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    Will you get a job having involving travel after MSc physics

    Looking out for career after MSc which involves travelling also? Interested in getting information about such a career option? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am currently doing BSc Physics.. I will do MSc after that. But I am confused about what to do after that.
    I don't like to take up a career in a college or in researching. I love travelling and I love to interact with people. So it would be better if I get a career which supports me with these two things too.
    Can you suggest me such a career?
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  • If you want to be in your core line that is Physics and travel also then the option is atmosphere and space research in which one has to travel to different places in connection with the balloon flights and other outdoor activities. If you are really interested to pursue this you will have to do MSc with astrophysics from some reputed institute like IISc, Banglore or TIFR, Mumbai.

    In case you are not interested to work in your core area then your post-graduation will only be a degree for getting a job and in that case you have other options of applying in tour and travel companies for the post of manager or assistant manager etc.

    You can even apply in the Govt departments like TTDC or ITDC affiliated groups. The only job you can think of to pursue your interests is managing tours and travels for the groups of people. Then you can also have a good time enjoying life while earning your living.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Since you are interested in Travel field it is better to do travel or tourism related courses after B.Sc.M.Sc in Physics will not add any value.
    Please do Travel and Tourism Diploma or post graduate courses or MBA with specialization in Travel and Tourism after B.Sc

  • If you want to relate your degree/PG with your job and want to fulfil your travel dreams, then the most suitable will be a sales representative or a job in marketing department or liaison department of some manufacturing or service organisation. You can get such jobs even after doing B Sc.
    You can also join some tourist and travel service organisation and be the guide or lead on various travels. In fact such jobs can be obtained by any one who has pleasing personality, knowledge about the sector and service, ability to converse in different languages, adaptability to different weather condition and food styles etc. Above all you should be able to interact pleasingly and decently wit people and able to guide and lead them on tours.
    An open mind to learn about new things and exploratory mind and planning and conceptual ability is also needed.

    You can join the service department of some manufacturers so that you may be sent for after sales service to different places

    However when you get a job of your interest it need not be as paying or as remunerative and comfortable. You have to make some compromise somewhere.


  • You are doing your B.Sc physicis and confused. You love travelling and interacting with people.

    You do not like research or college (teaching), then I don't know why you took B.Sc physics. Graduation and Masters in Physics would mean to be part of a academic teaching team, a research or a scientist or an entrepreneur. The chance of travelling would be less, but interacting with people would be possible.

    I would suggest think before you joining M.Sc physics. Having dreams or desiring to do many things is good, but transforming them into a reality, a reality that gives you a career and earn a living is different and difficult. If you have a good amount of money, then it's fine to have a degree and a career that does not pay much.

    But if you have to depend on your degrees to fetch you a good job and salary package to sustain yourself and your family, you need to think carefully about your priorities.

    The Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( offers a summer internship program for students in final year B.Sc for two months. Apply for this and see whether interacting with people who actually do a job helps us, I say this because as students we would imagine something different and the reality would be something else. If you find that you change your mind, then make contacts and move on up in your career or education.

    If still not convinced, I suggest, do your B.Sc in physics, take a gap year, like what students do abroad, choose a country wherein you can work/do research part time related to physics to earn some money and then explore the world. Then after a year settle down in a job with M.Sc Physics by correspondence mode. The gap year help you the think, interact, develop contact and find out what you want in life, it is not for fun alone.

    If you are still passionate about travelling and interacting with people, choose Journalism, Event management, International banking/corporate law, Tourism and Hospitality management MBA, specific areas of tax consultancy ( offshore banking/fund management etc).
    If your eye sight is good why not the airline industry or the Merchant Navy. Pilots, cabin crew, deck officers etc can be considered. If you have good contacts and know someone in the middle east etc, then you can do medical tourism related courses and work as a staff of a medical tourism firm. Here it is more of communication and organisational skills that are important rather than the knowledge of medicine or tourism.

  • Already you are doing B.Sc Physics and you want to go for PG also. You are interested in travelling and interacting with different people.
    After completing your graduation don't go for M.Sc. Instead of that try to go for a Diploma or PG diploma in journalism or travel and tourism. This diploma will provide a good chance to get into a career of travelling and interacting with people.
    You can also go for MA social work after B.Sc which will give a good scope for a job in social service institutes.
    Otherwise, after B.Sc, you can go for a good company as a representative of sales wherein you will have a lot of scope for travel and interactions,

    always confident

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