked for lot of options and I tried to contact my other friends for his treatment.
    I heard Radio Frequency Ablation is one of the treatment but cost is around 1 Lac which is not affordable. Is there any natural therapy or remedy which can reduce it? He is healthy person who follows diet and goes to gym workout.
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  • Please see a professional surgeon or a Vascular surgeon who can help your friend.

    Normally the blood in the leg veins follow the path of flowing from the feet right up to the heart. As this blood has to go against gravity, there are one way valves that prevent the blood from flowing back.

    As age advances, if we stand for long hours, we all have a tendency to develop leaky valves which results in varicose veins. Commonly people have itching, some swelling and a bulge in the vein. If he has a bulge in the back of the knee, then it is referred to a varicose veins of the Short saphenous system.

    In Mordern medical practice, the surgeons often ask for a scan to prove that patient has varicose veins, where and how bad is the issue etc.

    After that depending on the patients condition they advise surgery. Radio frequency ablation is the current trend for treating varicose veins. But there are other simple methods like standard surgery still being offered to patients in hospitals who cannot afford the expensive treatment. You friend can think about it.

    What he can do is.

    1.Reduce weight if he is obese

    2.Have good nutrition in terms of omega fatty and essential fatty acids that help in keeping the skin healthy. Because skin often gets damaged in long standing varicose veins.

    3.If his job involves standing for many hours, he has to take a break, if possible lie down and raise his legs above the heart level for a few minutes, walk around and do repetitions of standing on the toes which helps the calf muscles of the leg to be active and this increases the sluggish flow in the leg veins.

    4.He can use simple skin care moisturizing creams or pure coconut or olive oil that helps the skin to stay healthy.

    5.Doctors also advise the use of compression socks, these are like regular socks but these exert more pressure and hence support the weak veins. Based on the actual extent, you friend would be advised the varicose vein stockings upto the knee level or upto the thigh level.

    6.There are many products available that improve the tone of the skin, muscles and veins. These compounds include jojoba, sesame oil etc. There are Ayurveda and homeopathic products like Vein-Gard, Phyto-oils, Horse chestnuts extracts etc. Please consult the ayurvedic or homeopathic practitioners before you start on these. Allopathic doctors use Venusmin tablets to help with symptoms of varicose veins. Please do not self medicate.

  • This is a disorder generally accompanied with weakness and ageing. If after the scans it is found to be a localised one then surgery is a good option.

    Light exercises involving legs and physiotherapy may also be a good option if your physician suggests for it. Meanwhile, you can consult a good physiotherapist who can advise proper exercises to contain this problem.

    I am not an expert in Yoga but it is said that certain Yoga positions are helpful in such disorders. You can try to talk to a qualified doctor in this regard.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • A varicose vein is a problem of one-way valves present in the return path of the bloodstream and sometimes if they become weak the blood can not flow properly upwards and these problems of swelling etc are created.

    Though there are many physiotherapy and other exercise programs which are advised by the
    doctors but it is better to consult a surgeon or expert in this field so that a good treatment can be undertaken.

    Knowledge is power.

  • A varicose vein is a disorder involving the improper of circulation blood due to improper function of some of the gateways in our body. Because of this improper functioning, there may be swelling of the veins and you can notice these veins by the swelling and different colour. My wife was having this problem. In the initial stages itself, we have consulted many doctors who are su[pposed to be the experts in the line. But the positive result is very limited.
    Meanwhile, we heard about a natural therapy called Suzok. Some people who underwent this treatment got the problem cured and they advised us to go for that treatment. So we have gone to a nearby doctor who practices this therapy. Suzok is a treatment without any medicines in taking. The nerves on the fingers and palm of our hand will have some link with all the nerves and Veins and they treat on these areas and the problem will get rectified. For the treatment initially, you have to visit the doctor continuously for 4 days and from then 2 times in a week. It has taken about 8 weeks for my wife to get this problem cured. Now she is perfectly alright.
    I suggest your friend should undergo this treatment. A very effective, medicine free and cheap way of treating the problem. You can search on the internet for the nearest Suzok centres in your area and visit them. Very cheap and effective way. This is a very good way for all pains.

    always confident

  • I'm suffering from varicose veins that get worse after prolonged standing. The ingredients of Dermalmd varicose veins Treatment Serum are very natural. It absorbs fast and alleviates pain. I apply every evening and sometimes morning. Feel much better now.

  • If you are sitting or standing in the same position continuously, stretch in the veins may increase, due to lack of proper circulation of blood, this problem occurs, the risk of varicose veins may increase significantly as you age The flexibility of the veins may be reduced thus increasing the stretch. Also, those who have more weight can make this problem more painful.

    This disease requires more precautions than treatment, apply these changes in your lifestyle-

    Increase your physical activity - Do not sit in one place for too long. Do not stay in one position in one country for a long time, if you work continuously, then take a little break in between and talk for a while. Take care of your seating position so that the feet do not cross over each other.

    Make exercise an important part of your routine. This will increase blood circulation in the feet and relieve pain. Wearing loose clothes while exercising, more tight clothes are also inhibitors of blood circulation.

    Pay attention to your posture in sleeping, getting up, sitting, etc. While sleeping, keep your feet slightly up on the bed, you can also put pillows under the feet. Also, while getting up, take care not to get jerked off.

    Apple cider vinegar is the appropriate treatment for varicose veins. Which reduces the heaviness in varicose veins to a great extent. In case of a problem, you can massage the area by applying apple cider vinegar. Or drink and mix apple cider vinegar in water.

    Walnuts are very effective herbs for strengthening blood vessels, either you take nut directly or massage it with walnut oil. Massage is very important. Massage of mustard or olive oil helps increase the circulation of blood, thereby reducing pain and swelling. Heat the oil and then massage it.

    Swati Sharma

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